Evaluate your Health

We spend hours everyday on our mobile phone while knowing that its harmful to do so. Here you can just use few minutes out of those hours to evaluate your health. Here are a list of free medical tests that you can attempt to know about your precious body.

Your body gives you signals before succumbing to a lifestyle disease. Its better to respond on time and save yourself.

Eyes are the most precious organ in our body, which allows us not just to see things but also express emotions and it extends our other senses. So test you eyes and check if they are up to the mark.

  • Test your Eyes (Online Vision Test) : If you ever feel stress near your eyes or headache then you must test your eyes.
  • Color Blindness Test: Here you may check it easily if you have got certain type of color-blindness. Do you know that 1 in 12 men, and 1 in 200 women is colorblind, which is usually a genetic condition.
Obesity is a disease, which gives birth to other diseases. Knowing your obesity and fat level can help in taking it down.
Depression is a disease which affect everyone at some point in life. So don't hesitate in checking it. Its better to know it before its too late.
Calories are something important for health and weight conscious person.
Heart Health is of utmost importance as it is the only muscle that keeps working without taking rest throughout your life. Be grateful to it and spare some time to test its health status.
Addiction of any type have negative impact on your health. But How much ? It can be checked using our online tests.
Calculate your lifespan - Know your Expiry Date: Calculating your approximate lifespan is not an easy task. On the basis of some scientific data, we can provide an approximate number after knowing about your lifestyle and body-type. Give it a try ! You won't regret it. It also provides you an opportunity to postpone your expiry date.

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