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Snake venom and Bee Sting to Improve Immunity !

Most of the people think that snake venom and Bee Sting contain poison which can harm humans to a great extent. In our last article we put some light on the fact that even cobra venom, which is considered as a neurotoxic poison of highest grade is non-lethal if taken orally. Today several medicines are being made using snake venom, scorpion venom and bee sting. A number of people are known around the world who take small dosage of these venom to create an immunity against them. But does drinking or injecting small doses of these venom really improve overall immunity or just immunity against that particular venom.

  • Mithridatism is an old practice used before 100BC in which a person ingests poison in small amounts to build immunity against it. It name originated from King Mithridates VI, who practiced this phenomena to protect himself from poison.
  • Similarly in India around 300BC King Chandragupta Maurya was made immune to poison by his chief advisor Chanakya, as he was fearful that enemies may try to poison him. This concept was known as "Vish-Purush" (Poison Man) in India.
  • This phenomena is widely used in some Novels, TV series and Movies, to make a hero or villain immune to poison.

Before anybody start practicing it on himself, he/she must know that this technique is not applicable on all types of poison. Some poison can accumulate in body and then harm you when sufficient quantity has been accumulated. However our liver can create certain enzymes to digest a poison when small doses are ingested and ultimately full immunity will be developed, but that immunity won't work on other types of poison.

But when we talk about Snake venom and bee sting, the case is different. At Stanford University School of Medicine researcher's gave non lethal doses of honey-bee sting venom to mice, which caused an allergic reaction and produced some antibodies in their blood. The antibodies protected the mice when they were again given a lethal dose of same venom [2]. Human beings have gone through a long process of evolution, and most probably we also have capability to develop immunity by using this technique.

A report was published on CNN in Dec 2016, where a man named Steve Ludwin was injecting snake venom in his body for past 30 years with his own belief of improving immunity. Today he is more than 50, but looks like 35. Researchers at University of Copenhagen are using his blood thrice a year to develop antivenom [1] , just like horses are used to develop antivenom by injecting venom in their blood and then extracting antibodies from their blood.

Tim Friede, an American former factory worker claimed that he has developed immunity to the deadliest snakes cobra and black mamba. According to him he was bitten by snakes around 100 times and it acted as an immunization to develop immunity against any type of snake venom. Mr Friede calls it "venom immunotherapy".[3]

All of the above examples prove that immunity can be developed against venom by injecting controlled doses, but it may not happen with everybody. Every year more than 125,000 people die due to snake bites and more than 300,000 get some part of their body surgically removed to save themselves from death. So never try such experiments on yourself. Let researchers do their best to develop some technique to save these lives.


Drinking Cobra Venom : Deadly or Not !

If you are asked to drink cobra venom, then most probably you will not. But do you know that some people really drink it. Cobra is one of the snake species known for its deadliest neurotoxic poison. One bite of cobra have enough venom to kill 20 men or even an elephant. In-spite of such facts some people survived after drinking cobra venom. Is it really possible, or it is just a magic trick where audience are made to believe that the person is drinking venom, while he/she just sips a energy drink. The answer to this question is going to surprise a lot of people.

My curiosity to get an answer to this question arise when i watched an Indian Guru ingesting the cobra venom. I was sure that he was not doing any sort of cheating. He even told some benefits of the cobra venom.

Note: Never try to drink any kind of venom after reading this article as sometimes it can cause threat to your  life.

Drinking Cobra Venom : Deadly or Not !

When i researched about the drinking of cobra venom, i came across some very interesting facts. These facts are listed here.

  • One liter of snake venom costs more than $200,000 . So King Cobra Venom will definitely cost more than that.
  • Cobra Venom is used is used to made medicines and beauty products. Pain killers made using cobra venom are 20 times more effective than any other pain killer. Some venom are even used in cancer treatment.
  • Pain killers developed from cobra venom have no side effect, which is some thing very unique.
  • Cobra Venom contain a protein named Ohanin, which is a small protein made up of 107 amino acids. This protein is unique and not found in any other snake family. It is responsible for medicinal properties of cobra venom.
  • Cobra venom is not poison. Poison are such type of things which can kill you when ingested. 
  • Cobra Venom is a protein, which contain some neurotransmitters, that can harm you only if it enters your blood stream and then attack your nervous system to paralyze you to death.
  • If you ingest cobra venom then the proteins present in it will be broken down by saliva and acids in the stomach.
  • Drinking cobra venom can harm you only if you have some ulcers in your stomach or a cut in your mouth as it will give the venom the way to enter blood stream.
  • Cobra snake is considered as a holy creature in India as lord Shiva wears it as garland. According to Hindu mythology, the consciousness level of King Cobra is very high, and no other animal can attain that much consciousness.
  • Cobra is the only snake which builds nest, and keep their offspring in it.
  • Cobra is considered as a shy snake and don't harm humans unless it feels danger.

Those who practice drinking venom do it either with a belief to improve their immunity or to be known as superhero. They start it by drinking very mild amounts and then increasing the amount over a period of months and years after analyzing its effect on body.
At the end of this article, we wound again suggest you to never try it. This article is only for information purpose, so that you know the science behind drinking cobra venom. One more thing told in this article is that snake venom are source of some of the best medicines and researches are still going on to find cure for some deadliest diseases by using them.

Is Homeopathy a Medical Fraud !

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine system developed in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. Today a number people consider it as a fraud. But if it really didn't work, then why is it still in practice after more than 200 years. Is homeopathy really a medical fraud or is it just a trick of medical community to defame it. Here we will try to find the truth by analyzing some facts about homeopathy.

A majority of people don't know that homeopathy is not a medically approved medicinal system. It is an alternative medicine system, just same as we use home remedies for some diseases. Homeopathy is pseudoscience, but presented as an actual science in front of general public.

What is the science behind Homeopathy ?
"A substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people".  Yes you read it right, it is the basic principle of homeopathy. Preparation of a homeopathic medicine uses an actual medicine ( or substances extracted from plants, animals or minerals) which is diluted in alcohol or distilled water to a level where actual medicine does not exist any more.

Why does Homeopathy treat some people successfully ?
Yes, it is true that homeopathy treated some people successfully and some clinical trials also suggested the same. But that successful treatment can only be attributed to placebo effect of homeopathic medicines. Usually a homeopathic practitioner asks several questions before prescribing a medicine such as symptoms, disease history, lifestyle, personal traits, psychological state and life history. When a patient is asked all these question, he/she believes that there is something in the medicine which will definitely cure him/her. It initiates a better placebo effect, where a person's own body treats the disease, not any medicine.

Why Homeopathy is a fraud ?
Some people may say that if homeopathy treats some people, even without giving actual medicine, then how is it a fraud. Such people should know that even general medical practitioners use placebos to treat some diseases, but they don't use them in all cases. Some diseases can't be cured using placebos. The worst thing about homeopathy is that it discourages the use of actual medicines, which can sometimes be very unhealthy for a patient.

Some Facts related to medical fraud of homeopathy

  • Homeopathy is very popular in developing countries as people of these countries are less aware about medical science. Even advanced countries are not far behind as $3 billion a year are spent by Americans alone on homeopathic medicines, which has got no scientific evidence behind it.
  • WHO has warned against using Homeopathy for treatment of serious diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, diarrhea and flu. [1]
  • Sir Mark Walport, Chief Scientific Advisor in UK from 2013 to 2017, once said in a conference that homoeopathy is nonsense, it is non-science. [2]
  • According to ingredients like crushed bees, stinging nettles and even arsenic are used in homeopathic medicines. [3]
  • Most of the homeopathic medicines are just sugar pills as the original medicine is diluted to such an extent the there is not even a single molecule of medicine in it.
  • Most homeopathic medicines lack sufficient clinical trials and any scientific study behind it.

Following international bodies has considered homeopathic treatment as ineffective and decided not to fund homeopathic practices. [4]

  • Australian National Health and Medical Research Council
  • United Kingdom's House of Commons Science and Technology Committee
  • European Academies' Science Advisory Council
  • Swiss Federal Health Office
According to , those who are cured by homeopathy will never believe the above facts. The definition of science differs for different people. Even if placebo can improve your body to treat a disease itself, then there is nothing better than that. But believing homeopathy to an extent that it can treat serious life-threatening disease is not correct.


Are Hallucinations something real or fake ?

Those who have it feel that they are real, but others think they are fake. Apart from medical community, some people have created a completely distinct theory of watching ghosts or souls in the name of hallucination. Before we put some light on the topic of hallucination, you must know the difference between real and fake. Whatever we see, if others agree with the same view then it is real, but if others don't see what we see then it is fake. However this definition sometimes gets wrong. This article will change the way you think the reality is.

We are slave of our senses !
Brain is a super computer, analyzing all sensory information to create a video with sound, smell and 3D view. Our brain integrates the input that it get through eyes, ears, nose and combines these sensory inputs to tell us about conditions outside body. Actually it is our brain that creates the images, as our eyes are just a machine to transfer the light information from outside to our brain. There is a huge processor in our brain that analyzes that information.

Our brain can cheat us very easily !
Our brain is not just a processor, but it has also got a very large hard disk, which is beyond your imagination. Every image, every sound and every smell stored in it can be utilized by it. Even a slight smell of something can make you remember a dish that you ate decades ago. That is the power of brain, which can easily cheat us. Sometimes our fear can make brain create projections of unreal things in the real life view. Just as an animated character interacts will actual actors in a Hollywood movie. What type of characters it can make depends on your imagination power.

Our dreams are also hallucination!
Yes, it is true. Our dreams are also hallucination, the difference is just that we watch them while sleeping. In our dreams we rarely suspect that it is fake. During dreams our brain creates a full HD video of events and sometimes we even remember the details after waking up. Dreams make full usage of brain database to create scenes of our interest or our fear. It can make you fly with your arms as your wings and make you jump as if you are doing it on moon. It can also create dangerous creatures that you have never seen, with teeth of a lion, face of a man, feet of a horse and tail of a monkey. You may want to know some amazing facts about sleep and dreams.

If we watch dreams with open eyes and we can't distinguish the difference between real and unreal then it is hallucintion.

People often misunderstand hallucinations as watching a ghost, whom only they can see. Instead of falling prey to such thinking, one should consult a psychiatrist or a neurologist to get the cause diagnosed. Some of the most common causes are listed below.

What causes hallucination ?

  • Illegal Drugs : Some illegal drugs can create hallucinations, which are so strong that some people jumped from balconies believing that they can fly. 
  • Some legal drugs: Even some legal medication used to treat conditions like parkinson’s disease, depression, psychosis, and epilepsy can cause hallucination.
  • Lack of sleep : Enough sleep is a basic necessity of our body. Continuous lack of sleep can make our brain work in an unexpected way, which can create hallucinations as well. Sleeping too short or too long can affect your health.
  • Mental Illness: Disease like Schizophrenia, dementia, and delirium can cause hallucinations.
  • Some trauma : Some horrible event in real life can sometimes make brain create hallucinations of such even again.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms: Some heavy addicts of alcohol when trying to withdraw it can face hallucinations as a withdrawal symptoms. 

Treatment of Hallucination depends on the cause, so finding an expert can get you a better treatment for this medical condition.

Sometimes people misunderstand some diseases as hallucination. There is one such disease named Prosopagnosia, where a person can't remember faces, and the worst thing is that sometimes the patient standing in front of mirror don't recognize himself and treats himself as someone else (most probably ghost).

Is your Doctor Rude and Insensitive ?

Today there are laws to protect the doctors and their hospital premises from relatives of those patients, with whom some thing worst have happened during hospital stay. Some friends and relatives often blame medical staff for their rude behavior and inability to treat a patient. Both sides have their own points to prove themselves right. But apart from that some patients themselves complain that their doctor was a bit rude and insensitive towards them. Not just that, some patients even complain that their doctor feels that they are dumb. Where is our medical industry lacking when it comes to behavioral traits. Is a doctor only responsible for treating a disease, or his behavior also counts in the mean time.
A study done on 840 American doctors in year 2013 found that more than 65% doctors witnessed their colleague doctors behaving badly with patients and hospital staff.

  • Inappropriate jokes cracked by some doctors can also be considered as a bad behavior by some patients. Such as joking about their physic, lifestyle and disease.
  • Some patients even complain that their doctor don't even listen to them to get their problem correctly and treat them as a dumb, who know nothing about human body and its working.
  • Some patients told researchers they listened to lewd remarks made by specialists when they were under anesthesia.
  • Sometimes even silent gestures and unintended slights do the job, as patients easily understand such things due to the condition they are going through.

Such behavior is not just limited to doctors and specialists, even some nurses don't listen to patients properly. I have heard a case where a lady kept complaining about severe pain after a surgery, but nurses kept saying that it happens and she need to help herself instead of relying on others all the time. Later an infection was found the reason behind her pain, which was not normal at all.
A 2012 study found that doctors posted information about their patients on social platforms and websites, even with some remarks for their patients. In many cases it resulted in  serious disciplinary actions.
When it comes to patients suffering from life-threatening diseases like cancer, they need more psychological strength along with finest medical care. If they get rude and insensitive behavior then most probably patient will die thinking worst of himself/herself. Even if a patient can't be saved with finest medical care, the remaining part of his life can be made worth something with good behavior.
"Life is short but there is always time for courtesy."  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
Rude behavior can be behavioral trait of any person, but medical staff have a added responsibility to treat their patients and people least expect it from them. Sometimes rude behavior can also occur due to work load and lack of support staff. Doctors often describe these issues as a reason behind such behavior. Medical practitioners should understand that Good Medicine is not just medicine but the behavior as well. Sometimes good behavior can do magic when mixed with quality medical treatment.

Some doctors are famous for their good behavior and patients often praise them on social platforms as well. Such things should be appreciated so that others can learn from that. Good behavior of a doctor not just earns him a reputation among patients, but also bring more business for a hospital. However here business should not be goal, but still no body have a right to don't let hospitals earn good money through good behavior.

Being Humorous can make you Successful

Everybody know that being humorous is a healthy habit and good for your heart. It can even make others happy and improve their health too. It is because humor releases such chemicals in our body which are good for health. But can humorous behavior make you successful as well ? When we researched this fact, we found some interesting information that is worth reading. It will definitely encourage you to being a little bit more humorous.

Is it necessary to be humorous at work ?
It is not compulsory, but it can create a better work environment for you. A little humor help you in being open with other colleagues. But too much humor can sometimes be unpleasant to others, so keep that in mind.

Type of Humor Matters

  • The humor should should not target a specific person, as it can act against you.
  • Don't be too loud. Loud humor can disturb those who are doing their own work. So keep your tone low, especially when you are talking to a single person.
  • Vulgar humor at work should be strictly avoided, however most of the people don't do it. Accidental vulgar humor with colleagues of opposite gender can be considered as violation of behavioral conduct.
  • Don't make humor of your boss or manager, especially in front of those who can convey it to them.
  • If you are new then you should indulge in humor only with your colleagues and subordinates. Being humorous with boss can sometimes create a negative impact.

What are benefits of humor at work ?

  • It creates a better communication and chances of communication gap is reduced.
  • It reduces the work related stress. Humor is a good tension breaker at work.
  • Others will enjoy working with you, as they will take you as a human instead of a robot just doing his work.
  • The humor brings the real person out of a worker. The nature of humor helps others understand that person better.
  • Humor builds trust and relationship among employees which is critical for success.
  • Humor and fun at workplace encourages people to come to work.

Being humorous is a quality of good leadership
Being humorous is a part of good leadership, as it helps you in getting mixed with your team and get the work done in a better way. When you do some humor with your colleagues, then it creates a better communication. It even encourage people to share their work among a team. A humorous boss is more approachable by subordinates, which make a better work culture and employees don't hesitate in sharing their innovative ideas. But being too much humorous can sometimes do the opposite, so maintaining a balance between humor and strictness is necessary for a leader.
A study done by Bell Leadership Institute found that employees want their leader to be humorous along with strong work ethic.
But still a number of people don't like to laugh at work, as it can make them look less sincere towards work. In such case you need to relax and take your work a bit less seriously. Being too much serious during office hours can also cause psychological problems, which will hamper your performance.

Robert Half International survey found that

  • 91% executive believe that humor is important for career development.
  • 84% believe that humorous people do better work.

Do you know that some companies attract employees by advertising their work culture full of fun and humor.  
Every person counts in a business, especially if he/she is a leader. Humor and fun increases productivity.

Why Being humorous can make you successful ?
It is because people like to work with such people as they feel comfortable with them. Humor allows them to open up. Humorous environment increases productivity of any business, as people enjoy working is such environment. Work no more remains a hassle, while working with someone humorous. One fact that most of us ignore is that humorous people and usually more intelligent than others with increases their chances of success.

Does Health Insurance Improve your Health and Lifespan

All of us know that Health Insurance can save us financially, when we need it the most. But does health insurance also affect our health ? After-all the main motive of health insurance should be insuring the health of a person, not the money. When tried to know if there is any effect of health insurance of overall well being of the insured person or family, some interesting facts were revealed. We were not the only one trying to connect health insurance with health of the insured, but a number of researchers were conducting studies to know the impact.

As we came across a number of studies, one thing was sure that health insurance affects the health and lifespan of insured person in a positive way. We don't know the magnitude of effect, but life expectancy is increased and improved health is the basic reason behind that. Those studies also take into account other factors that affect health and lifespan, such as obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse,  gun violence, environmental hazards and occupational safety, but still the positive impact of health insurance was clearly visible.

Studies supporting the fact:

  • A study done by Harvard School of Public Health found a significant decrease in all-cause mortality and increases life expectancy.
  • Institute of Medicine conducted a study in 2002 and estimated that death rate (mortality) of uninsured is 25% more that insured people of similar group. According to that estimate 18000 excess deaths occurred per year during those years as 40 million Americans lacked health insurance at that time.
  • Medicaid expanded its insurance coverage for pregnant women during 1980s and 90s. It resulted in decreased infant and child mortality.

How does Health Insurance make people healthy ?

  • It gives people an emotional support and they know that they won't be under debt if something goes wrong with their health. This emotional support saves them from any psychological disorders.
  • Routine medical checkup and screenings that come with Health Insurance make people aware about their increasing weight and blood pressure which may result in diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension. People take their health seriously and timely react to keep themselves healthy.
  • Routine medical checkup and screenings also help is diagnosing some diseases at early stages, where they can be treated easily and chances of early death are greatly reduced.
  • Uninsured people comparatively don't get their disease timely diagnosed, which results in more expenditure and financial dis-balance of whole family and chances of psychological disorders of other family members. During such times other family members also don't take good care of their health. All these factors affect the health of whole family, which starts from a single person.

 While studying the effect of health insurance on health of a person, we found that most studies don't take into account the health of others who are closely related to an insured person. Its obvious that health insurance affects health of an insured person in positive way, but it also positively affects the health of other family members. If your mother or father are in good health, then you can take better care of your own health as well. And if something goes wrong with their health, then your workout schedule and diet pattern gets disturbed and thus affects the whole family's health.

When we ask about health of an insured person then most expected answer is "good" while it is not so in case of an uninsured person. Several factors work behind as mentioned earlier. Getting Health Insurance also means that you are aware about your health and take steps to keep it in good state.

So investing in health insurance policy not only saves tax and financial stability but also saves your health, increases your lifespan and also improves health of your whole family.


Are Refined Vegetable Oils Unhealthy

Half a century ago soy, safflower and linseed oils were used to make paint and varnishes, but then chemists discovered technique to make it from petroleum oil, which was cheaper. At that time due to lack of any merchant to purchase their crops, farmers fed the soy and safflower to their pigs. As a result the pigs got fat. Then scientists developed a technique to purify the vegetable oils and remove their paint-like bad smell, and that process was used to manufacture refined oils. Now these vegetable oil became taste less and odor-less and widely accepted by society, as even doctors of that time preferred it over animal fat (such as butter). Refined vegetable oils were also cheaper than other traditional animal fat derived from cow milk.

The oil once used for making paints and later used to fed pigs is now being used in our kitchen. So the question is if the refined vegetable oil is healthy or not ? 

What is a refined vegetable oil ?

Refined vegetable oil means vegetable oil that has been "purified". Here purification may mean a number of treatments, such as filtered, deodorized, neutralized, treated with acid, purified with alkali or bleached. Natural antioxidants and nutrients are also removed from vegetable oil in the process of purification. Such treatment of any food product can make it unhealthy.

Some refined vegetables oils also undergo hydrogenation, which turns oil into solid state and increases its shelf life. Such hydrogenated oil contains a large percentage of trans-fat, which is considered very unhealthy. According to an estimate by FDA more than 90% of prepared cookies, crackers and frozen breakfast contain trans fats. Such readily available food items and food served in restaurants usually contain hydrogenated vegetable oil, which increases the profit but degrades the health. Next time when you purchase any packed food, check its ingredients if it contain trans fat.
Do you known that New York became the largest city in US, where restaurants are asked to go trans-fat free. 

Refined Vegetable Oil may cause Cancer

Some recent researches have found that animal fats don't contribute to heart diseases while vegetable oils do. According to a research consumption of butter has decreased from 18 lbs per person per year to just 4 during past century. Refined Vegetable oil has taken place of butter, and researchers fear that it might be a reason behind increased heart diseases and cancer cases. [1]
N‐Nitrosodi-n-butylamine is a carcinogen found in Soybean oil, one of the mostly used refined vegetable oil. Concentration of this carcinogen in Soybean oil is 290 μg/kg. Same carcinogen is also found in cheese at 20 to 30 μg/kg , in smoked meat at 3.9 μg/kg and at 0.003 μg  per cigarette. [2]

Health Facts about Refined Vegetable Oil

  • Soybean oil (used in 75% of American Kitchens) increases obesity, which is directly linked to heart diseases and diabetes.
  • Since introduction or refined vegetable oils in 1960s , the reported cases of heart diseases and cancer has increased tremendously.
  • Soybean oil creates imbalance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 in body. Each table spoon of soybean oil contain 6807mg Omega-6 and 917mg Omega-3, while it should be in our body in equal amounts.
  • Omega-6 creates inflammation, which is sometime necessary to heal cuts and wounds. But overdose of omega-6 creates unnecessary inflammation, which can cause a number of health issues.[3]  

Note: Before starting to use any new vegetable oil, make sure that you know how it is made and what are its effect on health. Your awareness can save your health and also your medical expenses.


Circumcised Foreskins are used for Surprising things

Have you ever wondered about the circumcised foreskins, if they use to throw them in garbage bins or they use it somewhere ? The answer to this serious question might surprise a number of people. Before telling you the answer, let me tell you that each foreskin is worth thousands of dollars in market. Several religions and communities make it compulsory for boys to get their foreskin circumcised. A number of hospital and surgeons do these minor operations to remove the foreskin. They collect these foreskins and sell them to some research laboratories and some private organisations, as these foreskins have a lot of value.

Usage of Circumcised Foreskins

  • Some high-end skin cream manufactures use foreskins. Some skin creams contain fibroblasts, which is compound grown on foreskins and harvested from it. Same foreskin can used for many years to harvest fibroblasts from it. Fibroblasts produce Collagen, which is a protein that can hold connective tissue together and hence helps in maintaining smooth and youthful skin.
  • Skin grafts are another major usage of foreskins. Burn victims are treated with these foreskins as a new skin to replace old burned skin. Baby foreskins suits best in this usage as their chances of rejection by the recipients immune system are very less.
  • Cosmetic Testing is also done on foreskins. Instead of using a real human subject or a lab-rat to test the newly developed cosmetics, foreskins often act as a better subject to test upon. Thus it saves humans and rodents from any possible side-effect on skin.

Are such usage good or bad ?
Different people may have different views on that. Those who feel it right due to religious beliefs, will find these uses beneficial for the society, but they might also feel themselves cheated as doctors usually don't reveal such facts to those who visit them for circumcision. Those who are already against circumcision and take it as mutilation of human body, find something good being done with it, but they also feel that doctors and religious clerics might be earning a lot by prescribing such mutilation and endangering the lives of kids. We are nobody to decide the good or bad unless the parents of such kids don't know the complete truth of circumcision.

The motive of this article is not to hurt religious sentiments of people, but to tell the truth. Most of the innocent public don't know how some people are earning a lot through their baby's skin.

Diseases that affect after 50 : Common Health Problems

The fear of getting old with a number of diseases / health problems is one of the worst fears. Everybody want a long life with a healthy body. However a lot of things depend on your lifestyle and healthy habits, but still somethings can't be managed, such as your genes. After 50 years of age people often find themselves surrounded by some health problems. Even if they are not, the talks among the age group of over 50 often comes to diseases they are suffering from. Here we have brought some common diseases that start affecting your body after reaching that particular age group.

Diseases that affect after 50

The diseases listed below are not meant for everybody. But if you neglect your health and don't adopt a healthy lifestyle the chances of getting these health problems are quiet high. 50 Years is a mark where your health starts deteriorating due to ageing process and your metabolism and immunity level also starts decreasing. So here is the list of common health problems that you should be aware of if you are about to approach the 50 year of age.
  • Obesity: Obesity has made 73% US Adult population its playground. Obesity is not just a health condition but a disease in itself that increases chances of several other diseases. Chances of being obese increases with age.
  • Hypertension: Increased blood pressure often results from obesity due to increased fat content of body. Hypertension increases the chances of kidney disease, stroke and heart failure. Why does blood pressure increase with age ?
  • Heart Problems: Heart problems often result from obesity and hypertension. Being obese after the age of 50 increases your chances of heart diseases to a great extent.
  • Diabetes: Obesity is mostly the real culprit behind diagnosis of diabetes
  • Asthma: Chances of getting affected with asthma increases with age. It is condition when our air ways get allergic to certain substances in the environment. It often results in coughing and difficulty in breathing.
  • Cancer: The chances of getting affected by cancer increases with age. There is no fully confirmed reason behind it but some experts believe that degrading immune system with increasing age might have increased its occurrence.
  • Sight Problems: Glaucoma and Cataract is common in elderly people. Certain sight related problems can make the old age even worse. Some of them are Diabetic Retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration (AMB).
  • Gum Disease: If you don't follow proper dental hygiene then you are at risk of gum disease. Smokers have 70% more chances of developing it. If you are one of those who brush just once daily and sometimes even forget that one time then you have 33% more chances of developing it.
  • Hair Loss: Some experts say that it happen due to lack of nutrition, some believe Male-Pattern-Baldness is due to DHT and some believe that it is due to genes. But this health condition has give opportunity to whole hair-loss industry to make good money out of baldness.
The above list of diseases are not meant for everybody that reach the age limit of 50, but they affect those who are either not serious about their health or who can't take care of their health due to other responsibilities. Our motive behind writing this article is to tell you that health is wealth. If you choose a better lifestyle at an early age then you can protect yourself from a number of common health problems. Even some genetic diseases can't affect you, if you choose to override those genes by your strong will and healthy habits.

Why Viruses are more harmful than Bacteria for Humans

Virus and Bacteria, both are known as harmful microorganisms that can harm our body. But virus has got a bad reputation compared to bacteria. Bacteria are sometimes good for us as they help in several functions of body, but it is not same for virus. Virus are known for some of the worst diseases that mankind has faced, such as HIV and Ebola. Virus are usually harmful and we will tell you the reason why.

What is a virus?
Virus is a protein, either DNA or RNA. It is a genetic material which needs some host cell to survive. So you can say that virus is a genetic material with no cell. Cell is known as the smallest living entity. Virus don't have a cell of their own, so they are always in need of a host cell that they can infect to multiply themselves.

Size of virus vs bacteria
Virus vary in size and they range from 17 nanometer to 1000 nanometer. One nanometer is 0.000000001 m. This size is so small that you can't see it even with a light microscope. Electron Microscope are necessary to study a virus. Size of virus is so small that they can be compared to atoms. Size of a hydrogen atom is 0.1 nanometer. Bacteria are much bigger than virus. They range from 200 to 10000 nanometer.

When were Virus discovered ?
Existence of virus was suspected near the end of nineteenth century when biologists were unable to find any bacteria responsible for some diseases/infections. They found these microorganisms much smaller than bacteria and they were unable to multiply in a solution as they were extracted out of a living body.

Virus is neither dead nor alive !
Viruses can't live on their own, so some biologists consider them as dead. They need a host body made up of living cells to let them survive. When virus enter a cell, then it replicates its proteins and infects other cells, which makes it something living. Virus is something between living and dead. It is a non-living genetic code without any cell and needs a host cell to be something living.

Are viruses more harmful than Bacteria ?
Yes, in most of the cases. Name of diseases like Ebola and AIDS can take your breath away. But there are some nasty bacteria like Neisseria meningitidis which can make you dead within a  day even after taking antibiotics. Some bacteria are equally harmful as viruses. There are lesser medicines to fight viral infections. New generations of resistant bacteria are equally harmful as we don't have any antibiotic to kill them.

Why viruses are more dangerous ?
It is because of the fact that virus can infect a cell. Both bacteria and human cell are prone to that infection. Virus is not a separate entity, as it infects by entering itself into a cell. Virus is nothing but a genetic code which disrupts the working of a cell and then starts multiplying itself. There are several good bacteria inside the human body, which can also be infected with a virus. To kill a virus we need to kill the infected cell itself which makes it more harmful for any living creature including humans.

How do our immune system fights with virus ?
Different types of white blood cells (WBC) are main part of our immune system and they can reach any part of body as they reside in the blood. Our body makes millions of them in the bone marrow every day. Macrophages (a type of WBC) destroy any germ that the detect inside the body, but virus infected cells need more advanced defense system. In order to do that more advance WBC known as T and B lymphocytes come into action. B cells make antibodies that bind themselves to virus infected cell in order to tag them and stop them from replicating. T cells act as the guard dog and informs other cells of immune system about the viral infection. Now other cells of our immune system can easily identify these tagged infected cells and kill them to destroy the virus completely. Even when a virus a destroyed some advance T and B cells creates an "acquired immunity" in our body to make our body more safe from the same virus. This acquired immunity can sometimes save our body from the same virus for complete life.

Even after all these facts about virus and bacteria, virus should be considered as more harmful. Our body has already got more bacterial cells in it than human cells. So we are more bacterial than human. But virus is something harmful to both bacteria and human cells. Virus can infect even a bacteria.

Truth about Supplements to increase your Height

Being taller is a wish of almost every person. Normally we grow till puberty and chances of getting taller after that age are minimal. There are a number of diet supplements in market claiming to grow your height. The advertisements of these diet supplements often show themselves as a magic pill which can make you taller within weeks. Some of them claim themselves as natural ingredients while some claim themselves as hormonal medicines. The truth about these supplements to increase your height is yet to come in this article.

The truth is that no supplement can make you grow taller once you have reached puberty and your bones have stopped growing. You should never take these supplements without consulting a doctor. Those supplements that claim to grow you taller after puberty don't have any solid research and test results to prove that.

How do we grow taller?
If you study the science behind growing taller than you will find that our height is defined by length of our bones. Epiphysis or growth plates are a part of our bones located at their terminal ends. Epiphysis remains soft till puberty and allows long bones to grow further. At the end of puberty phase epiphysis begins to fuse and solidify. Once it has become solid, no further growth is possible. Under normal circumstances girls reach the end of puberty by 18 years and boys by 20 years of age.

Some supplements claim to reverse the solidification of epiphysis to increase your bone size and overall height of a person. But such claims don't have any actual testing behind them.

Growing taller is a wish of every person and this desire often develops after we have attained puberty. Increasing your height is not possible after reaching that age, but some pharma companies utilize that desire to make big profit. They sell placebo in the name of an effective supplement to increase your height. Placebos may not harm you but some manufactures sell some medicines which can disturb the hormonal balance in your body and you may face some serious side effects. So before taking any such supplement it is better to consult your doctor.

FDA has approved a HGH hormone that can be used as a medicine for children experiencing abnormal growth. But this hormone works only till puberty. But some pharma companies sell fake supplements in name of HGH Hormone, despite of knowing the fact that it will not work on adults.

 Food and Drug Administration neither test the ingredients of health supplements nor it regulates any statement mentioned by health supplements for their advertisements. So it is better to check the ingredients list mentioned on the package of such health supplements and know its actual usage itself. In some of them you may find just some natural multivitamin and mineral supplement to improve your overall health and has nothing to do with your height.

You will find a number of online advertisements claiming to grow you taller within 30 to 60 days. So of them publish very inspiring testimonials with photoshop images to prove their claim. So of them even give moneyback guarantee to sell their useless product. Don't fall prey to such things and believe in the fact that your height does not define you. It is your self confidence and your talent that defines you.

Can you remember your Dream !

People often say that they can't remember what they dreamed about last night except some situations when the dream is either too joyful or a scary nightmare. Even if you can remember a dream just after waking up then most probably you will forget it within a few hours. Chances of remembering dream are more when you get awake in middle of it. Those who study sleep and dreams know the reason why you can't remember all your dreams.

Dreams are meant to be forgotten

On an average we sleep for one-third part of our life. 20% of that time is REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep during which we dream. Everyday we dream at least 5 different dreams. If our brain remembers all those dreams then it will take a lot of memory. Remembering all those dreams can also make it harder for us to distinguish between real memory and dream memory, as sometime dreams revolve around real subjects and circumstances. We are meant to forget dreams only to make our life easier. Sometimes the dreams are either too joyful or too scary and remembering them for long duration can take us away from reality in actual life. Usually we remember only the last dream that we had last night and the chances of forgetting that dream within a few hours are quiet high. The probability of remembering a dream increases if we wake up in middle of it.

Science behind Sleep and Dreams

If you study a little about sleep cycle the then you will come to know that sleep can be put into two main stages: REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep and Non-REM Sleep. Non-REM Sleep can be further partitioned into four different stages. Out of these stages "Stage 4" is the deepest sleep during which we never dream and our body repairs broken tissues and builds bones and muscles. We dream during REM phase and the duration of REM phase increases as the sleep cycle increases and so does the duration of your dreams. So most probably your last dream will be lengthier than other dreams and may take up to 1 hour of your sleep. If you try to remember your last dream within 45 seconds after waking up then most probably you will remember that.
50% sleep time of babies is dedicated to REM sleep, while this duration decreases to 20% in adults. It means that kids dream more than adults. You may notice the kids dreaming by noticing the movement of their eyeball inside their closed eyes, which is easily visible (that is why they call it REM, Rapid Eye Movement). Due to more REM sleep in kids, the probability of remembering a dream increases in them.

The more time we take after REM phase to wake up, the lesser are the chances of remembering that dream. So now you know why we remember some dreams while some we don't. And the dream that we remember is usually the last dream of that sleep.
Creative people do remember their dreams more often. A number of extra ordinary scientists have have accidentally made some discoveries through their dreams.

Does your religion / culture affect your health ?

Some people think that religion / culture makes us more dependent on god, rather on depending on ourselves, which makes us taking lesser care of our own body and being unhealthy. But some people think in other way and believe that your religion gives you internal peace and makes your mind free from any psychological disease which is a major health benefit. Here we will try to find that which of these theories is more correct and either your religion is just for your social well being or does it also have any impact (positive or negative) on your health.

There are two types of views about God in different religion:

  • The God is there to love you, forgive you and guide you.
  • The God is there to punish you for your bad acts.

Both of these views want the people to do good things, but the way they do it can affect your health. If you always remain in fear of God, then your health will be affected in negative way. While if you decide your acts to get the love and forgiveness of god, then it will affect your health in a positive way. Both of these views affect your mental health, one in positive and one in negative way. But your mental health can very easily impact your physical health as well. A mentally unfit person can't take care of his own body properly.


Some religions make their followers indulge in meditation practices to feel the nature and god itself. The deeper you go into such practices, the more peace you will find. Some meditation practices make you follow some postures, which are itself equivalent to some physical workouts. Such practices even if followed as a part of religion or just as a workout, can give you both mental and physical fitness. Some meditations are known for their good effect in treating some diseases.

Music, Songs and Dance

Music, Songs and Dance are part of some religions and followed with a lot of faith. Music in itself is a healer. Health Benefits of Music are already mentioned by us. Scripts of the religious songs are either to praise the God or to teach some good lessons to the followers, which are itself a better thing for mind. Music and songs have the ability to treat mental illnesses. In some religions some stories are said with music, songs and dance, which increase our concentration and learning skills. Dancing in itself is a good physical workout.

How much you believe in Religion matters !
Some people rely on their religion just for their social life, else they have nothing to do with it. For such people there is no impact of religion on their health. Some people have strong faith on God, but can't spare more than hour per week for their religion and god. The health of such people might get affected by both their religion and their other physical acts. But some people are there who have very strong feelings about their religion and can't eat or live without worshiping their God for even a single day. Such people either have very good health in all aspects or they completely neglect their overall health.

Feeling of being connected with something bigger can sometimes make people do some unbelievable tasks, which shown their mental health. Bu that is possible only if that person know that he has to do that thing and god will help him in his task. So if your religion/culture provides you that positive energy and the ability to believe in yourself, then nothing is better than that.

Believing in your culture or religion does not mean that you can completely forget all other physical activities and God will take care of your body. If there are no physical workout as a part of your religion to make you physically fit, then you must do them separately as an exercise to keep your body in proper shape. Most of the religions can give mental peace but not all of them can make you physically fit. No religion prohibits you from doing a workout. An unfit body can't be of any use for God. So exercise regularly and have faith in your religion and culture to get both mental and physical fitness.

How Long do you remember New Year's Health Resolutions

New Year comes every year, so do your health resolutions for that new year. But how long do you remember them. It should be a matter of concern for everyone if you want to celebrate the upcoming new year celebrations with a good health. New Years's Health Resolutions are generally made by people in their 30s or 40s. But often forgotten after a few weeks or just days. We will tell you why people do so, and how you can overcome that habit of yours to earn a good health.

Your New Year's Health Resolutions don't make you healthy but your attitude does.

Some of the most common resolution made by people are:
  • Loose Weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Give up smoking
  • Eating healthy food
  • Make work/life balance

Almost most of such resolutions are related to your health in one or other way. Most of these resolutions seems good, but why don't people follow them. Around 80% people fail in their resolution. Most of then don't even keep up with their resolution for even a month. 

Why do people fail in keeping up with their New Year Health Resolution ?

  • Lack of Confidence / Will to do that.
  • Feeling lost just by a simple set back, which could be overcome by little efforts.
  • Don't reminding yourself of your resolutions.
  • Don't telling anybody else about your resolution. So nobody will know even if you don't follow your resolution.
  • Because you are not doing it for yourself. Sometimes some resolutions are forced on you and it was not your wish to make it a resolution.

What to do to succeed in your New Year Health Resolution ?

  • Don't just make it, Plan it. Lack of proper planning is the real obstacle. Planning it days before new year day will increase your chances of success. Breaking your goal into smaller targets can be a good planning.
  • Write down your resolution and keep it at a place where you can read it daily to keep reminding you that you made a promise to yourself. Writing down your progress is also a good habit.
  • Tell about it to your family and friends may also help you and they may help you in overcoming some obstacles by discussing it with them.
  • Make just one resolution at a time. Making multiple resolutions will become harder for you to follow. But still if you want to make more then you may plan them for different months.
  • Don't repeat any previously failed resolution, as it may make you feel less confident. Try some thing new and when you succeed then you may plan that for next time.
  • Don't copy others resolutions, as it will create an unnecessary competition which may discourage you if you are lagging behind.
  • Keep reminding yourself of the benefits of your resolution such as better health and a longer life.
  • Small set-backs are natural but never feel lost and don't give up without achieving the goal.

Does your Sleeping position affect your Dreams

Whatever we see with closed eyes can be categorized into imagination, day dreaming, dreaming and nightmare. Usually we see a number of dreams or nightmares within a single night, but don't really remember most of them when we awake. Sometimes we give explanations for our dreams as something that we want in real life to happen. But we never try to know if we can modify our dreams by our sleeping position. Your sleeping position can affect your dreams. Here you will be enlightened by this knowledge as you read this article further.

However it is not a healthy practice to try to alter your dreams by changing your sleeping position intentionally, as it may disturb your normal sleep and you might awake without proper rest. But increasing your knowledge about affect of sleeping position on your dreams might save you from watching a nightmare.

When we sleep in different positions, or body exerts pressure on different body parts. That sense of pressure makes us dream in the same context, doing the similar activity which exerts pressure on that organ while we are awake. However it may not happen always, but researches show that it affects our dream.
  • Erotic dreams are common when we sleep on our stomach. But if you intentionally sleep on your stomach then it may result in lower back pain.
  • Sleeping with face down might result in nightmares of being tied, locked up or unable to move.
  • If you sleep on your right side then you are more likely to see positive dreams and lesser nightmares compared to those who sleep by turning left. The probability of remembering your dream is high if you slept on the right side.
  • Sleeping on your back can result in nightmares and most often you won't remember them. It is because your dreaming intensity might not be too high due to factors like snoring.
  • Sometimes our own personality can also affect our dreams. Two different people with same sleeping position may see different types of dreams depending on their personality.
  • Putting your hands on your chest while sleeping exerts pressure on your chest and may result in a nightmare where you can't breath properly or feel suffocation. 
The results of researches on sleeping positions and dreams can't be taken as an authority as these results are based on self-reported dreams and sleeping position. These things are not fully monitored in a laboratory and nobody can remember all the dreams he/she have seen the previous night. More research is needed in this field.

Is it Safe to Sleep with a Blanket over your Head / Face !

Sleeping with Blanket over your head is often a habit of some kids. Some do it to get rid of fear of darkness in the night, while some do it to get more warmth. Adults have their own reason to do that, such as using smartphone under the blanket to don't let anybody else know that. Most common thought that comes in the mind of an educated man is if we consume all oxygen inside the blanket then we might die. Here we are going to find if it is really possible to run out of oxygen by covering your head with a blanket.

Is it Safe to Sleep with a Blanket over your Head / Face ?
Yes it is safe only if you are a healthy adult and the blanket is not too thick.

Can i run out of Oxygen by covering my head ?
Usually blankets are not air-tight, so can't run out of oxygen. But if it is a thick fiber blanket then it may reduce the air flow. CO2 concentration near your face might also increase.

Must Read if you cover you head while sleeping !

  • Infants should never sleep with their head covered as this behavior is connected to sudden infant death syndrome. Reference
  • An unhealthy person or a person with some respiratory diseases should never sleep with face covered by a blanket.
  • Even a healthy person should not use a thick fiber blanket to cover his/her head. More CO2 concentration can cause brain damage. However such blankets are not air tight but they can reduce air flow through them to a great extent.
  • You should not just fear about lesser oxygen inside the blanket, but also the cleanliness of the blanket used to cover the face. 
  • A new blanket should never be used to cover head as it may have some manufacturing dust with some micro-organisms which can easily enter your body through nose, ear or mouth. It should have been washed at least twice before you cover your head with it.
  • A very old blanket may also be harmful as it may also have dust deposited inside its fibers.
  • Inhaling dust through a blanket on regular basis can damage your lungs gradually.
  • Asthmatic people are never advised to cover their face while sleeping as it reduces the fresh air supply. 
  • A thin blanket might not be harmful as enough air can flow through it and usually they are washed at home regularly.
  • Sleeping with a blanket over your head reduces your hearing and smelling sense, which may help you in sleeping better, but it can also make you vulnerable to any danger in your surroundings.

What if i can't sleep with my face open ?
If you can't sleep due to some light falling on your eyes (as some people have tendency to sleep in complete darkness), then you may use an eye mask to cover your eyes only. It may also help you if you feel some fear.

When you sleep with your head inside the blanket then oxygen level might decrease. A healthy adult can easily figure it out due to rise in pulse rate and uncomfortable breathing. He/she will automatically remove the blanket from his/her face without getting awake. 

A good ventilated room is often suggested by doctors to live a healthy life. Same applies to your blanket while sleeping. It is not a healthy habit to sleep with your head covered.

Why do men like Polygamy more than women ?

Polygamy is a lifestyle when one person can have more than one sexual partners. Some societies and religion allow man to marry more than one woman. However several countries have prohibited this practice in legal terms, but still some are allowing it only for certain religions. Even if it is illegal in most of the countries, still a number of men have more than one sexual partner. Here we are not going to discuss the legal or illegal nature of polygamy. Polygamy can be in any form either one night stand, prostitution, second wife without and rights or just an affair. In most of the cases it is found that men are always more interested in polygamy compared to women. Here we going to pull out the reasons behind this behavior of men.

Why men are more polygamous than women ?

  • Religions allow it only for men: All those religions that allow polygamy, allow it only for men. Religions have a major impact on thinking of men and women. Our religions have given more freedom to men compared to women, which made women dependent on men and thus believed it that they should do as per command of male members of family.
  • Men is more muscular: The physical power has its own benefits. It is the very first reason behind the male domination in society. Being more muscular means, ability to control woman according to their wish.
  • Humans evolved from animals: As you have seen in various wildlife TV Channels that male animals always try to spread their genes by impregnating various females on the basis of their strength. Male animals are very less likely to make a bond to only one female. So that polygamous behavior is in the genes of men from their ancestors. Man is more or less a social animal. Even if it is not allowed in terms of law or society, men do it in other ways.
  • More Control: More or less men are usually the more outgoing and earning member of family. It gives them the opportunity to be polygamous. When you have got freedom and money to spend then most likely you will utilize it for your pleasure.
  • Men are less religious: In most of the societies men are less religious and have less fear of god. Even if their religion says that polygamy is a sin, they still try indulge in it in any way possible. The more powerful a person is, the less fear of God will be there.
  • Women were not allowed to be polygamous: Even a polygamous man don't want her wife to be polygamous. This personality trait of man, kept polygamy to men. However sex workers were an exception as they were not bound to a single man.

Polygamy is not something to like, it is something to lean. Mean lean towards it due to more muscular power, more financial independence, favoring religious laws and the animal nature within. So if you are a woman and found your man cheating on you then you can blame is genes.

The views shared in this article are not about behavioral characteristic of every man or woman. Some man and woman totally disbelieve in polygamy from the depth of their hearts and such people are making the whole society believe more in love rather than polygamy.
66% of British population believes that polygamy is morally wrong. 56% American population thinks in the same way.

Do we really use just 10% of our Brain ? Myth vs Fact !

A number of people believe that humans just use 10% of their brain on average. Those who have have higher IQ might have crossed this average percentage. A normal person world easily believe this theory, as we have a tendency to believe in super humans with super intelligence, and it is not possible if all of use 100% of our brain. Else there will be no difference between a normal person and Albert Einstein. But the truth about this theory is totally different.

Do we really use just 10% of our Brain ?

Homo Sapiens (or today's Man kind) is made after evolution of millions of years. In this process of evolution we got some new abilities as per necessity and also lost some feature if they were of no use any more. We are still evolving today but the it is not visible in one generation or two, it takes thousands of years to notice any visible effect. Today we have a perfectly balanced body and every organ has a use according to present environment. If you believe this theory then you must agree think twice before agreeing to "10% of brain" theory.

How may we get a brain 10 times the necessity. It is simply a wrong fact. Those who found it, either did some wrong analysis or believed in the fact that we are successors of some alien species that came to earth a long time ago and we are yet to know full potential of our brain.

Real Science is that that believe on facts, not on any preconceived notions. A number of people keep believing in the 10% of brain theory without questioning it.

From where do we get this 10% of brain theory ?
Before we answer this question you must know that The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research did a survey in 2013 and found that 65% Americans believe that just 10% of our brain is used by us in a lifetime. However now this brain usage percentage has increased to 35% in some cases but still this myth is surviving and will not come to an end anytime soon.
Timeline of origin of 10% brain theory

  • Harvard psychologists William James in 1890 told audiences that people only meet a fraction of their full mental potential, which was taken as a plausible clause by educated people of that time.
  • In 1929 a book "Mind Myths: Exploring Popular Assumptions About the Mind and Brain" was published which contained a chapter on 10% brain myth.
  • In 1936, American writer Lowell Thomas added a falsely precise percentage and said that Professor William James used to say that humans use just 10% of their brain.
  • In the 1970s, psychologist and educator Georgi Lozanov proposed a teaching method called suggestopedia with a belief in its base that humans use just 5 to 10% of their mental capability.
  • Some people also believe that in late 19th century and beginning of 20th Century when early brain researches were going on, scientists were unable to find the functions of a large part of brain. It lead to a misunderstanding that only 10% of brain is used by humans.

 Today the truth is known that 100% brain is used during a day. However it is possible that during one particular task only 10% brain is active. But a large percentage of population still thinks that we use just 10 to 35 percent of our brain.

Facts that will make you believe that we use 100% of our brain.

  • The very first fact is that we evolved and got only that much capability which is necessary. Getting a brain with 10 times of normal capability is something unnecessary and impossible to develop under the normal biological process of evolution.
  • Death during childbirth was often associated with large skull size. If our brain is really unnecessarily large then we should have lost it by natural selection and mortality rate during child birth would have been less.
  • Every person with a brain damage (either accidental or stroke) always loose some capability due to loss of a part of brain. However some lucky people may get their lost capability back due to neuroplasticity if the that was not a major brain damage.
  • Some recent researches based on brain scans confirmed that all parts of brain remain active all the time. Some parts remain more active during a particular task, but we can't take any part of brain as non functional.

Every part of brain has got a function, either physical, mental or emotional. Some parts of brain just handle our internal metabolism. All functions of brain are really very hard to know as some of these parts make us think, make us dream, make us plan. Our brain can take us to a scene decades before and can also make us think of that future when we will not be here. Whatever we look, we are much more than that. The fact that we don't utilize our full potential is true, but nature has granted us with power to do much more in our life with a brain of three pounds.

After reading this article you must stop believing that extra 90% brain can give psychic powers to you some day which is falsely advertised in a number of sci-fi movies. Your views on this article are most invited in the comments section. 

RO water of low TDS is harmful for Health

A few days ago i was watching a video claiming that RO water, which is now common in most households, is decreasing the immunity. Immunity power is that power that makes us capable to resist from different types of virus and bacteria and keep our body healthy. That video claimed that the purity of RO water makes our body loose its resistance power and we become prone to more diseases. In this article we will try to figure out if there is some truth in such claims or not.

When we researched on internet and the official website of WHO (World Health Organisation), we came to know that the claims about low TDS and its effect in decreasing immunity were correct. If you want to know how then read further.

How do water of low TDS impact negatively ?

  • It is a tendency of water to extract the minerals from nearby substances to increase its TDS and become less reactive. When a RO decreases the TDS value of water, it become highly reactive. If that water is stored in plastic container of a bottle then it can become severely harmful. Even if it is not stored and just used for drinking purpose, then it will try to add minerals into it from the mineral reserves in our body and drain them out through urine. 
  • TDS is Total Dissolved Solids. TDS measures the amount of solids, both organic and inorganic, dissolved in the water. It also contains soe essential minerals for human body. When a RO purifier reduces the TDS value of water, several essential minerals are also lost along with the micro-organisms that are harmful for us. Water with low mineral content is harmful for our body. 
  • According to a research published on WHO website when some rats are given water of TDS less than 75mg/L then it increased the water intake, diuresis, extracellular fluid volume and serum concentration of sodium and chloride ions and their increased elimination from body. Overall it is a very negative effect on rats. The reduced amount of minerals in water can't be compensated by balanced diet which is adequate in caloric value, nutrients and salt.
  • A similar experiment was done on human volunteers as they were given water of TDS value less than 100mg/L. They reported the same results as rats and increased the elimination of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium ions from the body. It confirmed that water of low TDS is severely harmful for human body.
  • Some symptoms that are often seen in people consuming low TDS water for short duration are tiredness, weakness and headache. If it is done for prolonged duration then more severe symptoms are muscular cramps and impaired heart rate. Low TDS water leaches the essential minerals from body and function of some of the vital organs of human body is affected.
  • Those who are familiar with Water Poisoning, know that if very high amount of water is consumed in a short time then it can be poisonous sometimes. Chances of water poisoning is quite high with RO water due to it low TDS value.
  • Minerals such as sodium and potassium are very important for nervous system to work properly and their deficiency can result in problems in brain functioning.
  • Deficiency of these minerals not only make us sick but also unable to fight diseases due to weaker immune system.
  • Lack of minerals can also create hormonal imbalance in body.
  • You may visit this link of WHO if you want to confirm the facts written above.
In our next articles we will tell you how much TDS is considered good for health and how low mineral water can act as poison for you.