Crossing your legs can cause Health Problems ?

Sitting with crossed legs is not a good habit. There are various reasons to say so. Once your read the details below, you will never sit will your legs crossed.
Note: Here we are talking about crossed legs (not crossing ankles). There is no side effect of crossing ankles.

If you just cross your ankles then its fine, but if you put one of your thighs above the another thigh then you are putting yourself to risk of back pain and some other health issues. However there are some studies that don't agree with the fact that crossing legs causes any health problems.

Some of the common health issues connected to crossing legs are given below.

  • Increased blood pressure: Crossing your legs can temporarily increase yous blood pressure. Due to this reason physicians often suggest you to uncross your legs while measuring your blood pressure. However in most of the cases it happens with those who are already suffering from high blood pressure compared to those who are in perfectly healthy condition.
  • Varicose veins: However some people take it as a myth that vericose veins are caused by crossing legs, but i want you to remain on safer side. Vericose veins is a condition in which veins in lour legs are enlarged and visible through skin easily. It appears like a web of veins on your legs. However some doctors suggest that its a side effect high blood pressure and standing for long durations.  
  • Neck and Back Pain: Our pelvic bones are the main bones that support our spinal cord. When we cross our legs and put one thigh over other, the support for our spinal cord is removed in a way. It puts extra pressure on our neck and middle portion of spinal cord. It leads to pain in neck and back.
  • Temporary Numbness in feet: When we put one leg over other on the knee, it presses the peroneal nerve. Continuous pressing of this nerve cause numbness or temporary paralysis in your feet. If it happens more often to you then its not good for your feet.

Out of the above facts you might have noticed some on your own. So you can get relief from those side effects of crossing legs by completely giving up this sitting posture. If you are unable to give it up completely then its better to keep rotating your sitting posture in every 3 to 5 minutes.

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