Maths is food for your Brain !

Mathematics or "Maths" is the basic tool that not only makes us better than others, but also makes us understand that our whole existence is maths in itself. Maths is not just a study of numbers, shapes and patterns, but it is the base of our creation. The more we understand it, the more we are amazed. Usually we call it "maths" when we use numbers, we call it geometry when we deal with shapes, we call it physics when we deal with subjects like gravitation, speed, force and energy. Maths is part of every science that we know about, either we know it in that way or not. 

Researchers believe that basic mathematical skills are hard-coded into our brain. The more we practice it, the more fluent and brilliant we make ourselves.

Lets begin with an example. When a child opens his/her eyes in this world for the very first time, the images he/she sees are blurred, as the depth perception of eyes are not proper at that time. As time passes the continuous efforts of child improves his/her depth perception and images become clear. As more time passes we utilize that depth perception in catching object or running on stairs. We might think that all of that is done just by chance, but our brain calculates everything. It can calculate distances even just by listening to sounds, even with closed eyes. 

Those who deal with robotics, know that how hard it is for a robot to catch a ball. Our mathematical brain can do very precise calculations to catch a ball even while running, that too within milliseconds. If i through a ball towards you from a distance of 10m at a speed of 50km/hr, then your brain will calculate that it will reach you within 720 milliseconds. Within that time your brain will check its exact point of arrival and will give command to your hand to move and open your palm to catch the ball and close the grip within milliseconds to don't let it fall. Brilliant mathematics takes place inside our head for all day-to-day tasks.

All of us are brilliant mathematicians in ourselves, but most of us can't express that talent in numbers. It is because numbers are just a representation of this talent in a writable form. This talent is learnt only by few of us, who are known as real mathematicians. In one sense every one of us is a mathematician, even an illiterate one, but that mathematics is of no use for others unless its expressed in a writable form. This numeric mathematics needs practice. You must have heard "Practice makes a man perfect". Same stands for numeric mathematics, the more you practice, the better you do it. 

Just as our body needs food and water to work properly, similarly our brain need maths. Solving mathematical questions is the best food or exercise for our brain. It improves your :

  • intelligence
  • analytical and problem-solving skills
  • systemic thinking
  • learning through trial and error
  • brain to handle unfamiliar tasks with ease and confidence
  • cautious and careful thinking

In short practicing maths improves your neural pathways that not only improves your academic scores but also helps you in various other aspects of life.

An Indian mathematician Ramanujan said "An equation for me has no meaning, unless it represents a thought of God". This thought tells a lot, not just about immense capability of our brain, but also that numbers can be used as a ladder to understand any aspect of life, either its mortal or immortal. You must know that Ramanujan was a mathematician who gave us formulas to understand black-holes even before black holes were discovered. 

Human brain has got the power to imagine, create, and think abstractly. We may enhance these capabilities by practicing mathematics. Here we will update some online tools to test and improve your mathematical  skill.

Maths Challenge : Be a part of our Genius List

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