I Want to End my Life

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So you have already decided to end your life ! Well lets have some fun before you end it, as there is nothing serious about life. And if its not so serious then why not have some fun before you end it.
So u have searched "I want to end my life" which means you are sure that u will do it. Thumbs up for you, i have also decided to do it 4 times by the age of 30, but never searched for it on Google as i was not so tech crazy at that time. I missed it ! I should have done it !

Don't get yourself disturbed by the images in this article. These are just a thing to divert your mind.
Focus on the article before to take a further step, as i might make it easier for you to do what you are here to do. Did i say it right ! You are here to do, what you are here to do ! i think its right. You must do what you are meant to do. Don't get diverted by the thoughts. But keep reading........
I am going to ask you some question just mark your answers on a paper with questions numbers in front of it. Answer must be either YES or NO. I hope you got it.
Question 1 : Are you under 50 or over 50 ?
Question 2 : Are you Married ?
Question 3 : Are you a father ?
Question 4 : This question is for unmarrieds. Have you ever been in a serious emotional and physical relationship?
Question 5 : Are you parents still living ?
Question 6 : Are you Graduate ?
Question 7 : Do you believe in after-life or souls ?
Question 8 : Do u believe in any Religion ? What the f**k. Is it a question? But please answer it.
Question 9 : Do u trust even a single person in this world ?
Question 10 : If you answer is yes to last question then answer it. Do u think that person also trust you the most ?
Question 11 : Do u like the images in this Article. This time i am damn serious. Please answer it. I made a lot of efforts in selecting these images.
Question 12 : Do u love your Mom ?
Question 13 : Do u think number 13 is unlucky ?
Question 14 : Do u think view from the 14th floor will be amazing ?
Question 15 : Have u ever wished for a luxury car ?
Question 16 : Have you ever desired for a hut near a river and a peaceful life ?
Question 17 : Have you ever traveled in an Airplane ?
Question 18 : Have you ever traveled in a ship.
Question 19 : Have you ever been to a beach ?
Question 20 : Do u really want to end your life ? You answer should be YES in capital letters.
 You must have written all the answers on a paper. Now analyze your answers and wait for me to update this page with my analysis of answers. I will update it by tomorrow. Bookmark that page and visit tomorrow. My answers will be really interesting (i m serious). What should i say now  , Good Day ! Bad Day ! You may take whatever you like. Please accept it from depth of my heart. will see you tomorrow .

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