Organ and Body Donation for Humanity

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Organ Donation is not just a way to save a needy patient by providing a few organs after your death. It something much more than that.

Organ Donation to save Humanity

Those who live after an organ transplant have a different thinking towards life. These people can do something more inspiring for the society due to the feeling of gratitude they have for the society.
You might save a Einstein by donating a kidney or liver. Who knows the hidden potential of a dying patient. Even if he/she might not be brilliant brain, but still he/she will never hurt anyone in his life because he/she know the meaning of life. Thus by donating some organs you will not just save a few lives, but you will save humanity.

You will Discourage Organ Trafficking

Organ Trafficking is the latest trend in the crime industry. Potential donors are kidnapped and used as donors. Such human trafficking usually occur from developing or undeveloped countries. Needy people are contacted by the agents who sell organs at a high price. People purchase such organs to save their loved ones. But if these needy people get organs from some deceased donors then they will not need to purchase organs from anybody. It will indirectly discourage Organ Trafficking. So by donating organs you will not just save the patient in need, but also numerous lives who are killed for Organ Trafficking.

It will give you a satisfaction

Some people donate organs while living just to save save life of someone very close. Your donation will not only save that patient but also make it easier for those close relatives or friends who are ready to donate their organs.

Some people put their organs on sale just to earn some easy money. It not only put them to danger of health risks but also hurts those who are dependent on them. Your donation will discourage such people and they have so find some other ways to earn.

Organ donation will not just make you a hero, but it will give you a feeling of satisfaction. Saving someones life is the act of god. Humans usually kill each other but by saving a life by donating organs you will the act of god and thus you will be a part of that eternity.

Body Donation

Some people even donate their bodies for research purposes. You might not have heard about that. But dead bodies are needed in research and medical education. While studying medical science students need dead bodies to experiment upon. Some people provided bodies to these organisations through unlawful methods. They dug out buried bodies from graveyards and sell them to research organisations. Your body donation will discourage such unlawful work.

Whats does Religion say about Organ and Body Donation

Some people think that proper funeral is necessary to let the soul of the dead person rest in eternity. Religious views differ. Lets think about it in depth. Answer the following questions yourself to get the answer.

  • Can't a blind person have a funeral?
  • Can a heartless person have a funeral?
  • Those who lose some of their body parts in an accident, don't the have a proper funeral?
  • Those who go through postmortem after death, don't they have a proper funeral?

Answer is that funeral has nothing to do with a few body organs. Religion is there to save humanity and if you help by donating organs after your death then it will save both religion and humanity. So come forward and donate.

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