Dentistry for Health and Common Oral Diseases

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Science and health does not make a difference at all, science is just known for health for example medicines. Medicine is the science of health of living organisms as we are. We have had been a lot of problems of health since a long ago as far back as man came into existence such as fever, head ache, belly ache and most painful tooth decay and other problems of oral cavity. Our mouth is the central character who maintains the whole body system. Most of the hygienic problems occur from mouth. All the problems relevant to oral cavity are studied in a single subject called dentistry.

Dentistry is old as far back as 7000 B.C. It was studied by Indus Valley Civilization and the methods used to cure were effective and reliable. The modern dentistry was developed between 1650 and 1800. The French surgeon Pierre Fauchard is known as the father of dentistry. Due to the limitations of surgical instruments the old dentistry was not good as the modern dentistry. Actually dentistry is involved in the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of oral cavity and their impacts on human health.

Dentistry for Health

Several oral problems are clear symptoms of some major diseases like diabetes and oral cancer. As dentists is first to check and diagnose the symptoms and refer further tests and treatments, it is not false to say that dentistry really helps us to know about our health.

Common Oral Diseases

Here are some common oral diseases which are associated with our health.

Gum Bleeding

Gum bleeding is one of the symptoms of a gum disease called periodontal disease according to Lory Laughter, a registered dental hygienist in Napa, CA. People suffering from this disease should visit their dentist as soon as possible.

Mouth Sores

Different kinds of sores that appear inside or outside of the mouth are due to Stress, hormones, allergies, or a nutritional deficiency of iron, folic acid, or vitamin B-12. Eating certain acidic or spicy foods can overcome sores. Your dentist can diagnose and treat them easily.


People suffering from diabetes usually develop this problem. Due to less ability to fight against bacteria including those that occur in the mouth, it is hard for them to control blood sugar. They frequently suffer swelling, pain and a lot of bone loss. Your dentist will diagnose and will advice you to go to an endocrinologist for further examination.

Red or White Spot

Any red or white spot on tongue, lips, cheek lining or any other part of you’re your mouth indicates the sign of oral cancer. Your dentist will check and diagnose it. Be sure to inform all of your oral condition to the dentist.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth and bleeding gums are signs of eating disorder or poor nutrition. Due to lack of nutrition your teeth become more sensitive and weak. Your dentist may be first one to find this disease.

So dentistry is definitely connected to our health as our oral system is connected to our health. May be a visit to your dentist can reveal some serious diseases from which you are not aware of.

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