Avoiding Late Night Dinner may save you from Cancer !

Medical professional often tell us about those foods that may contain carcinogens that can cause cancer, but they never tell us if time to eat also matters. Recently a research was done on this issue and the results were inspiring. It clearly indicated how late night dinner can be associated with risk of cancer. Cancer is becoming a serious health concern and everybody wants to avoid it. If it is possible to do so just by adopting a good lifestyle then we should at least give it a try. It might also benefit us with some other health conditions as well.

What does the research say ?
Spanish researchers analysed data of more than 1800 prostate and breast cancer patients and compared it with more than 2000 healthy people data. When they compared the dinner timing, they found that those who eat their dinner before 9 PM and then kept themselves busy in some other tasks for around two hours are at 20% lesser risk of developing cancer.
That research data clearly indicated that eating your dinner after 10 PM and then directly hitting the bed puts you at risk of developing cancer. However it is not proved that you are risk of developing cancer for sure, but an association between dinner timing and cancer cases is found.

When should you eat you supper/dinner to get rid of cancer risk ?
According to the research you should eat your dinner before 9 PM and then make a routine to don't go to bed for two hours.

Those who are aware of some traditional medicinal systems (such as Ayurveda) and other cultures (such as Jainism) know the fact that these systems also encourage people to have supper around sunset and then don't eat anything at night. It gives proper rest to our digestive system and also improves our metabolism. Another reason behind benefits of early dinner might be enough time to sleep. Lack of sleep is itself a health hazard, while a good night sleep provides enough time to our body to heal and repair itself.

If the above research results were approved and confirmed by medical community then very soon these diet timings will be in the cancer prevention recommendations.

Reference: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ijc.31649

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