Does Sperm Retention makes a man Stronger !

Some people believe in sperm retention while some say that masturbation is healthy. Those who believe in sperm retention say that sperms take a lot to be produced and thus take a part of your life, and if you waste them then you shorten your life. While others who believe that masturbation is healthy say that sperms are produced naturally for the purpose of ejaculation and if you don't then you are going against the forces of nature. Whom should we believe is a tough decision to make. Human mind often believes the one which suits its own needs. Here we are going to find and answer to this tough question of sperm retention. 

Some thoughts in favor of Sperm Retention

Just like other animals human body is made to reproduce and keep its genes and species alive. If we keep mating or masturbating then our brain thinks that the natural process is going on smoothly as it can't distinguish between real and fake sex. But if you abstain yourself from masturbation or real sex then our brain starts believing that something is wrong and the very first step that it takes is to improve your looks and voice to attract the opposite sex for mating. It does so by extracting the energy from the unused sperm which is itself a combination of proteins, minerals, vitamins and healthy enzymes. Those we believe in this theory say that our body absorbs the sperms back if they remain unused for 15 days. Positive effects are described as good looks, deepness in voice, improved confidence level, improved muscles,  and high testosterone level. All these things are done by our brain to attract women but same can be utilized to earn success in life.

While researching on semen retention i found that it does not mean totally abstaining from real sex but to keep yourself from releasing the semen and learning the art of self control. 

Facts in support of Sperm Retention

  • Every animal on this planet has a particular mating season while humans don't.
  • Other animals keep saving their energy all around the year and save their sexual desire for a few weeks to month during a year.
  • Jews abstain from masturbation due to religious beliefs and they are one of the most successful and most rich people around the world.
  • Some Tibetan Buddhists practice sperm retention to achieve higher levels of meditation.  

What does Medical Science say about Sperm Retention

While researching on sperm retention some experts advised not to do so as it is against the natural process and we should let the sperms be released in the natural way. Forcefully abstaining from releasing the sperms can result in sperms/semen congestion and may create some medical condition.
Some medical problems that are often encountered by those practicing sperm retention are:
  • Pain in the penis and testicles upon arousal.
  • Inflammatory discomfort in seminal vesicles and testicles.
  • Unintentional erection is another problem as a result of biological response from body.
Morning and evening walks with bit more physical activity like exercising is necessary if you want to practice sperm retention.

What will happen to unused sperm ?
This is a common question that comes to the mind if you start sperm retention. Some say that stale sperms can cause diseases while some say that they are used by body as a source of energy. The truth is that unused sperms are absorbed back by body and all nutrients present in it are used for nourishment. Our body is a very efficient machine and takes care of all those aspects that we don't even know. Sometimes we get indulged in sperm retention unintentionally, for example due to busy schedule or due to some emotional challenges (such as death of a close one). At such time we practice it unintentionally and don't get any disease due to it as our body handles it naturally. 

Final Conclusion about Sperm Retention

This final conclusion is a personal opinion and you may believe it if you like but keep in mind that it is not an expert advice. Usually we start believing something first and then try to find some facts that support that something, which is a bad practice. Instead of infecting your mind with some preconceived notions, we should search for truth. Here the truth understood by me is very simple. Don't force yourself for sperm retention, as if you do it forcefully and going from a high speed to zero then most probably some accident will occur. Natural things take time. Cold turkey abstaining from sex or masturbation may harm and cause medical conditions which are stated above. So instead of that practicing the self control is the better way which is stated in italics in the middle of this article. Diverting your mind from sexual thoughts to other intellectual thoughts can help you in this practice and you may do so by engaging yourself in some intellectual group or by reading some literature that suits your needs.
Compared to a teenager, a man in his 50s can easily practice sperm retention as it is natural in that age. A teenager should not be encouraged for sperm retention as that is the age when sexual feelings and organs start to work and practicing sperm retention at that age may create some abnormality. Abstinence is something that comes from mind and can't be imposed on someone, so it should not be forceful.
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