Should I End My Life

Should I End My Life

Most of us (especially those who have seen a lot of ups and downs in life) at a certain point must have thought about ending your life. But do u really think that you have the right to end your life. Sometimes we are in so much physical or psychological pain that we think to end all that pain by ending ourselves. I expect your thoughts at the end of this article to get your views on this thing too. But at this time lets proceed with my views.

Our life outcome of someone else's effort. Those someone else are not just our parents, its not just our
mother or father. Those someone include our friends, brothers and sisters, our spouse, our children. Life is not just taking birth. Life is much more than that. Its also connected to a number of other lives. We are a just a part of a social network. Our one decision can make a lot of effects on lives of other people.

Sometimes we think that others don't like us, don't trust us, they don't need us any more. But its just our thinking (mostly for a few hours or days). Some of us make a very hard decision during that time. If we wait for a few more hours or speak to someone regarding our feelings then we might not take such step. We might think that no body need us, but there is always somebody who can't live without you, for whom you are very special. That special person may be your father , mother, friend, spouse, son or daughter. You might be thinking that that person don't need you anymore as he / she is angry with you. But it doesn't mean that he / she will live happily without you. If you love him / her then you will not want to make them unhappy and regret their one fight with you for their whole life.

Even if you think that that special person want to get rid of you, but you love him / her and want to fulfill his / her wish by ending your life. In that case there might be somebody else who need you much more than him / her.

We think that our life our own, but its not. it belongs to everybody who are part of your life. Just think about those who will feel lonely without you. Who loved you more than their own life, who struggled to make you a better person, who took you to doctors when you were ill, who wept when you were in pain, who wanted to make your life better, who spent their lives to make you something. It doesn't matter if you have reached you goal in life or not. But there are still chances. But if you end yourselves those chances will be gone. There is always a way towards better life. Don't let that chance end. HOPE is everything. Hope for better !

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