Home Remedies for Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

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Stretch marks after pregnancy can be treated using various methods but the least painful and inexpensive method is using home remedies for stretch marks.

Problems After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the greatest personal boon for married woman that make her proud and feel different. However pregnancy can also come with a few beauty related problems and the most prominent of them are the stretch marks that often occur in the post natal period.

Easy and Affordable Solution 

Stretch marks after pregnancy can be treated in multiple ways but many of them are painful like surgical treatments while others may be expensive like using laser treatment or stretch mark creams to address the problem. For women suffering from post-pregnancy stretch marks, home remedies for stretch marks could be a more effective yet less expensive proposition.

Stretch Marks Could be Socially Embarrassing

After all; it would not be the best of experiences for a woman to opt for the not so sexy costumes over and over again because she wants to conceal her stretch marks occurring after pregnancy. Best solution for the problem would be getting rid of the stretch marks and for immediate results one might resort to surgical, laser or other clinical treatments. Stretch marks are socially embarrassing and the victim finds no other way but to resort to immediate remedies.

Painless and Inexpensive Alternative

What if the victim does not cherish the pains and sufferings and above all the expenses involved in traditional clinical treatment of stretch marks? The best solution for her would be home remedies for stretch marks. They may not completely remove the marks but can make them fade substantially to make them irrelevant for the onlooker.

Understanding Stretch Marks

Before you try any remedies and that includes home remedies for stretch marks, it is important to understand what these stretch marks are. Basically these stretch marks are scars on the body that appears because of cracks in the skin surface and that are extremely difficult removing.

Most Popular Home Remedies

So what are the most popular home remedies for stretch marks? Perhaps the most prominent among the home remedies are the mixture of cocoa butter and oil cream. It is a compound that is highly beneficial for the skin of human anatomy and can revive the natural flair of the skin quite conveniently. One of the reasons of cracks appearing on the skin is dehydration and this mixture hydrates the cream substantially and prevents cracks and thus stretch marks from appearing.

Use of Cocoa Butter and Oil Cream

How to use cocoa butter and oil cream? The method is simple as the user has to combine ½ cup of the butter with a tablespoon of wheat germ oil as well as one teaspoon each of apricot kernel oil and vitamin E oil. Finally, one should add a couple of teaspoons of grated beeswax and the solution should be heated till the wax melts. Solution that is now ready should be stored in airtight container and kept at a cool and dark location for best preservation. Regular application of the compound on the skin will prevent stretch marks from appearing and the preferable time for application is after bath.

Equally Effective Home Remedy

While cocoa butter and oil cream works excellently for stretch marks; there are some almost equally effective home remedies for stretch marks. One such remedy is the solution of olive oil and Aloe Vera. Olive oil is one of the most popular and indispensable ingredient for most beauty products as well as skin care applications. It is one of the best moisturizing elements and keeps the skin hydrated and thus prevents cracks and stretch marks from appearing on the skin even after pregnancy.

Use of Olive Oil Aloe Vera Solution 

To prepare the mixture of olive oil and Aloe Vera one should take ½ cup of the olive oil and mix it with 1/4th cup of Aloe Vera gel. In addition the user has to mix up 4 vitamin E and 2 Vitamin A capsules as well in the mixture. A specific method needs to be followed in preparing the mixture. First of all; the liquids from all the vitamin capsules should be mixed together and then other ingredients should be added to them. On application the mixture renders double benefits. One is that it removes the ugly stretch marks that have appeared after the pregnancy and the second is that it prevents occurrences as well as recurrences of such stretch marks due to dryness of skin.

Other Home Remedies

Many other home remedies for stretch marks can also be used like the potato juice, sugar and lemon mixture; and the combination of vitamin C and sugar. One of the best mediums for exfoliating skin on human body, natural white sugar with vitamin C works extremely well during showers.

User needs to crush a couple of vitamin C capsules with white sugar and apply them on skin with moisturizer of her choice, especially on the stretch marks and other parts. The result would be extremely beneficial for removal as well as prevention of stretch marks and that is why it could be termed as one of the best home remedies for stretch marks.

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