Air Quality in Indian Cities (PM10, NO2 and SO2 in your City)

Air Quality and Air Pollution is one of the things that most of the Indian population should known about. But only a few percent educated population of metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore seems to be searching for that on internet. PM10, NO2 and SO2 are three major pollutants and Indian government is monitoring them from past few years (but still it is increasing).

Here you will get air pollution data of most of the Indian cities. Usually only residents of metropolitan cities search for air quality index of their city and the residents of lesser known big cities remain unaware of their their air quality. Our intention behind this page is to bring that information. You may know about some major air pollutants (PM10, NO2 and SO2) level in your city by using the form below. Give it a try.

Check Air Pollution in your City (India Only)

Air Quality Standards for PM10, NO2 and SO2 (Annual) in µg/m3

Indian Standards40604050
WHO Standards10204020 / day

Note: The air quality data provided here might have changed now, but most probably it must have increased (instead of going low). It is due to less aware citizens, increasing industrialization, increasing population and lack of implementation of laws to save the environment.

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