13% Deaths in World are caused due to Cancer

Cancer is often taken as synonym for "Death" by common people. However medical science is much advance now and a number of cancer patients are treated successfully, but still "Cancer" is number one killer in this world. The following information is not for those who are already a cancer patient. Its for those who are healthy people and it will encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent themselves from this disease.

There are a number of types of cancer depending on the organ affected by it. The facts given below considers all types of cancer as just "Cancer".

  • Around 7.4 Million people die due to cancer every year, which is 13% of deaths around the world in a year.
  • 70% cancer deaths occur in lower class or middle class communities. This percentage is low in developed countries.
  • One-third population in developed countries develop cancer at least once in their lifetime.
  • Two in nine people develop cancer twice in their lifetime. It means that cancer can develop in any organ irrespective of the first cancer.
  • One in nine people can develop a cancer twice, if the survived the first.

Deaths by Cancer

Here are few major types of cancer with the number of lives taken by them every year.

  • Lung Cancer: 1.3 Million
  • Stomach Cancer: 803 Thousand
  • Colorectal Cancer: 639 Thousand
  • Liver Cancer: 610 Thousand
  • Breast Cancer: 519 Thousand

Deaths by Cancer in Men

The most common organs of men which are usually affected by cancer are oesophagus, lung, stomach, liver and prostate. Mortality rate of different types of cancer in men is as follows:

  • Lung Cancer: 31 % Mortality
  • Prostate Cancer: 10% Mortality
  • Colorectal Cancer: 8% Mortality
  • Pancreatic Cancer: 6% Mortality
  • Liver Cancer: 4% Mortality

Deaths by cancer in Women

The most common organs of women which are usually affected by cancer are lung, breast, stomach, colorectal and cervical.

  • Lung Cancer: 26 % Mortality
  • Breast Cancer: 15% Mortality
  • Colorectal Cancer: 9% Mortality
  • Pancreatic Cancer: 6% Mortality
  • Ovarian Cancer: 6% Mortality

How you can save yourself from Death by Cancer ?

  • More than 30% of cancer cases can be prevented by not smoking tobacco and having a healthy diet.
  • Remaining physically active and having a healthy diet also prevents you from getting cancer.
  • Never take any health problem lightly and get it checked and diagnosed with the help of a doctor. If cancer is detected in early stage than it can be treated adequately.
  • 70% cancer deaths occur because they are not diagnosed at an earlier stage where it can be prevented from growing further. So get yourselves checked properly for any medical condition.

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