Men versus Women

Proving yourself supreme is the basic greed of human mind. Everybody on this planet want to prove his Country Supreme, his religion supreme and his culture supreme. During ancient times we tried to prove it with force, which resulted in wars. In modern times we prove it with logic, which can also be easily molded by an intelligent person. Our means have changed, but the fight to prove oneself supreme is still ON. 

Men versus Women : An Analysis

In present world we have taken this fight to the level of genders, where we try to prove our own gender supreme. But some more intelligent people are talking about gender equality,which is something biologically impossible. Human beings, as a species is the supreme race of animals on this planet. The two genders are not meant to fight for supremacy or equality but to work together for the benefit of the race. Both genders have their own merits and demerits in different fields. Men and women make each other complete, which is the best biological design, otherwise nature would have designed us hermaphrodite, where both male and female reproductive organs are present in same organism.

At , we have written a number of articles where we tried to prove that no gender is supreme, but they have their own merits and demerits. Read them with an open mind to understand it better.

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