Why men masturbate more often than women !

There is a common conception that men masturbate more often than women, which is found true in most scientific studies of human sexual behavior. A number of researchers tried to find the reason behind that. Betterhealthfacts.com also tried to find some facts related to difference in masturbation tendency of men and women. We found some interesting information while doing that research and it is worth sharing with our readers. Masturbation is something strongly connected to good health of both men and women, but we don't discuss such things openly. But still we should have knowledge about this sexual behavior. Once you read the health facts related to masturbation, you will find how much information you have missed till now.

Why do we masturbate ?
Very simple answer to this question is "Orgasm". We masturbate to reach Orgasm. It is one of the most pleasurable feelings that our body can get. Masturbation can be done even if you are alone and don't need a partner, which makes it more accessible. Best fact about masturbation is that you don't need to stay longer to help your partner achieve his/her orgasm. Your own feelings matter most when you masturbate as it is for your own pleasure and not connected to any second person.

Why men masturbate more often than women ?
There are various reasons behind it. Most of them are natural and relate well to human anatomy and psychology.

  • Orgasm is a necessity for men to reproduce, while its not compulsory for women. Women can conceive even without reaching an orgasm.
  • Orgasm induces sleep in men and some men masturbate just to get a good sleep.
  • Sperms older than 3 days are not potent enough to fertilize an egg compared to a fresh sperm. So men feel more urge to release their old quota of sperms more frequently. This target is achieved either through more frequent sex or masturbation.
  • Women are more shameful compared to men. Giving self satisfaction to the own body don't create a feeling of shame in men, while women feel ashamed to do it and don't even reveal any such incident to their closest friend.
  • Social taboo connected to masturbation makes women less willing to masturbate. But increasing education is changing the trend. In a 1956 survey in US, it was found that just 20% women used to masturbate, while a 2010 study revealed that now the number have reached 56%.
  • Another big reason is our social structure or Man-dominant society. It gives men more access to pornography or adult content, which arouses men to reach an orgasm. However it might not be true for developed countries but its true if we look at the larger perspective.
  • There are a few people who say that both men and women have similar tendency for masturbation, but women don't report in any research studies either due to shame or social stigma attached to it.
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