Sunburn Blisters on Face Pictures Treatment and Home Remedies

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Sunburn Blisters are severe form of Sunburn. It can happen if you are exposed to direct sunlight for long durations and not using any protection (such as a sunscream). Blisters are formed after sunburn if you don't take precaution after simple sunburn.

Its best to avoid direct sunlight for long duration during summer. However it differs from person to person. Some people can bear sunlight for long duration while some can't. That doesn't mean that those who get sunburn are weak. It only mean that their skin is more sensitive comparable to others. If your skin is more sensitive, then its better to take some precautions and avoid getting sunburn blisters on your skin.
Sunburn Blisters mostly occur on face, as our face have most sensitive skin of our body. Secondary region that is affected most by sunburn blisters is upper shoulder and back.

Sunburn Blisters Treatment and Home Remedies

1). Put Aloe Vera in Fridge for sometime and then apply it on Blisters.
2). Use an NSAID like aspirin or Motrin to get relief from pain and inflammation.
3). Never pop your blisters and if they are there from more than 2 days that consult your doctor.
4). Cold Tomato is also a good home remedy.
5). Some people also find Solarcain spray as an instant pain reliver.
6). Wash your blisters once a day with neosporin. You should use a soft washcloth if its bearable, else you should use your own hands.

The mark of blisters might take 3 to 6 months to get  completely removed. You should consult a doctor / dermatologist regarding marks on skin. expect that the information provided here will help you. We will bring more relevant information on this topic very soon. 

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  1. Thanks for the post. Also you can take frequent cool showers or baths.Apply soothing lotions that contain aloe vera to sunburned areas.

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