Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews | BP Monitor with iPhone Support

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Blood Pressure Monitor is most useful accessory that a BP Patient can have. It not only beeps alarm when BP reaches a threshold limit but also maintains a database of your Blood Pressure Readings. Now these Blood Pressure Monitor are quite easily available in the market, but users are often confused about buying which type of Monitor.

Usually there are two types of Blood Pressure Monitors. First one is tied on wrist, which looks like a jumbo wrist watch. And second one is tied on arm (just above elbow). First one is more handheld and can be used for whole day, while second one can’t be worn for whole day as they are just used to measure Blood Pressure at a certain time.

Some people believe that second one (those worn on Arm) are more accurate BP Monitors, but they can’t be used for a complete day.
As technology is evolving, we are getting new gadgets to measure blood pressure. Some modern Blood Pressure Monitors also come come with iPhone support. They can measure BP by using your iphone or iPad.
Once you have decided to purchase a Blood Pressure Monitor, then you should consult your Physician. He might give you a better advice. 

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