Sugar Level in Human Body - Minimum and Maximum Range

Sugar Level In Human Body

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases of modern times. Its percentage increases with age. During past years it used to occur in old age people, but now it is also found in children. Another common name of diabetes is Sugar as it is related to sugar level in human body

Here will discuss about Sugar Level in Human Body, Now a day’s people don’t care for their body as per requirement. They enjoy all kinds of food, and some of them are not good for better health. There should be some limit while eating such foods which contain high level of sugar. We should plan our diet according to a diet chart to manage right level of sugar level in our blood.
Usually our body can manage sugar level, even if we have high sugar diet occasionally. But if we have high sugar diet on regular basis, then our body lose control over sugar level with time. Pancreas secretes insulin to control sugar level in our blood stream.

Sugar Level in Human Body - Minimum and Maximum Range

Sugar Level in human body varies from time to time. It is lowest when we wake up in the morning. If we check our sugar level before having breakfast (i.e called Fasting Test) then sugar lever for different types of people will be as follows.

Sugar Level in Human Body (fasting)
  • Normal: 4.0 to 5.9 mmol/l (70 to 107 mg/dl)
  • Prediabetes: 6.0 to 6.9 mmol/l (108 to 126 mg/dl)
  • Diagnosis of diabetes: more than 6.9 mmol/l (126 mg/dl)

The Chart Below shows sugar level after having breakfast. Sugar level suddenly increases after having food but controlled in a normal person, but rises very high in prediabetic and diabetic person.

The chart above shows how sugar level is controlled in a normal person in an effective way. It always remains between 70 to 129 mg/dl. It never increases too much neither go too low. 
We hope that this information will help you and increase your knowledge about sugar level in human body.


  1. Recently i checked my sugar level it came to 152 in Fasting,
    Kindly advise me do i am pre diabetic or Diabetic my age is 39 male.

    1. Dear Nanda Kishore, your sugar level is above 126 in fasting. Which means your are above pre-diabetic condition. But it can be controlled. Consult a good doctor in your locality for better help.

  2. Nanda, Yes you need to go back to the Doctor. In the mean time stop eating white sugar, white bread and white rice. eat vegetables, some fruit ,and lean meats. Exercise 30-45 minutes every day. Walking after lunch or dinner is a great way to help reduce your after meal blood sugar peak.

  3. My mom aged 48 recently had her sugar test.It came to 93 for fasting and 211 for post meal.
    Is she tending to become diabetic?
    What precautions should she take?

  4. Recently i checked my sugar level it came to 116 BSR in Fasting,
    Kindly advise me do i am pre diabetic or Diabetic my age is 20 male.

  5. Recently check my sugar level it's came 90 before food kindly help me

  6. I cheched my sugger level it's come 77 after food so plz help me

  7. hey my sugar level is 58 is that ok or..??

  8. My mom age is 45 and she's sugar level is 45 is it OK for her

  9. hi my sugar level is 135 how we control it