Weird differences between body of Men and Women

Usually people think that there is just one difference between the body of men and women, and that is the reproductive organs. But the truth us that reproductive organs are just the starting. Body of men and women are a lot different and respond differently to a number of different conditions.

Men have larger heart and slower heart beat
Due to overall larger size, men have a larger heart which beats slowly. An average female heart beats 78 times in a minute, compared to just 70 of a man.

Women are lesser prone to heart diseases
However women have smaller heart, but it also makes them less prone to heart diseases. Women are also less prone to hypertension. Even the average normal blood pressure among women is lower than men.

An organ solely for sexual pleasure
Yes, only women have a sexual organs whose only purpose is sexual pleasure, and that organ is clitoris. In case of men the main sexual organ is also meant for purpose of of urination.

Clitoris grows with age while Penis doesn't
Yes, its true that clitoris size of a woman in 30s is 4 times more than at puberty. It helps them in enjoying sexual activity more at an older age. While in case of men, penis stops growing between 13 to 18 years of age.

Women have smaller brain
Women have smaller brain compared to men, just because of the smaller overall size. But when it comes to functioning it is equivalent in most of the tasks. However in some tasks women perform better (such as learning new languages), while in some tasks men perform better (such as spatial skill, where one needs to understand, reason and remember).

Men can tolerate more cold weather
However women have more body fat compared to men, but still men can tolerate more cold. In woman's body more fat is deposited around the reproductive organs to keep them warm, but their feet and hands remain colder. But it is not so in men. Men's body can remain equally warm, which makes them more tolerant to cold weather.

Fat deposition pattern difference
As we start to gain fat, the fat deposition pattern is usually different for both genders. Men start fat deposition from belly region while women's body start fat deposition on thighs and buttocks.

Men can handle lack of sleep in better way
Lack of sleep can be a reason behind diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Women are more prone to them compared to men as lack of sleep have more adverse effect on women's body.

Women can taste and smell better
Women have comparatively more taste buds which results in better identification of flavors. Same thing happens with smelling sense as well.

Difference in Sight
Women can see more colors. This fact is widely publicized, but we have got something for men as well. Men's sight can work better than women while in motion. Men can more easily identify the moving objects. It might be a reason behind better driving skill of men. Women have better night vision, but men can judge the distance with a better accuracy.

Men are physically stronger
An average man is 30% more stronger than an average women. It is due to more muscles which develop due to higher level of testosterone hormone in men.

Women have better immune system
Adrenal glands in women produce more cortin than men which allows them to develop more resistance from diseases. Breast cancer, female reproductive disorders and benign tumors are the only major diseases that happen more among women. Apart from these diseases women normally have more resistance to fight against diseases.

Men's body can deal with Alcohol in a better way
Women can easily get renal injury due to drinking alcohol, while men can tolerate it more. Same thing is applicable on drugs usage as well. Women are more prone to renal injury due to drugs.

Men can pee straight
However men are usually considered messy, but they can pee in a straighter flow, while women will always have satellite droplets while urinating. Men got this feature due to larger urethra and navicular fossa. Navicular fossa is an enlargement of urethra at the tip, which gives it a spiral flow and makes it come out in a projectile motion.

Women cry more than men
There are four reasons behind it. Women don't feel shy in admitting it, but men do, as they feel it shameful to tell that they cried. Second reason is the shallow tear duct in women which allows the tears to spill easily. Third reason is the prolactin hormone, which is present in higher amount in women's body and it is also present in tears. Fourth reason is the higher amount of testosterone hormone in men's body, which gives men better ability to not cry.

Men have thicker skin
Men have thicker skin, but it also makes them more prone to dryness, more oiliness, more acne and worst is more chances of skin cancer. However thick skin also protects men from any minor injury but it also increases the chances of visible scars.

Size of vital organs differ
Men have larger heart and lungs, while women have larger liver, kidney, stomach and thyroid gland.

Fertility Differs
Mostly men remain fertile till 70s and then their fertility starts decreasing, while fertility of women start decreasing after 35.

Men have larger ring finger while women have index finger.
If you compare the size of index finger and ring finger, you will find that most of the men have larger ring finger while women have larger index finger.

Skeleton structure is different
Women have shorter legs, wider hips, smaller chins, broader facial bones and a longer trunk.

Women live longer
Good news for women. On an average women in US live five years more than men.

However there are lot more differences between the body of men and women, but these were few which are somehow less known.

Diseases that affect Men Only

The different body structure of men and women results in different diseases. There are some gender specific features in our body which are found in skin, bones, heart and brain. Organs of men and women not only differ in terms of reproduction, but in a lot of other ways. Our organs respond differently to the same situation, depending on our gender. Same diseases are sometimes expressed in different ways among men and women. Here we are going to discuss some men-only diseases about which men should must read.

Diseases that affect Men Only

  • Alport Syndrome: It is a genetic disorder that cause kidney disease and deafness and often results in early death. It is due to "collagen gene COL4A5" which is present on X-chromosome. Men have just one X chromosome, and if the collagen gene on that X chromosome is abnormal then they will definitely suffer from Alport syndrome. But in case of women, they have two X chromosomes, and even if one copy of collagen gene is abnormal, then the other normal copy of the same gene on the other X chromosome helps them in living a normal life.
  • Male pattern baldness: It is a common disease among men and it results in baldness. It happens due to DHT, something related to testosterone hormone, which is generally known as male hormone.
  • Prostate Cancer: Prostate gland is a male-specific gland, thus prostate cancer is also a male-specific disease. Prostate cancer is responsible for second most number of cancer related deaths among American men.
  • Varicoceles: You must have heard about varicose veins, which occur in legs. A similar condition when occurs in the scrotum of men is called Varicoceles. It is a large gathering or enlargement of veins in that region. According to a research it happens in 15% of men, but most often don't cause any problem and most men don't need any treatment. But sometimes it causes pain and infertility by decreasing the seamen quality. It can be treated through surgery.
  • Testicular Cancer: The success rate of treating this type of cancer in around 95%, but it often results in removal of testicle. One in every 263 guys in US get affected by testicular cancer.
  • Peyronie's disease: This disease causes the penis to bend or curve, which results in shortening of penis, erectile dysfunction and inability to penetrate. Calcification or plaque buildup and genetic deposition is primary reason behind this disease in men.
  • Klinefelter syndrome: It is a genetic disease which affects physical and cognitive development of male child only. Those who suffer from this syndrome have smaller testes and thus produce lesser amount of testosterone, which is necessary for male sexual development.

The above list is not a complete list. There are several other disease that affect men only, but there are also some that affect women only. So don't take any one gender being superior. Men and women are incomplete without each other but their bodies are somehow different and so are diseases.

Diseases that affect after 50 : Common Health Problems

The fear of getting old with a number of diseases / health problems is one of the worst fears. Everybody want a long life with a healthy body. However a lot of things depend on your lifestyle and healthy habits, but still somethings can't be managed, such as your genes. After 50 years of age people often find themselves surrounded by some health problems. Even if they are not, the talks among the age group of over 50 often comes to diseases they are suffering from. Here we have brought some common diseases that start affecting your body after reaching that particular age group.

Diseases that affect after 50

The diseases listed below are not meant for everybody. But if you neglect your health and don't adopt a healthy lifestyle the chances of getting these health problems are quiet high. 50 Years is a mark where your health starts deteriorating due to ageing process and your metabolism and immunity level also starts decreasing. So here is the list of common health problems that you should be aware of if you are about to approach the 50 year of age.
  • Obesity: Obesity has made 73% US Adult population its playground. Obesity is not just a health condition but a disease in itself that increases chances of several other diseases. Chances of being obese increases with age.
  • Hypertension: Increased blood pressure often results from obesity due to increased fat content of body. Hypertension increases the chances of kidney disease, stroke and heart failure. Why does blood pressure increase with age ?
  • Heart Problems: Heart problems often result from obesity and hypertension. Being obese after the age of 50 increases your chances of heart diseases to a great extent.
  • Diabetes: Obesity is mostly the real culprit behind diagnosis of diabetes
  • Asthma: Chances of getting affected with asthma increases with age. It is condition when our air ways get allergic to certain substances in the environment. It often results in coughing and difficulty in breathing.
  • Cancer: The chances of getting affected by cancer increases with age. There is no fully confirmed reason behind it but some experts believe that degrading immune system with increasing age might have increased its occurrence.
  • Sight Problems: Glaucoma and Cataract is common in elderly people. Certain sight related problems can make the old age even worse. Some of them are Diabetic Retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration (AMB).
  • Gum Disease: If you don't follow proper dental hygiene then you are at risk of gum disease. Smokers have 70% more chances of developing it. If you are one of those who brush just once daily and sometimes even forget that one time then you have 33% more chances of developing it.
  • Hair Loss: Some experts say that it happen due to lack of nutrition, some believe Male-Pattern-Baldness is due to DHT and some believe that it is due to genes. But this health condition has give opportunity to whole hair-loss industry to make good money out of baldness.
The above list of diseases are not meant for everybody that reach the age limit of 50, but they affect those who are either not serious about their health or who can't take care of their health due to other responsibilities. Our motive behind writing this article is to tell you that health is wealth. If you choose a better lifestyle at an early age then you can protect yourself from a number of common health problems. Even some genetic diseases can't affect you, if you choose to override those genes by your strong will and healthy habits.

Effect of Gender on your Blood Pressure (Men vs Women)

Men have comparatively higher blood pressure compared to women. However this trend continues only till menopause in women. After menopause both men and women share the similar chances of developing high blood pressure and diseases related to it. But for a major part of life women have lower chances of developing hypertension. Researches were done to know more about this gender difference in blood pressure.

The body of men and women are very different in terms of metabolism and hormones. In some researches it was found that blood pressure of women remain 6-7% less during both physical activity and mental stress. There are several reasons behind this higher BP in men. Some of the known reasons are described below.
  • Stroke Volume: It is the amount of blood pumped by left ventricle of our heart. Women have lower stroke volume (SV) compared to men, which is a major reason behind comparative lower blood pressure in women.
  • Peripheral Resistance: It is resistance produced by arteries against the blood flow. This resistance must be overcome by force of blood to keep it flowing. When we are at some mental stress, the peripheral resistance increases automatically. Women have comparative lower peripheral resistance even during high stress level, which let their blood pressure remain low compared to men.
  • Intra-abdominal fat: It is the fat content in the abdominal region. Men ten to have more intra abdominal fat compared to women. This type of fat can be present in men irrespective of the obesity, as it is the fat content between the internal organs of abdomen. This type of fat content is directly related to BP level. Thus it is one of the reasons for higher blood pressure in men.
  • Dyslipidemia: It is the abnormal amount of triglycerides, cholesterol and/or fat phospholipids in the blood stream. Dyslipidemia is more common in men compared to women, which may also lead to higher blood pressure.
  • Smoking and Drinking Habits: In most of the societies men are more inclined towards habit of smoking and drinking, which directly affect the blood pressure.
Apart from the above mentioned reasons, some researchers believe that difference between male and female hormones is also responsible for difference in blood pressure levels. The overall conclusion is that women can keep their blood pressure low without much effort. You may also conclude from it that women don't loose control of their mind as easily as men do and it might be one of the reasons behind comparatively cooler nature of women.

Diabetes and Indigestion : Gastroparesis

Diabetes is itself something problematic to live with, but when indigestion comes with it then it becomes even worse. If you are a patient of Diabetes (either type 1 or type 2) for more than 10 years then you have chances of developing Gastroparesis, which causes indigestion and causes more fluctuations in blood sugar level. The meaning of word Gastroparesis means "Paralysis of Stomach", which itself describes the condition. The food moves very slowly through the stomach as if the stomach has paralyzed.

What is Gastroparesis ?

If you have studied about Diabetes then you must have come across a term "Diabetic Neuropathy", which is damaging of our nerves due to diabetes. This damage can also affect "vagus nerve", which plays an important role in digestion and controls the amount of time for which the food stays in our digestive system. This condition of slow down of digestion due to damage in Vagus Nerve is known as Gastroparesis.

Symptoms of Gastroparesis

  • Reflux (content of stomach comes back into esophagus)
  • Nausea and Vomiting (in some cases it may happen daily)
  • Inability to control blood sugar even after a balanced diet
  • Feeling fullness of stomach in comparative lesser amount of food
  • Bloating (abdominal discomfort)
  • Weight loss

Bacterial Growth due to Gastroparesis

When food stays for longer duration in stomach then it provides good environment for bacterial growth. These bacteria can itself cause the problem of Gas, which is very painful sometimes and you may incorrectly diagnose it as stone pain, appendicitis or some heart problem. The longer the food stays in your stomach, it becomes harder and can't move properly in small intestine. 

As soon as the food enters the small intestine the blood sugar goes up instantly.

Gastroparesis Diagnosis

Gastroparesis can be diagnosed using Barium X-ray. In this type of X-ray the patient is asked to eat food with barium, a radioactive substance, in it. It makes the food detectable inside your digestive system with the help of a X-ray machine. If half of the food stays in your stomach for more than 90 minutes then you are suffering from Gastroparesis. Apart from that several other techniques are also used for diagnosis, such as ultrasound and endoscopy. Wireless motility capsule is also used in some advanced diagnosis, where the patient swallows a tiny capsule with diet which measures the temprature, ph level and pressure in different parts of digestive system.

Gastroparesis Treatment

There is no particular cure or medicine to treat gastroparesis but treatment is often done by treating the symptoms. Sometime changing the insulin dosage or medication used to treat other medical conditions can help in lowering the symptoms.
Sometimes dietary changes can help a lot in getting relief from gastroparesis. Instead of three diets, your doctor may suggest you to take six small diets to keep the food moving. Slightly liquid diet and low-fat diet can also help you in digestion.

New High Blood Pressure Guidelines | Stages of Hypertension

New High Blood Pressure Guidelines

In year 2003 the definition of High Blood pressure was set as above 140/90 mmHg. But in some cases it was found that even the readings lower than that can be harmful if they retain for long durations. So after a wait of 14 years the American Heart Association changed the definition of High Blood Pressure in 2017. Now anything above 130/80 will be considered as high blood pressure.

New Stages of Hypertension / High BP

  • Normal: Less than 120/80 mm Hg.
  • Elevated: Systolic between 120-129 and Diastolic less than 80.
  • Stage 1: Systolic between 130-139 or diastolic between 80-89.
  • Stage 2: Systolic between 140 - 179 or diastolic at least 90 - 119 mm Hg.
  • Hypertensive crisis: Systolic above 180 and/or diastolic over 120.
Earlier Elevated and Stage 1 were known as a single stage "Prehypertension".

Prehypertension is Eliminated

Earlier the readings between 120/80 to 140/90 were considered as prehypertension, which means that the chances of being a high BP patient are present there. But the truth was that people never notice this stage. Most of the times people come to know about that only when they have jumped from prehypertension to High BP. However doctors suggest even a healthy person to get his/her blood pressure checked at regular intervals (weekly or monthly), but people ignore it. So this category of prehypertension was not acting as anything. Experts believed that eliminating this category, will be beneficial for both patient and society.

13% instant increase in number of patients

However these changed definitions will bring 13% more individuals into the "high plood pressure" community. Most of the new patients due to this change in categorization are among the age group of 25 to 45. Earlier people use to neglect the 130/80 mark , as they used to take it normal. But the changed definition will tick an alarm to get it treated. Earlier one-third population of US was considered as patient of Hypertension, but now this percentage has increased to 46% by a mere change in definition. This is sufficient to tell you about the seriousness of these new guidelines.

Not to increase medicine sale

However some of you might have a notion that it will increase the anti-hypertension medicine sale. But the truth is that the new comers in this category will be advised to make lifestyle changes to lower their blood pressure and save themselves from being a permanent patient of Hypertension. So these changes in definition might be beneficial for general population in long run and it will decrease the usage of blood pressure medication with a few years.

If people start taking their medical condition seriously then it will not only benefit their own health but their medical expenditure will also be saved in future. It can be beneficial for both, the individual and the nation. Heart Diseases are one of the major killers in US. This changed categorization of blood pressure will make people understand the seriousness of connection between hypertension and heart diseases.

Stomach Gas Pain Reasons Symptoms and Solutions

Everybody faces the stomach gas problem a number of times in their lives. Sometimes it passes out through mouth and sometimes as farts. But in some cases this stomach gas become more troublesome and causes a lot of uneasiness and pain in stomach. The reasons and symptoms of stomach gas differ according to diet, lifestyle and physic of a person. The pain due to gas can affect a wide range of organs ranging from your intestine, abdomen and chest. Headache is also common is some cases. In some extreme cases of such gas, people misunderstand it as heart problem, appendicitis or kidney/gall bladder stones.

What we normally think as stomach gas is really intestinal gas. Even a normal person expels this gas at least 10 times a day. Most of these instances remain unnoticed due to lack of potential smell. But here we are talking about abnormal condition where this intestinal/stomach gas generates in excess and causes the real problem.

What are the symptoms of Gas ?

  • Stretching of Abdominal Region.
  • Blotting sensation and knotted feeling in abdomen.
  • Voluntary or Involuntary passing of gas.
  • Cramps or Pain in abdominal region.

When you should see a doctor ?

Usually the pain due to gas is  relieved either through some home remedies or changing postures to pass the gas. But sometimes the pain or uncomfortable feelings make the condition worst. If you feel the following symptoms then you should see a doctor.
  • Bloody Stools
  • Frequent Vomiting
  • Change in Stool color and frequency
  • Chest Pain
  • Weight Loss

The above mentioned symptoms sometimes indicate some other problem, instead of simple gas, which needs immediate medical attention. 

What causes gas pain in Stomach ?

As we have told you earlier that their are various reasons behind gas pain, depending on your eating habits, lifestyle, other medical conditions and medications. Here we have listed some common things that causes gas pain in stomach or abdominal region.
  • Gas usually arises from undigested food/carbohydrate that reaches our colon (large intestine). It can occur from the well known healthy foods which are rich in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Sometimes dairy products can also cause gas. So over-consumption of healthy food can be painful sometimes, if it remains undigested in small intestine.
  • Constipation can cause gas pain even after eating normal diet. It happens because constipated large intestine don't let the gas pass through, which is necessary for a normal person. This blocked gas rises upwards and cause pain in abdominal/stomach region.
  • Usually we swallow small amount of air while chewing or drinking something. But if we swallow excess amount of air then it can be painful sometimes. Usually it happens when we are nervous, or when we are chewing gum, eating very fast, drinking through straw, or sucking candies.
  • Lactose Intolerance can also cause gas pain, especially when you are not aware of it and eat or drink some dairy product.
  • Artificial additives in food products, such as sweeteners can also be harmful for some healthy people. However such sweeteners are claimed to be healthy as they are sugar-free but sometimes they produce much more gas in our digestive system and cause gas pain.
  • Other health conditions (such as Diabetes,  Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease) can be sometimes the reason behind gas pain.

What are the solutions of stomach gas ?

  • You should avoid eating excess food, which is most common reason behind gas pain.
  • You should avoid eating such food products, which you feel that produce more gas in your digestive system. For example a lactose intolerant person should be aware of his condition and avoid dairy products. Even if he/she need to then proper amount of lactase (enzyme) supplement should be consumed with it.
  • Some lifestyle remedies can also save you from gas pain. These are chew your food properly, don't eat fast, don't eat too much, and don't smoke.
  • If you have some other medical condition responsible for gas, then get it treated properly.
  • Sometime over-the-counter medications can also help in getting relief from gas. But if you are having serious symptoms then you should must visit a doctor / medical practitioner. 

Do Deodorants cause Breast Cancer

A very interesting fact about most of the breast cancer cases is that most of the cancerous tumors are found in left upper / outer breast region (in both men and women). Most of the right handed people (which are majority), spray deodorants and antiperspirants on that region primarily and then other parts of body. It is enough to explain the seriousness of this issue.

People often due deodorants to get rid of body odor. Newer deodorants guarantee that they will keep your body odor null for a complete day. They do it by using certain chemicals that either make you sweat less or by killing the good bacteria on your skin which makes your sweat smell more. Such products are usually released in market after doing some short term researches which show that these products are safe for normal usage. Researches are going on to know the actual effect of these deodorants / chemical after long term usage. Some recent researches have shown some interesting results which can make the whole world think twice before using any deodorant in market.

 Before we go further, you must know about the type of products which are used to get rid of body odor.
  • Perfumes were just to put on clothes to override your body odor.
  • Deodorants mask the smell with a fragrance
  • Probiotic deodorant promote certain bacterial colonies which can make you smell better.
  • Antiperspirants reduce the amount of sweat.

When we searched about this issue on internet we found a website named which contain some authoritative information about it. According to Antiperspirants contain some aluminium based compounds which temporarily plugs the sweat duct and hence the sweat flow from the skin is reduced. Some experts believe that these aluminium compounds when applied for longer duration, may cause estrogen-like hormonal imbalance in body. As current researches suggest that estrogen can promote breast cancer cell growth, so some researchers believe that aluminium compounds in antiperspirants may promote breast cancer.

But does that mean that men are on safer side ?  Read further.

Parabens are a kind a preservatives used it deodorants and antiperspirants, which can also mimic the activity like estrogen and may cause cancer. However parabens are currently not used it most of the deodorants and antiperspirants in US, but still it is being used in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products.

Some studies were done by examining breast cancer patients and examining their history of usage of antiperspirants and underarm deodorants and underarm shaving habit. However most of these studies don't conclude a solid result, but still more researches are going on.
Manufacturers of such products always advertise on the basis of some major researches which found them safe for use, but still consumers use their own brain sometimes.

A fact published in made a number of consumers feel something serious about usage of deodorants and antiperspirants. Britain is one of the leading consumers of such products and number of breast cancer cases in UK has doubled from 1970. Every year 13000 women in UK die due to breast cancer, which is something serious. The cases of breast cancer has not only affected women but also men, where the cases have also doubled in past 30 years.

 It doesn't matter if researches have found something or not, but if people get fearful of something then its consumption starts decreasing gradually. Some safety guidelines like frequency of usage and amount of usage should be printed on these products to save the consumers from any possible side effects. Hormonal imbalance is one of the primary reasons behind cancerous tumors in breast, so think twice before using any such product which may or may not harm you.

Smartphone Addiction : Test yourself and get a Solution

Smartphone addiction is a real problem that affect our health and most of us underestimate it. There was a time when only smoking and drinking were considered as addiction. As technology progressed a new type of addiction spread its legs into the human society. That addiction was addiction of electronic equipment. Kids became addict to electronic games, adults became addict to porn and latest is the Smartphone's Addiction.
Mobile phones were a handy way of communication but as they evolved into smartphones, they became much ore than a mode of communication. It became a camera, a radio, a gaming device, a video player and a social networking device with access to complete internet. It made things a lot easier and handy. Smartphones became one of the best friends of some people, even those who feel shy of talking. But the problem is not with the friendship with phone, the problem is with the over usage.
Most of the smartphone addicts will never confess it that they are addicted to it as they really don't know it. They believe that whatever they are doing with their smartphone is necessary for them to do.

How does Smartphone addiction affect your health ?

  • Smartphone addiction decreases your concentration level on other tasks. Most common of such tasks are studying. It results in bad grades in schools and more accidents on roads.
  • Most of the accidents on roads happen due to usage of phone while driving. It is not only risky for you but also for others on road.
  • Smartphone addict people spend more time watching their phone screen, which damages their sight and they require glasses at an early age.
  • Smartphone addict people interact less with other people in real life. Your health is not just your body but also your social life (Social life and social networking are totally different).
  • Smartphone addicts watch lesser News / Current Events / Science TV Channels and hence have lesser general knowledge.
  • Smartphones also disturb the night life of couples. Even if any one of them is addict then they get lesser time to get intimate, which is a major necessity of good married life.
  • Smartphone addicts give less importance to other necessary tasks such as a kid's school function, doing worship, having dinner together and many more. It disconnects them not only from society but also from their own family. 

Smartphone Addiction Test

The answer to following question will help you in understanding if you are an addict or not. If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you are going towards addiction.
  • Do you check your phone for messages/chats/facebook every night before sleeping ?
  • Do you send jokes to your friends on smartphone even when they are sitting with you in the same room ?
  • Do you start feeling uncomfortable if you smartphone battery gets exhausted ?
  • Do you check your phone every hour while you are awake ?
  • Do you check you phone even while getting intimate with your partner ?
  • Do you take calls while having a shower ?
  • Do you check your phone on a dinner date ?
  • Do you check your phone in a movie theater ?
If your answer is "Yes" to most of these questions then you are an addict.

Draw a line between healthy usage and addiction

However it is hard to draw a line for an addict but you must do it if you feel that you are going towards addiction. Here are some ways to draw a line.
  • Don't use your phone after a certain time in night. You may decide an appropriate time yourself, so that you can get a proper good night sleep.
  • Attend the calls only when it is appropriate to take calls. Not taking a call or not checking your phone in bathroom, during a school program of your kid, while driving ,or in a movie theater won't make much difference but it will save you from addiction, accidents and embarrassment.
  • try to avoid using your smartphone when you are in company of your family, friends or relatives. Real life family and friends are more important rather than thousands of friends on facebook.
  • Don't check your phone after every few minutes for some notifications. It won't hurt if you don't check some notification for a while. It is better to mute your notifications tone and just keep ON the ringtone to attend calls.

A number of institutions like schools in US are using Yondr, a small gray pouch that swallow phones and lock them until you get them unlocked before leaving that institution. It not only helps you in concentrating on your work or study, but also saves you from being an addict. Such practices should be followed all over the world.

The Truth behind Body Odors and your Sweat

Body Odor is the signature of a person and sniff dogs use these odors to find someone. Humans have also devoted a lot of money and time to get rid of body odor or to have a good body fragrance. People use different perfumes and deodorants to smell good but it is hard to get rid of body odor. Some good fragrance may override it for few hours but eventually body odor will come back. What is the reason behind behind body odor ? Is it due to sweat or something else ? You will get answers to such question further in this article.

Why do we have Body Odors?
Body odor is created by certain chemical reactions made by microorganisms living on our skin and the sweat that we produce. More body odor is produced in certain regions such as armpits because the sweat produced there is different from other body parts. There are different micro organisms residing on different parts of skin and different type of sweat is produced on different regions which make our body smell different. The more we sweat, the more we smell.

The science behind Body Odor

We have got two type of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine glands are present all over the body and their sweat is mostly made up of water, as it works to cool down the body and regulate the temperature. Apocrine glands are only at some targeted locations, such as armpits, and their sweat is mostly proteins and lipids. Bacterias residing on these locations feed on that protein. When the outer layer of protein is broken by these bacteria, certain amount of smell is produced.
  • There are around 50 thousand sweat glands on our body.
  • We produce up to one liter of sweat a day and also release harmful toxins through it.
  • Feet, groin and armpit regions produce more body odor due to presence of apocrine glands. 
  • Lesser ventilation in these areas make it an ideal place for bacteria to grow.
  • Body odor of another person helps us in accepting or rejecting him/her. It is just like we accept or reject a food item on the basis of its smell. Body odor of a person is an important factor behind attraction.
Why Body Odor is different in every person ?
There are various factors that decide the body odor of a person. Some of them are listed below.
  • Apocrine glands of different people secrete different composition of proteins and lipids. Apart from that the microbes residing on their skin can also be different. This overall difference can easily change their body odor to a great extent. 
  • Genetics play an important role in body odor. People in blood relation may have slightly similar body odor but a sniff dog can easily distinguish them.
  • The proteins that are released with sweat depends on food that you eat. So your diet is also a factor that decides your body odor.
  • Hygiene factor such as bathing also decides your body odor. If a person don't take a bath on daily basis then bacteria count on his/her skin will be high and so does odor.
  • Health conditions can also affect the proteins released in our sweat which changes the body odor.
  • If a person is nervous, anxious or under stress then he/she produces more smelly sweat due to change in protein secretion in sweat.
  • Overweight people have folds in their skin which makes it a better place for bacteria to grow and produce more body odor.
  • A woman smells more when she is going through the most fertile state of menstrual cycle.
  • Medication that you are taking can also affect your body odor.
  • Climatic condition also affect the body odor.
Is body odor a fragrance or a bad smell ?
However now we take body odor as a bad smell but the biological truth of animal kingdom is that male and female of are attracted to each other through body odor which helps in the process of reproduction. Genes of only those are forwarded in next generation who smell better than others. But humans evolved their own science of fragrance and developed perfumes to override body odor to attract others.
  • Deodorants mask the smell with a fragrance
  • Perfumes were just to put on clothes to override your body odor.
  • Probiotic deodorant promote certain bacterial colonies which can make you smell better.
  • Antiperspirants reduce the amount of sweat.
Now you must have known that body odor is caused by interaction between your own body proteins and some good bacteria on your skin. Body odor is produced only because you are feeding some good bacteria on your skin. It is good to take a bath daily to keep your skin bacteria count to a limited level which also keeps your body odor under control. You may feel sometimes that you are smelling bad because your nose is at the shortest distance from you armpit, but a person standing even in front of you might not find it as bad (someone might like it, especially opposite gender).