Indoor Pollution - Pollutants inside our House

Indoor Pollution

When we talk about pollution, most of us think that its gas emission from traffic and factories, poly-bags, chemical wastes from major manufacturers, nuclear wastes from nuclear plants and bla-bla-bla. Yes these things are a part of pollution. But most of our time is spent not near these things. We spend most of our time inside our house or work place, which we think are free from pollution. Its just a misconception. If you think that your house and workplace are free from pollution, then its the time to change your thinking.

Pollutants inside our House 

Here we will list some major pollutants found inside our house and office. Read the following article completely and you will be surprised as you reach its end.

  • Dust: If you don't lean your home on regular basis then you are putting yourself in danger yourself. Dust inside your house is not just some soil particles from outside, it also contains your dead skin cells, hair. If you don't clean them daily then you are creating a playground for micro-organisms. One of the best playgrounds for such micro organisms in under your bed which is the most commonly ignored place by all of us.
  • Printers : Printers don't just print reports they also spray lots of micro-particles of ink, toner, and ozone which is a lung irritant. Color ink produces more noxious debris than a simple black and white print.
  • Candles: If you light candles in your home then its time to know little about them. Most of the candles using Paraffin. These candles emit such chemicals which can damage liver and also causes neurological problems and leukemia.
  • Furniture: Pressed wood (used in fiberboard or particleboard) is used in a number of household wooden products. This pressed wood is made by sticking tiny pieces of wood with glue or resins. But this pressed wood can also emit formaldehyde, a preservative and suspected carcinogen.
  • Paint: Lead is a component of Paint. However now Lead based paints are banned in US but still some old houses have that lead based paint on their walls. Lead is known for negative impacts on human health. It can cause permanent brain damage in kids.
  • Carpets:  American Lung Association recommends not to use carpets. Carpets are home to dirt, dust mites, pet dander, dirt, fungus and other unhealthy particles which can also cause asthma. Apart from these things formaldehyde is also present in majority of carpets which is a carcinogen.
  • Cleaning Sprays: Majority of cleaning sprays are just chemicals. They clean the surface but also leave some compounds in air which are poisonous for our body. Simple vinegar or baking soda can do the same cleaning without any toxic effects.
  • Kitchen: You might be surprised, but YES. If your kitchen is not properly ventilated then its the most dangerous pollutant in your home. Cooking on a Gas stove can cause unsafe level of nitrogen dioxide unless you use a exhaust fan in your kitchen while cooking. It increses the risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  • Vegetables: According to an estimate 80% of human interaction with pesticides happen inside our house. Vegetables are the main source of that. Various pesticides are used while growing vegetables. When we eat those vegetables these pesticides enter our body. We can't stop eating vegetables but we can lower our interaction with pesticides by using some preventive measures. First is to wash the vegetables properly before cutting and second is to peel-off the vegetable before cutting and cooking. Majority of pesticides are inside the peel of vegetable. Last but not the least is to have a kitchen garden and grow vegetables in it with no or minimum amount of pesticides.
  • Smoking: If any body in your house is a smoker, then its an add-on to the indoor air pollution.
The above chart shows how serious is indoor pollution. Most of us are prone to getting some disease due to indoor air pollution. It better to keep track of that pollution and remain healthy.

We provided the above information after reading about indoor air pollution on internet. We don't guarantee all the facts written here to be true, but they are true as per our knowledge. Try searching and reading more about indoor air pollution before applying any changes in your lifestyle. 

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