Ayurvedic Treatment for Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer is one of the worst diseases which happen in women. Almost 99% cases of breast cancer occur in women. Several therapies are used by women worldwide to get cure from this disease. Some people take Ayurvedic treatment for Breast Cancer as an alternative medicine. In some cases its cured as well. But there are no accurate studies to take it as a guaranteed treatment for Breast Cancer.

Here we will discuss Ayurvedic treatment for Breast Cancer ans if you should take it or not. Before we go further lets look few known causes of breast cancer.

Factors and Causes of Breast Cancer

  • Gender: Usually Breast cancer occur in women. More than 99% of all breast cancer cases occur in women.
  • Menstrual history: Those women who started menstruating before age 12 and those who went through menopause after 55 years of age have a higher risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Age:Risk increases with age. More than 50% cases of Breast Cancer occur after the age 60. More than one-third cases occurs after age 75 years. 
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding: If you have never been pregnant or if your first pregnancy occurred after 30 years of age then you have an increased risk of getting breast cancer.
  • Alcohol:Alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer in women.
  • Smoking: increases the risk for breast cancer.
  • More Weight: Obese women have slightly higher risk of getting this disease after menopause.
  • Socioeconomic Status: Those women who belong to high society are more prone to breast cancer because they are more exposed to alcohol, smoking or stress.
  • Diet and lifestyle: High Amount of fat and oil in diet and low physical activity contribute to developing breast cancer.
  • Wearing tight bra and sleeping with bra makes you more prone to breast cancer. 
  • Breast is one of the biggest lymph gland and it should get some exercise to grain.

Ayurveda and Breast Cancer

Some Ayurvedic Herbs which are known for having anti-cancer properties are
  • Tumeric
  • Amla
  • Holy Basil
  • Ashwagandha
  • Boswellia
  • Nigella sativa
  • Rhubarb root
  • Triphla

There are some therapies in Ayurveda which are found helpful in treating Breast Cancer

  • Touch Therapies 
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Some Herbs or Plant treatments (Some herbal medicines are safe, but not all. Some heavy metals present in herbs might cause negative impact on your regular treatment) 
  • Yoga, Relaxation Techniques 
  • Massage 

Before starting any of the above therapies its better to consult an Ayurvedic Doctor. As mentioned above some herbal medicines contain heavy metals, so its better to ask your regular doctor before you start using them. Sometimes these herbal medicines may cause complications in your regular medication.

Yoga (Relaxation Techniques) is known to reduce stress in people suffering with breast cancer.

Ayurveda and Health

According to Ayurveda all health problem occur when our mind, body and spirit are out of balance. Main motive of Ayurvedic practices is to bring back that balance, and it will prevent and cure the diseases.

There are three types of elements (doshas) in our body:

  • Vata, which means Air and Space
  • Pitta, which means Fire and Water
  • Kapha, which means Water and Earth

These three types of elements work in harmony. One of these elements is always strong in our body but our health is maintained only when we make correct balance between these three. Due to this reason we should follow some ayurvedic practices to maintain that balance.

Here are a few Ayurvedic medicines which are found helpful in treating cancer, especially Breast Cancer:

  • Withaferin A: The compound Withaferin A taken from Withania somnifera, an ayurvedic plant, stopped the growth of breast cancer in mice. In an american research, its found that it stopped the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Sanjeevani: Sanjeevani (selaginella bryopteris) one of the most famous Ayurvedic Herb is found helpful in stopping cancer cell growth in some laboratory experiments. It even reduced the size of skin tumours in mice.
  • Pomegranate: Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is used to treat prostate, bowel and liver cancer. However there are no studies done on humans to verify this fact.
  • Indian frankincense: salai guggal or Indian frankincense is used to treat inflammatory conditions in ayurvedic treatment. In a US research study in 2011 acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA) taken from the gum resin of Indian frankincense is found to slow down the growth of bowel cancer in mice.
  • Mangosteen: This fruit is used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal system. A compound named alpha-mangostin found in outer layer of this fruit has shown the characteristic to kill various cancer cells in some lab experiments. When its tested on mice, it slowed growth of breast cancer.
  • MAK-4 and MAK-5: These two ayurvedic medicines is used in some laboratory studies and found good in controlling tumours in rats and cancer cells.

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