Hair Loss Advertisement, Truth of stopping the hair fall

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Hair Fall  is the oldest and most common problem than men and women face after entering 30s. A lot of researches have been done about this thing. Primary motive of all of these hall fall researches is to stop hair fall. Every research want to advertise a product as a solution to hair fall. That product may be a medicine, an oil, a shampoo or a diet supplement. Sometimes when i think about it, i find that the actual motive of these researches is not to stop hair fall, its main objective is to promote a product.

Hair Loss Advertisement

Whenever you watch a hair loss advertisement of a hair oil, shampoo or conditioner, you will definitely hear a statement regarding a research that shows this... a research that shows that...... Isn't it rubbish. These researches are funded by the company which is launching a product. They ask the researchers to take the research to a result that shows that their product works or its better than others. You already have a conclusion in your hand and you have to just prove it. Here you can't prove anything else because either the research lab is owned by product itself or its funded by product making company.

Truth of Hair Fall Treatment

Hence the truth is that we are living in an era of advertisement where advertisers know how to play with the mind of viewers. Viewers hear whats on TV, viewer watches whats on TV, and then viewer buy whats on TV. The better the advertisement the better the sale. Hair fall treatment is one of the most desired treatment now a days. A Research statement makes the product more promising. The viewer or the end-user thinks that the research must be true and these doctors must be telling truth. They don't know that in most of these ads the doctor is just a model with good hairs who is getting paid by the advertiser.

Does these Hair Fall Treatment Products Work ?

I am not against these hair fall treatment products. But most of them don't work. Some times they work but thats too due to the psychological effect. Real problem that leads to hair fall is stress, and sometimes the falling hair itself becomes stress. If the hair is falling due to dandruff then the shampoo or oil might help but if the stress is the main reason behind hair fall then it may not. No hair oil or shampoo can remove stress.  

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