We think Scientifically and Unscientifically at the same time

We humans explain events and phenomena using two different approaches. 

  • Logical Approach (Other names are Common Sense, Objective approach, scientific methodology, rational approach)
  • Mystical Approach (Non-Objective Approach , Faith based approach, supernatural approach, irrational approach)

Logical approach can be explained easily by examining the repetitive events. By watching objects falling on ground, you can explain gravity. It gives you ability to predict that an object will fall to the ground even if you throw it upwards. But mystical approach gives you ability to believe that the same object may not fall and will reach heaven / hell. Here we are not going to tell you which approach is good or bad, as both of them have their own merits and demerits. In the initial stages it is harder to convince a logical mind that mystical approach also have some merits, but there are. And you will agree with me as you further read this article.

Usually be believe that scientists are the champions of the logical approach, while religions are the champions of mystical approach. It is assumed because science believes in logical explanation of events, while religions are primarily based on faith and belief. But here we will explain scientifically that your brain is designed to think in both logical and mystical approaches at the same time. In most of the cases we give more preference to mystical approach.

Researchers (Morrison 1999; Trivers 2011; Pianka 2015) have found a duality is human brain, which make it work using both logical and mystical thinking. Our brain easily switches between these two approaches as per need, but according to Morrison in most of the cases our mystical thinking have more control over the decisions taken. Right half of our brain stores the subconscious irrational information, while the left half is responsible for rational logic and common sense. Speech and language functions also resides on the left half of brain, which might be the reason that we can express our rational logic, but not the mystical approaches. Music resides on irrational right side of brain, and thus we can't express all the feelings that we get through listening to music. On the other hand spirituality can be easily felt with the help of music.

Mystical approach usually powered by our religion, help humans to accept the pain of unexpected deaths, to deal with misfortunes or natural disasters. Mystical approach helps us in understanding and coping with such situations, where we have no power to change, or where we have difficulty in explaining it logically.

Faith is an emotion and we use it without any scientific explanation. Faith is not just a religious emotion, but also an emotion which builds relationships. Faith is the basis of human social life which connect partners, siblings and kids to their parents. 

Human intelligence has evolved to detect intentions of a person in front of us. Such observations are usually not rational and thus can't be explained by the person experiencing it.  

Sometimes we find that some religious approaches are based on scientific facts, which were not previously known. Such things make us believe more on mystical approach. But we don't always rely on mystical approach, no matter how religious we are. We will always avoid collisions by going sideways, not by trying to fly upwards. We easily switch between rational and irrational thinking as per necessity. 

Superstitions: All of us sometimes try to add meanings to things happening around us, as if they are some kind of instructions given by universe. We add meanings to inanimate things and create our own superstitions. We call somethings lucky and somethings unlucky. Such things are not just limited to uneducated society, but a number of highly educated people also believe in it. Its best example is "Number 13".  Read more about fear of number 13.

Emotions Before Reason : We always put our emotions before reason. These emotions include spirituality, falling in love, caring for our children, suspecting strangers, laying down lives for family, friends or country. 

Kids love to see magic, even adults love Harry Potter and Avengers. We want our kids to believe in mythical creatures, but also want them to know that tooth fairy is unreal as they grow.  

Music resides in the irrational part of brain and have the ability to govern those powerful emotions which can't be explained scientifically. Love is one such emotion and appropriate music can easily put you in good mood. Similarly patriotism can also be ignited inside you by playing some selected tracks. National anthems are its best example, and it don't need a research paper to prove that.

We get our skin color, nationality, language, religion and culture by an accident named "birth". The family we are born into unintentionally develops our mystical approach, which governs us for our whole life. No matter how much education we get, how much scientific we become, we will always be making all decisions getting influenced by our unscientific "mystical" or "irrational" part of our brain. 

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