Goal Setting : Why There Should be an Aim for Life

Two thousand years ago, the Roman philosopher Seneca said that no wind will be useful to us if we do not know where we want to sail .

And you know what?

He was right ...

We do not have much choice when it comes to the direction of our lives. On the other hand, we will be the ones who will drive the direction of your life, or somebody else will do it for us! There is not something in between.
Unfortunately, it seems to me that only a few people manage to understand. They allow to be taken anywhere and everywhere without any goals and they do not understand why they have to experience things they do not want to.

Living without clearly defined goals is to live without any direction in it. Such a life literally resembles to a ship without a captain left in the mercy that floats on the high seas.

However, when it comes to goals, it is necessary to deal with the phenomenon that is the key factor to success in all areas of life.

It is taking over full responsibility for all our life experiences.

Only when we agree with ourselves, in some way, draw a line and take full responsibility for our life, we will be able to start setting goals and achieve them the proper way.

I understand that that is not an easy thing to do but in fact, it is something that is inevitable.

When it comes to taking responsibility for our lives, we just do not have much choice.


Because everything that happens in our reality and the result of our choices - whether consciously or unconsciously. Every choice we make is determined by how we think. The way we think depends solely on us and no one else. We are free to choose the way we think.
Whit our thoughts we create our own reality - the message that was left to us thousands of years ago.
If you want to change your reality, it is necessary to start with, changing your thinking

.Conscious change of thinking does not mean anything other than deliberately taking responsibility for your life. Thought is the cause, and circumstances of your life are just a consequence of thinking about the things you are most concerned with.

Change your thoughts, and your circumstances will change.
So we are always responsible for everything that happens in our lives - the only question is whether we want to accept that responsibility or not.
Those who do not want to accept responsibility for their experiences and continue to navigate life without any goal waiting and hoping for flowers to blossom will spend their lives waiting. Unfortunately, that day will not come because we did not come to this planet without purpose and trusting in a higher power that will do that job for us , but we came with the intention to consciously create what we want.
However, to be able to consciously create our experiences, it is necessary to have goals. Those who choose to take full responsibility for their life experiences, bring in an excellent position from which you can begin to create a life in accordance with their true desires.
So take your time and think carefully what you want. Do you want to be like a ship without direction and float on the high seas, and every time you hit the shore or cliff, blame someone else for what happened or perhaps you want to take control of the direction in which you sail and navigate to where your heart desires?

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