Diabetes Age of Onset : Age Factor for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is usually considered as a lifestyle disease and obesity is considered as a primary reason for that. Age also plays an important role in beginning of Diabetes and some researches have tried to put some light on it. Most of the aware people only take their body weight and workout schedule as a factor to stay away from this disease. It is a good habit to keep such good habits but age factor should not be forgotten. You must take a better care of your body when there are more chances of getting this disease.

Type 1 Diabetes Age of Onset

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and genetic factor is the primary reason behind it. Children and young adults are the main victims of this disease and it is hardy predictable.

Type 2 Diabetes Age of Onset

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease and previously know as adult-diabetes. But now even children are getting affected by it due to poor lifestyle habits. If you want to know the "Type 2 Diabetes Age of Onset", the most of the researches predict it to be 45 Years. However it can't be true for everybody and keen eye on general health is necessary to keep yourself safe.

According to CDC, 1.5 million new cases of diabetes were reported among adults in year 2015. If you take a look at the report of age groups and new cases, then you will understand which age group is at most risk.

  • Age 18 to 44: 355,000 new cases
  • Age 45 to 64: 809,000 new cases
  • Age 65 and older: 366,000 new cases

According to above report the age group of 45 to 64 can be considered as a high risk categoty. The chances of getting diabetes during this age is twice more than other two groups.

When it comes to diabetes most of us think that it is a lifestyle disease, but still you should never overlook some risk factors which are beyond your control. These risk factors are:

  • Being in age group of 45 to 64 years
  • A first-degree family member with diabetes
  • If you belong to Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Latino, or African descent.

After loom at these fixed risk factors, if you feel that you have some chances of getting affected by this disease then you should take better care of your lifestyle between 45 to 64 years of age and also keep your BMI (Body Mass Index) in control.

Snake venom and Bee Sting to Improve Immunity !

Most of the people think that snake venom and Bee Sting contain poison which can harm humans to a great extent. In our last article we put some light on the fact that even cobra venom, which is considered as a neurotoxic poison of highest grade is non-lethal if taken orally. Today several medicines are being made using snake venom, scorpion venom and bee sting. A number of people are known around the world who take small dosage of these venom to create an immunity against them. But does drinking or injecting small doses of these venom really improve overall immunity or just immunity against that particular venom.

  • Mithridatism is an old practice used before 100BC in which a person ingests poison in small amounts to build immunity against it. It name originated from King Mithridates VI, who practiced this phenomena to protect himself from poison.
  • Similarly in India around 300BC King Chandragupta Maurya was made immune to poison by his chief advisor Chanakya, as he was fearful that enemies may try to poison him. This concept was known as "Vish-Purush" (Poison Man) in India.
  • This phenomena is widely used in some Novels, TV series and Movies, to make a hero or villain immune to poison.

Before anybody start practicing it on himself, he/she must know that this technique is not applicable on all types of poison. Some poison can accumulate in body and then harm you when sufficient quantity has been accumulated. However our liver can create certain enzymes to digest a poison when small doses are ingested and ultimately full immunity will be developed, but that immunity won't work on other types of poison.

But when we talk about Snake venom and bee sting, the case is different. At Stanford University School of Medicine researcher's gave non lethal doses of honey-bee sting venom to mice, which caused an allergic reaction and produced some antibodies in their blood. The antibodies protected the mice when they were again given a lethal dose of same venom [2]. Human beings have gone through a long process of evolution, and most probably we also have capability to develop immunity by using this technique.

A report was published on CNN in Dec 2016, where a man named Steve Ludwin was injecting snake venom in his body for past 30 years with his own belief of improving immunity. Today he is more than 50, but looks like 35. Researchers at University of Copenhagen are using his blood thrice a year to develop antivenom [1] , just like horses are used to develop antivenom by injecting venom in their blood and then extracting antibodies from their blood.

Tim Friede, an American former factory worker claimed that he has developed immunity to the deadliest snakes cobra and black mamba. According to him he was bitten by snakes around 100 times and it acted as an immunization to develop immunity against any type of snake venom. Mr Friede calls it "venom immunotherapy".[3]

All of the above examples prove that immunity can be developed against venom by injecting controlled doses, but it may not happen with everybody. Every year more than 125,000 people die due to snake bites and more than 300,000 get some part of their body surgically removed to save themselves from death. So never try such experiments on yourself. Let researchers do their best to develop some technique to save these lives.

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[2] http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2013/10/why-bee-sting-might-be-good-you
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Drinking Cobra Venom : Deadly or Not !

If you are asked to drink cobra venom, then most probably you will not. But do you know that some people really drink it. Cobra is one of the snake species known for its deadliest neurotoxic poison. One bite of cobra have enough venom to kill 20 men or even an elephant. In-spite of such facts some people survived after drinking cobra venom. Is it really possible, or it is just a magic trick where audience are made to believe that the person is drinking venom, while he/she just sips a energy drink. The answer to this question is going to surprise a lot of people.

My curiosity to get an answer to this question arise when i watched an Indian Guru ingesting the cobra venom. I was sure that he was not doing any sort of cheating. He even told some benefits of the cobra venom.

Note: Never try to drink any kind of venom after reading this article as sometimes it can cause threat to your  life.

Drinking Cobra Venom : Deadly or Not !

When i researched about the drinking of cobra venom, i came across some very interesting facts. These facts are listed here.

  • One liter of snake venom costs more than $200,000 . So King Cobra Venom will definitely cost more than that.
  • Cobra Venom is used is used to made medicines and beauty products. Pain killers made using cobra venom are 20 times more effective than any other pain killer. Some venom are even used in cancer treatment.
  • Pain killers developed from cobra venom have no side effect, which is some thing very unique.
  • Cobra Venom contain a protein named Ohanin, which is a small protein made up of 107 amino acids. This protein is unique and not found in any other snake family. It is responsible for medicinal properties of cobra venom.
  • Cobra venom is not poison. Poison are such type of things which can kill you when ingested. 
  • Cobra Venom is a protein, which contain some neurotransmitters, that can harm you only if it enters your blood stream and then attack your nervous system to paralyze you to death.
  • If you ingest cobra venom then the proteins present in it will be broken down by saliva and acids in the stomach.
  • Drinking cobra venom can harm you only if you have some ulcers in your stomach or a cut in your mouth as it will give the venom the way to enter blood stream.
  • Cobra snake is considered as a holy creature in India as lord Shiva wears it as garland. According to Hindu mythology, the consciousness level of King Cobra is very high, and no other animal can attain that much consciousness.
  • Cobra is the only snake which builds nest, and keep their offspring in it.
  • Cobra is considered as a shy snake and don't harm humans unless it feels danger.

Those who practice drinking venom do it either with a belief to improve their immunity or to be known as superhero. They start it by drinking very mild amounts and then increasing the amount over a period of months and years after analyzing its effect on body.
At the end of this article, we wound again suggest you to never try it. This article is only for information purpose, so that you know the science behind drinking cobra venom. One more thing told in this article is that snake venom are source of some of the best medicines and researches are still going on to find cure for some deadliest diseases by using them.

Is Homeopathy a Medical Fraud !

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine system developed in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. Today a number people consider it as a fraud. But if it really didn't work, then why is it still in practice after more than 200 years. Is homeopathy really a medical fraud or is it just a trick of medical community to defame it. Here we will try to find the truth by analyzing some facts about homeopathy.

A majority of people don't know that homeopathy is not a medically approved medicinal system. It is an alternative medicine system, just same as we use home remedies for some diseases. Homeopathy is pseudoscience, but presented as an actual science in front of general public.

What is the science behind Homeopathy ?
"A substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people".  Yes you read it right, it is the basic principle of homeopathy. Preparation of a homeopathic medicine uses an actual medicine ( or substances extracted from plants, animals or minerals) which is diluted in alcohol or distilled water to a level where actual medicine does not exist any more.

Why does Homeopathy treat some people successfully ?
Yes, it is true that homeopathy treated some people successfully and some clinical trials also suggested the same. But that successful treatment can only be attributed to placebo effect of homeopathic medicines. Usually a homeopathic practitioner asks several questions before prescribing a medicine such as symptoms, disease history, lifestyle, personal traits, psychological state and life history. When a patient is asked all these question, he/she believes that there is something in the medicine which will definitely cure him/her. It initiates a better placebo effect, where a person's own body treats the disease, not any medicine.

Why Homeopathy is a fraud ?
Some people may say that if homeopathy treats some people, even without giving actual medicine, then how is it a fraud. Such people should know that even general medical practitioners use placebos to treat some diseases, but they don't use them in all cases. Some diseases can't be cured using placebos. The worst thing about homeopathy is that it discourages the use of actual medicines, which can sometimes be very unhealthy for a patient.

Some Facts related to medical fraud of homeopathy

  • Homeopathy is very popular in developing countries as people of these countries are less aware about medical science. Even advanced countries are not far behind as $3 billion a year are spent by Americans alone on homeopathic medicines, which has got no scientific evidence behind it.
  • WHO has warned against using Homeopathy for treatment of serious diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, diarrhea and flu. [1]
  • Sir Mark Walport, Chief Scientific Advisor in UK from 2013 to 2017, once said in a conference that homoeopathy is nonsense, it is non-science. [2]
  • According to economist.com ingredients like crushed bees, stinging nettles and even arsenic are used in homeopathic medicines. [3]
  • Most of the homeopathic medicines are just sugar pills as the original medicine is diluted to such an extent the there is not even a single molecule of medicine in it.
  • Most homeopathic medicines lack sufficient clinical trials and any scientific study behind it.

Following international bodies has considered homeopathic treatment as ineffective and decided not to fund homeopathic practices. [4]

  • Australian National Health and Medical Research Council
  • United Kingdom's House of Commons Science and Technology Committee
  • European Academies' Science Advisory Council
  • Swiss Federal Health Office
According to betterhealthfacts.com , those who are cured by homeopathy will never believe the above facts. The definition of science differs for different people. Even if placebo can improve your body to treat a disease itself, then there is nothing better than that. But believing homeopathy to an extent that it can treat serious life-threatening disease is not correct.

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Bathing : The correct way to Stay Fit

Bathing is a daily activity, thus taken casually by most of us. Pouring the water, rubbing the soap, then again pouring the water and that is all. There is a lot more than that in real bathing. We have forgotten some secrets of bathing in our busy lives and it is costing us a lot of money. Here betterhealthfacts.com has collected some tips about bathing, which can help a lot in staying fit.

You are reading this article because you have got enough water to bath. Before you take a bath, you must remember that there are people who don't even have enough drinking water. Bathing daily is something that they can only dream about. So save water and save life.

Why bathing is necessary ?
It is necessary to wipe out the odor caused by dead bacteria (both good and bad) on our skin and the protein secreted through our sweat. Combination of these not biological wastes can not only harm our body by inviting parasites to feed on them, but can also make it unbearable for others to be around us.

Down to top approach 

Usually the temperature of water is not same as our body. So instead of putting water directly on head, you should put is first on your feet, then knees, then belly, then chest and then head. This approach saves your head from a sudden temperature change, which can sometimes cause serious medical conditions. When we use this approach, our body and brain prepares itself for the rising water level and saves itself from a sudden temperature change. This approach should be kept in mind while taking shower.

Don't use antibiotic soaps

Some people use antibiotic soaps on regular basis to kill every germ on their body to stay fit. But in the eagerness to do that, they do exactly opposite. Regularly using an antibiotic soap even kills the good bacteria permanently from your skin. These good bacteria on skin save us from other harmful intruder bacteria. So using antibiotic soap can lead to allergy and other skin diseases.

Don't use soap everyday

Yes, using a soap everyday is not recommended at all. You should avoid using a soap every alternate day, however you may do hand-wash. Apart are making our skin clean, soap also makes our skin penetrable by some harmful bacteria present in air. Even when you use it, don't keep it for too long on your body.

Don't stay longer in bathtubs

Staying longer than 15 minutes in a bathtub is never considered healthy as it damages your skin and make it more prone to wrinkles. If you rub your impurities out in a tub, then it is also harmful as it makes that dirt access your other body parts. Sitting in a dirty lake is better than that. So never rub yourself in bathtub and never stay in it for more than 15 minutes. It is better to use it only to calm yourself down.

Clean your feet daily

Most people forget it, as they give priority to face, underarms, chest, back, arms and legs. Remember your feet as they carry you for the whole day. Giving a few minutes to clean them will make them healthy and they will serve you even better without causing any medical problems. Your feet and overall health is heavily interconnected.

Keep your bathroom clean

It is last point but not the least. An unclean bathroom is an open invitation for diseases. A throughout cleaning of bathroom is must once in a week. Do a quick wash to floor using a wiper after taking a bath is must everyday. You should keep that place clean which is making you clean everyday.

Are Hallucinations something real or fake ?

Those who have it feel that they are real, but others think they are fake. Apart from medical community, some people have created a completely distinct theory of watching ghosts or souls in the name of hallucination. Before we put some light on the topic of hallucination, you must know the difference between real and fake. Whatever we see, if others agree with the same view then it is real, but if others don't see what we see then it is fake. However this definition sometimes gets wrong. This article will change the way you think the reality is.

We are slave of our senses !
Brain is a super computer, analyzing all sensory information to create a video with sound, smell and 3D view. Our brain integrates the input that it get through eyes, ears, nose and combines these sensory inputs to tell us about conditions outside body. Actually it is our brain that creates the images, as our eyes are just a machine to transfer the light information from outside to our brain. There is a huge processor in our brain that analyzes that information.

Our brain can cheat us very easily !
Our brain is not just a processor, but it has also got a very large hard disk, which is beyond your imagination. Every image, every sound and every smell stored in it can be utilized by it. Even a slight smell of something can make you remember a dish that you ate decades ago. That is the power of brain, which can easily cheat us. Sometimes our fear can make brain create projections of unreal things in the real life view. Just as an animated character interacts will actual actors in a Hollywood movie. What type of characters it can make depends on your imagination power.

Our dreams are also hallucination!
Yes, it is true. Our dreams are also hallucination, the difference is just that we watch them while sleeping. In our dreams we rarely suspect that it is fake. During dreams our brain creates a full HD video of events and sometimes we even remember the details after waking up. Dreams make full usage of brain database to create scenes of our interest or our fear. It can make you fly with your arms as your wings and make you jump as if you are doing it on moon. It can also create dangerous creatures that you have never seen, with teeth of a lion, face of a man, feet of a horse and tail of a monkey. You may want to know some amazing facts about sleep and dreams.

If we watch dreams with open eyes and we can't distinguish the difference between real and unreal then it is hallucintion.

People often misunderstand hallucinations as watching a ghost, whom only they can see. Instead of falling prey to such thinking, one should consult a psychiatrist or a neurologist to get the cause diagnosed. Some of the most common causes are listed below.

What causes hallucination ?

  • Illegal Drugs : Some illegal drugs can create hallucinations, which are so strong that some people jumped from balconies believing that they can fly. 
  • Some legal drugs: Even some legal medication used to treat conditions like parkinson’s disease, depression, psychosis, and epilepsy can cause hallucination.
  • Lack of sleep : Enough sleep is a basic necessity of our body. Continuous lack of sleep can make our brain work in an unexpected way, which can create hallucinations as well. Sleeping too short or too long can affect your health.
  • Mental Illness: Disease like Schizophrenia, dementia, and delirium can cause hallucinations.
  • Some trauma : Some horrible event in real life can sometimes make brain create hallucinations of such even again.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms: Some heavy addicts of alcohol when trying to withdraw it can face hallucinations as a withdrawal symptoms. 

Treatment of Hallucination depends on the cause, so finding an expert can get you a better treatment for this medical condition.

Sometimes people misunderstand some diseases as hallucination. There is one such disease named Prosopagnosia, where a person can't remember faces, and the worst thing is that sometimes the patient standing in front of mirror don't recognize himself and treats himself as someone else (most probably ghost).

Do Mathematics Improve your Brain Capability !

You must have heard that mathematical puzzles improve your brain. A number of people even try it in their daily lives. But does it actually help ? Do mathematical puzzles really improve your brain or it is just a myth. Some people believe that you can't do maths beyond your brain capability. Here we will try to find that what is the truth behind this phenomena.

Math is root of many other subjects and it is used widely in every scientific study. Physics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences need basic knowledge of mathematics. Being good in maths can get you good grades in other subjects as well, but the opposite is also true. Solving maths puzzles and equations stimulates our brain. But up to what extent it improves brain is being researched.

Interest in the Key

Good thing about maths is that if you are interested in it, then it can be your friend and entertain you for hours. Those who like to solve mathematical puzzles know what i am talking about. Even a sudoku puzzle can make hours flyby.

  • Some researches have found that maths can improve your logical skills
  • But it improves it especially during the school days. Kids can reap the best benefit out of it.
  • Adults can also get those benefits only if they have interest in it. Solving maths puzzles just to improve your brain, without any interest in it, wont help you.

How much you enjoy maths matters the most. Taking it as can burden can cause adverse effect and cause stress.

A few years ago people used to think that video games are better exercise for brain as it stimulates the brain eye cordination. But now researchers have found that even simple mathematical problems can stimulate both left and right hemispheres of the frontal lobe, which is far better than any video game.  left hemisphere of our brain is used for methodical stuff like maths, while right hemisphere is used for creative thinking. Solving maths problems stimulates both portions, thus exercising a wide part of brain. It means that maths can improve your creative ability, which is a necessary quality of an advanced brain.

Some experts believe that indulging in mathematical activities at an elder age keeps you away from ageing related degradation of brain.  It also improves you ability to manage money and other household work. So if you want to keep your brain young at an elder age, then keep solving mathematical puzzles (but with interest).

Mental exercises are somehow different from physical exercise. We can't stimulate neurons in our brain with physical stimulation, instead we need something logical to work upon to stimulate them. Just like stimulation of muscle cells improves physical strength, similarly stimulation of neurons improve the way our brain works.

Algebra, Statistics, Probability Calculations and Geometry are some of the famous branches of mathematics. If you try to find, then you can easily find something of your interest. Mathematical puzzles are available in all these branches. If you try to solve them, then most probably you will find something to get interested.

Adrenaline hormone effect on Body and Side Effects of Overdose

Adrenaline is a hormone and neurotransmitter which is produced in adrenal glands and some neurons of the central nervous system. Effect of adrenaline depends on the type of cell it is acting upon. Usually it prepares body for "fight or flight" mechanism and released only when the body is under acute stress. Sudden release (or initial rush) of adrenaline makes you feel empowered, just like you can conquer the world. Similarly when the level of adrenaline goes down (adrenaline crash), the person may feel anxious or even negative.

How does Adrenaline prepares our body for extremities ?
As soon as adrenaline is released, our physical ability increases temporarily. It does so by making following changes in body.

  • It increases heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Expands air passages of lungs to deliver more oxygen to body at a faster rate.
  • Maximizes blood glucose and primarily provide it to brain for quicker function.
  • Deliver blood to muscles to make them ready for any physical event.
  • Pupil of the eye is enlarged.

How much time does our body take to release adrenaline ?
It takes 2 to 3 minutes of stress for our body to release adrenaline. As soon as condition becomes normal, the adrenaline release is stopped by body.

Why does overproduction of adrenaline occur in some people ?

  • Stress is the primary reason for adrenaline production, but if some body faces physical stress in daily daily life then it is possible to get affected by over production of adrenaline.
  • Obesity and untreated obstructive sleep apnea can make a person prone to over release of adrenaline as the person struggles to breath every night and body takes it as a stress.
  • Sometimes an adrenal tumor located outside adrenal gland along the nerves that run through chest and abdomen can release excess adrenaline.

Adrenaline usage as medication

  • It is used to treat severe allergic reactions. People with history of severe allergic reactions keep adrenaline injection handy for any sudden use.
  • Adrenalin is also used to treat severe low blood pressure, wheezing, severe skin itching.
  • It is used as a intramuscular injection, which is given on skin or muscle of your outer thigh.
  • Effect of adrenaline injection occurs within 2 to 3 minutes and then fades away within 20 minutes. So further treatment is always necessary, even if you have taken it in case of some emergency.

Adrenaline Overdose Side Effects
You must know that adrenaline injection is only for emergency and should never be taken on regular basis (unless told by your doctor). Over dosage of adrenaline can cause severe side effects which are listed below.

  • Trouble in breathing
  • Dangerously high blood pressure
  • Sudden numbness or weakness on one side of the body
  • Problem in maintaining balance of body
  • Slurred speech
  • Vision Problems

Precaution: Never inject adrenaline into a vein. Accidentally injecting it in hand or feet can cause numbness in that area and blood flow get restricted there.

Note: Continuous stress in life can make you prone to over production of adrenaline.

Is your Doctor Rude and Insensitive ?

Today there are laws to protect the doctors and their hospital premises from relatives of those patients, with whom some thing worst have happened during hospital stay. Some friends and relatives often blame medical staff for their rude behavior and inability to treat a patient. Both sides have their own points to prove themselves right. But apart from that some patients themselves complain that their doctor was a bit rude and insensitive towards them. Not just that, some patients even complain that their doctor feels that they are dumb. Where is our medical industry lacking when it comes to behavioral traits. Is a doctor only responsible for treating a disease, or his behavior also counts in the mean time.
A study done on 840 American doctors in year 2013 found that more than 65% doctors witnessed their colleague doctors behaving badly with patients and hospital staff.

  • Inappropriate jokes cracked by some doctors can also be considered as a bad behavior by some patients. Such as joking about their physic, lifestyle and disease.
  • Some patients even complain that their doctor don't even listen to them to get their problem correctly and treat them as a dumb, who know nothing about human body and its working.
  • Some patients told researchers they listened to lewd remarks made by specialists when they were under anesthesia.
  • Sometimes even silent gestures and unintended slights do the job, as patients easily understand such things due to the condition they are going through.

Such behavior is not just limited to doctors and specialists, even some nurses don't listen to patients properly. I have heard a case where a lady kept complaining about severe pain after a surgery, but nurses kept saying that it happens and she need to help herself instead of relying on others all the time. Later an infection was found the reason behind her pain, which was not normal at all.
A 2012 study found that doctors posted information about their patients on social platforms and websites, even with some remarks for their patients. In many cases it resulted in  serious disciplinary actions.
When it comes to patients suffering from life-threatening diseases like cancer, they need more psychological strength along with finest medical care. If they get rude and insensitive behavior then most probably patient will die thinking worst of himself/herself. Even if a patient can't be saved with finest medical care, the remaining part of his life can be made worth something with good behavior.
"Life is short but there is always time for courtesy."  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
Rude behavior can be behavioral trait of any person, but medical staff have a added responsibility to treat their patients and people least expect it from them. Sometimes rude behavior can also occur due to work load and lack of support staff. Doctors often describe these issues as a reason behind such behavior. Medical practitioners should understand that Good Medicine is not just medicine but the behavior as well. Sometimes good behavior can do magic when mixed with quality medical treatment.

Some doctors are famous for their good behavior and patients often praise them on social platforms as well. Such things should be appreciated so that others can learn from that. Good behavior of a doctor not just earns him a reputation among patients, but also bring more business for a hospital. However here business should not be goal, but still no body have a right to don't let hospitals earn good money through good behavior.

Being Humorous can make you Successful

Everybody know that being humorous is a healthy habit and good for your heart. It can even make others happy and improve their health too. It is because humor releases such chemicals in our body which are good for health. But can humorous behavior make you successful as well ? When we researched this fact, we found some interesting information that is worth reading. It will definitely encourage you to being a little bit more humorous.

Is it necessary to be humorous at work ?
It is not compulsory, but it can create a better work environment for you. A little humor help you in being open with other colleagues. But too much humor can sometimes be unpleasant to others, so keep that in mind.

Type of Humor Matters

  • The humor should should not target a specific person, as it can act against you.
  • Don't be too loud. Loud humor can disturb those who are doing their own work. So keep your tone low, especially when you are talking to a single person.
  • Vulgar humor at work should be strictly avoided, however most of the people don't do it. Accidental vulgar humor with colleagues of opposite gender can be considered as violation of behavioral conduct.
  • Don't make humor of your boss or manager, especially in front of those who can convey it to them.
  • If you are new then you should indulge in humor only with your colleagues and subordinates. Being humorous with boss can sometimes create a negative impact.

What are benefits of humor at work ?

  • It creates a better communication and chances of communication gap is reduced.
  • It reduces the work related stress. Humor is a good tension breaker at work.
  • Others will enjoy working with you, as they will take you as a human instead of a robot just doing his work.
  • The humor brings the real person out of a worker. The nature of humor helps others understand that person better.
  • Humor builds trust and relationship among employees which is critical for success.
  • Humor and fun at workplace encourages people to come to work.

Being humorous is a quality of good leadership
Being humorous is a part of good leadership, as it helps you in getting mixed with your team and get the work done in a better way. When you do some humor with your colleagues, then it creates a better communication. It even encourage people to share their work among a team. A humorous boss is more approachable by subordinates, which make a better work culture and employees don't hesitate in sharing their innovative ideas. But being too much humorous can sometimes do the opposite, so maintaining a balance between humor and strictness is necessary for a leader.
A study done by Bell Leadership Institute found that employees want their leader to be humorous along with strong work ethic.
But still a number of people don't like to laugh at work, as it can make them look less sincere towards work. In such case you need to relax and take your work a bit less seriously. Being too much serious during office hours can also cause psychological problems, which will hamper your performance.

Robert Half International survey found that

  • 91% executive believe that humor is important for career development.
  • 84% believe that humorous people do better work.

Do you know that some companies attract employees by advertising their work culture full of fun and humor.  
Every person counts in a business, especially if he/she is a leader. Humor and fun increases productivity.

Why Being humorous can make you successful ?
It is because people like to work with such people as they feel comfortable with them. Humor allows them to open up. Humorous environment increases productivity of any business, as people enjoy working is such environment. Work no more remains a hassle, while working with someone humorous. One fact that most of us ignore is that humorous people and usually more intelligent than others with increases their chances of success.