Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

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Millions of people are affected by yeast and search for effective remedies. However, instead of traditional medications, home remedy for yeast infection may be considered as they often give better results.

Traditional medications is often found wanting in effectively treating and curing yeast infections. Instead patients may consider home remedy for yeast infection to get rid of the physically irritating and mentally harassing effects of it. Such home remedies include both home made applications as well as change of harmful habits and lifestyles.

Let us now have a look at some of the top home remedies for yeast infection.

1. Avoid Warm and Moist Conditions

Development of yeast in vaginal areas of women is a common syndrome. Often this happens due to warm and moist conditions around that private part of the anatomy. Yeast grows well in such condition with little or no oxygen around and therefore, remaining dry and loose can prevent the growth effectively. Especially important is drying out the vaginal area after bathing or showering. At the same time it is also important staying loose. Wearing loose dresses will help keep you relaxed and save the affected part from becoming warm and moist from sweating.

  • Dry out your body after it comes into contact with water or get moist due to sweating.
  • Opt for breathable cotton underwear and loose pants. 
  • For nylon panties, use built in cotton lining inside. 
  • Never keep wet clothes on. 

2. Getting into Hygienic Habits

Unless and until the affected persons gets into hygienic practices it won’t be possible getting rid of the harmful yeast. Hence a best home remedy for yeast infection is getting into good hygienic habits. Organism that generates yeast infection produces secretions that are irritating to the genital tissues. Nerves that sense the irritations are located at the vaginal openings. Even when the infection occurs inside the vagina, frequent washing of the yeast can give relief and relaxation. Yeast passes normally among the sexual partners but can also pass to others like children and due to activities in a shared bath. Avoiding shared bathroom and towels and soaps etc will prevent the chances of passing yeast to others from the infected person. Some effective home remedies are:

  • Washing your hands frequently with soaps
  • Using washing machines to clean clothes as the high temperature generated in it will destroy all the yeast on the clothes. 
  • Use a cup of vinegar during the rinsing process; and
  • Be extra careful to wash before the process of love making. 

3. Avoiding Feminine Hygiene Products and Harsh Soaps

One home remedy for yeast infection is avoiding harsh soaps and also the feminine hygienic products. Most of them contain alcohol and other harmful chemicals that cause irritation and they can also disturb the pH balance of the vagina that will result in flourishing yeast. Some of the home remedies for vaginal yeast infections could be as follows.

  • Occasional mild vinegar douche that can restore the pH of vagina to normal levels of around 4.5. 
  • Douching using yogurt having live lactobacillus or the acidophilus bacteria can also help restoration of vaginal normalcy. 
  • Such douching will also help restoration of friendly microorganisms in the vagina lost due to use of antibiotics during traditional treatment and medications. 

4. Douche Solution as Home Remedy

Douche solution is a very effective home remedy for yeast infection. To achieve best results with it, the following steps may be followed.

  • Prepare douche solution using vinegar or yogurt. 
  • Container for the solution should be clean and sterilized.
  • Lying in the water tub with legs parted insert the nozzle of the container into vagina with a rotating motion till it meets with resistance in the depth range of 2-4 inches. 
  • Slowly allowing the solution to flow in, use the fingers to close the vaginal lips till pressure is built up. It will help the solution approach the internal affected areas. 
  • Total time consumed in the process would be around 10 minutes. 

5. Yogurt as Home Remedy for Yeast Infection 

Yogurt is very useful in fighting and preventing infection and yeast formation. It helps restoration of acid-bacteria balancing in vaginal area in multiple ways. Inserting a couple of tablespoon of yogurt in vagina could be more useful than consuming yogurt. You can apply yogurt externally on the affected area or use douche after diluting it with warm water mix.

6. Don’t Forget Boric

Many people suffering from yeast or other infections forget the great healing power of boric. In fact, boric is great as home remedy for yeast infection. They are safe, inexpensive and yet highly effective. You can insert boric powder and water mix in your vagina safely for internal cure and apply boric externally on yeast affected part after thoroughly cleaning the area with anti septic lotions. However you have to be careful if you are pregnant and may not use boric for your home treatment of yeast.

7. Home Remedies from Kitchen

A home remedy for yeast infection is also available in your kitchen provided you have knowledge about it. Unsweetened cranberry juice can very conveniently acidify and equip the vagina to fight out yeast. Also eating a couple of fresh garlic cloves a day that could be simply plain or minced to a paste with salad or sauce is another great remedy that can prevent yeast infections mainly due to the anti-fungal properties of garlic.

8. Brush Regularly

Brushing the teeth after each meal with some mild toothpaste or baking soda and water will give good results. However commercial toothpaste is not advisable as they are too harsh and a mixture of baking soda with warm water would be fine. They prevent yeast formation in the body. Adding a little hydro peroxide can also help.

9. Herbal Remedy

Perhaps the best home remedy for yeast infection is herbal remedy. Basil tea with three cups of boiled water and one teaspoon of ground basil for gargling, tea of rosemary for relief from itching and burning, or making a thyme tea with one teaspoon of dried thyme and one cup of boiling water are all effective remedies for yeast infections.

Of course as the end user, it is your decision that would be final regarding any home remedy for yeast infection. But these are some of the most useful methods that are described above.

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