What is Stem Cell Banking (Future of Medical Science)

Recently I have seen a stem cell banking advertisement on TV and decided to find whats that as i have never seen an advertisement like that. As i researched about stem cell banking, it comes out as a story of a high-tech Hollywood movie where every thing is made possible by medical science. But overall its good to know that medical science has gone one step ahead.

What is Stem Cell ?

Stem cells are cells present in our body. But these cells have a special capability. They can divide themselves to make new stem cells and those cells can further multiply. They can take shape of any cell present in our body. Our body use these cells to heal itself. Muscles and neurons are also a type of cells and stem cells have the capability to transform themselves into any of these and many more types of cells. According to Wikipedia, "Because a person’s own (autologous) amniotic stem cells can be safely infused back into that individual without being rejected by the body’s immune system".
Important : When stem cells are injected into a certain area of our body then it starts to transform themselves into the cells in its neighborhood.

What is Stem Cell Banking ?

Every body have a different stem cell as every DNA is different. These stem cells are mainly present in the bone marrow. But its present in the maximum amount in the Umbilical cord that connects baby and the mother inside the womb. The cells can be collected from Umbilical cord at the time of child birth. Then these stem cells are preserved by the stem cell banking company for any future use by the child or first degree blood relative of the child.

Who has the ownership of those stem cells ?

As it can be understood from the above description that these stem cells belong to the new born baby but its ownership goes to mother and she is responsible to pay the cost of preservation to the bank. When the child
reaches the legal age, then ownership can be transferred to him / her.

How Stem Cells are collected from Umbilical Cord ?

Stem cells are collected from Umbilical cord at the child birth. After the Umbilical cord is cut from the baby, blood sample is taken from Umbilical cord as it rich in stem cells. In this process the mother don't need to bear any extra pain.

How Stem Cells can be used ?

  • Stem Cells can be used to treat hematopoietic and genetic disorders.
  • Stem Cells are used to treat leukemia and joint repairs.
  • Stem cells have the ability to repair the liver.
  • Stem Cells are a good resource for transplant therapies.

Future of medical Treatment by using Stem Cells

Various researches are going on to know more about stem cells and how they can be used to treat various diseases which don't have any permanent cure till now. So of these treatments are mentioned below.

  • Diabetes: Stem Cell can be used to generate beta cells which produces insulin to reduce sugar in blood.
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Stem Cells can be used to make dopamine releasing cells, which will cure Parkinson's Disease.
  • Liver Damage: Stem cells can be used to generate lever cells to recover liver damage.

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