Injaculation Benefits and Risks: Know Before you Practice

Injaculation is keeping your semen/sperms inside your own body and don't letting it spill. The motive behind injaculation can be any one of the following: birth control, not wasting your energy, or to attain a higher level of meditation. Here we will provide some information about this less known topic and provide some insight to those who are researching for such tricks. While i was researching on the topic of Injaculation, i found that there is another medical term for it, which is "retrograde ejaculation". Ejaculation is normal release of semen through the urethra after some sort of sexual activity (as shown in figure with blue arrows). Injaculation is somehow uncommon and shown using the green arrow in the figure.

What is retrograde ejaculation ?

Retrograde ejaculation is a medical condition where sperms/semen travels backwards into the urinary bladder instead of going out of the body through urethra. We have got the same one tube in penis (urethra) that let us urinate and secrete semen. When a man is about to ejaculate the muscles at the base of urethra, known as sphincter, contract to block the way to urinary bladder, so that semen has only one way to go (i.e. outside the body). But if due to some reason sphincter fail to work or there is a blockage in urethra, then semen forcefully flows backwards into the urinary bladder. It is a leading cause of male infertility as very less or no semen comes out during the process of intercourse.
There are various reasons behind this condition. Some of them are given below.

  • It may happen after a surgery of prostate region.
  • Radiation therapy to treat prostate cancer may damage the muscles in that region.
  • Some medication can also cause temporary numbness in the pelvic region which may cause retrograde ejaculation.
  • Intentionally blocking the urethra to cause retrograde ejaculation.

Treatment of retrograde ejaculation depends on the cause. In most of the cases medication don't work as this condition is caused due to muscle or nerve damage. If the damage to the muscles and nerves is recoverable then treatment remains effective.

Deliberate Injaculation

Some people deliberately practice injaculation. There are various motives behind this practice. Some of them are listed here.

  • Sperm Retention: Some people practice injaculation to preserve their semen, which is life energy according to them and should not be spilled for pleasure. Know more about Sperm Retention.
  • Birth Control: Some ancient tradition of the world practiced injaculation as a way of birth control. However this practice was not 100% effective and was harder to implement. 
  • Meditation Practices: Some traditions believed that injaculation send the unused sperms into the brain and help in attaining higher level of meditation and consciousness level.

To practice deliberate injaculation people use to either press base of penis just before ejaculation to block the urethra or press a point below perineum to let the semen flow into urinary bladder. These methods are hard to master and often done incorrectly which may result in pain in genital.

Benefits of  Deliberate Injaculation

Most of the so called benefits of injaculation are already covered in above portion of this article, but one of the most important benefit that make men interested in it is that Injaculation can help you stay longer during intercourse and control your release time.

Risks of Deliberate Injaculation

According to medical science there are various risk factors connected to deliberate injaculation.
Sometimes pudendal nerve can get damaged due to incorrectly pressing the perineum, which may result in loss of sensation in genitals and nearby skin. It is a critical medical condition. Squeezing the base of penis to hold ejaculation is often advised by sex therapists to prevent premature ejaculation. So instead of pressing the perineum and damaging pudendal nerve, its better to press the base of penis.

Note: Those who believe that deliberate injaculation will send the semen back into body should know it that there is no scientific evidence to prove this theory. Even if the semen goes into the urinary bladder, it will come out through urine the very next time you urinate.
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