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Drinking Cold Water : Good or Bad ?

Drinking cold water is favorite task of most of the people after returning home on a hot day. But have you ever tried to find if it is a healthy habit or not. Normally we feel that cold water reduces the body temperature and helps in relaxing, which is true up to some extent. If you are doing a workout and drinking cold water during intervals then it keeps your core body temperature low and also keeps you hydrated. But the truth is that drinking cold water have an overall negative effect on your health.

Negative effects of Drinking Cold Water

  • Temperature of stomach plays an important role during digestion. Drinking cold water just after a meal hinders the digestion as it reduces the temperature below the optimum temperature required for digestion.
  • Cold water makes stomach muscles unable to work properly unless body raises their temperature. Proper functioning of stomach muscles is necessary to break the food before passing it into the intestine. If you have got a little knowledge of workout science, then you must have known the fact that warming-up of muscles is necessary before a workout (especially during winters), as cold muscles can't contract and relax easily and may result in muscle damage.
  • Drinking cold water can decrease the sterilization capacity of gastric acid. It can make some germs in your stomach food to be passed to your gut which may result is typhoid, dysentery, infectious diarrhea or enteritis.
  • When we drink the cold water, it disturbs the organs which come in direct contact with that water. So it affects respiratory system and the gastrointestinal system the most. Thus long term drinking of cold water makes our oral cavity and respiratory system mucous membrane more fragile. It may also result in inflammation, cough, pneumonia and bronchitis.
  • Cold water shrinks the blood vessels and reduces blood flow. It can increase the blood pressure temporarily. If you have got a bad habit of drinking cold water then are at increased risk of hypertension and cardio-vascular diseases. If you are already a patient of hypertension then drinking cold water increases your chances of cardio-vascular diseases.
  • If you drink cold water just after a meal then it results in excess mucus build-up, which may result in other side effects. An old study done during 1978 which involved 15 human subjects, found that drinking cold water made nasal mucous thicker.
  • A 2001 study found that drinking cold water can trigger migraine pain in those people who are already a patient of this disease.
  • According to Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine system, cold water with hot food creates imbalance in body. Drinking luke-warm water is recommended by these old traditional systems to get best results and better health.

Some people believe that drinking cold water make our body use some calories to rise its temperature to body temperature and thus helps in reducing weight. But in reality that type of calorie consumption is very less. The benefits of drinking cold water are lesser than disadvantages, so we don't recommend to drink cold water to reduce weight.

So if you ever have an urge to drink cold water then don't gulp it fast, instead sip it slowly and keep it for sometime in your mouth and then drink it. It will help in better relaxation from hot with least side effects on your body. You may drink cold water if you feel necessity but don't make it a habit. 

Do Masks save you from PM2.5 and PM10

Air Masks are becoming a necessity for people of capital cities like Beijing and New Delhi. Air Pollution level in these cities have reached the dangerous level and making it impossible for residents to inhale quality air. Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10) are among the top pollutants apart from gases likes sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons etc. However people are wearing masks to save themselves from the toxic air, but very few know the truth of these masks. Financially capable people are going for expensive masks while other people are trying to save themselves using a piece of cloth wrapped around their nose and mouth. Feeling safe and actually being safe are two different things, and very few know that difference.

Types of Masks people are using in Metro Cities

  • Surgical masks : There masks are useless and a cheap hands-free alternative of covering you nose with a handkerchief.
  • Industrial Air Masks: They are effective but they make you look like a character from a science fiction movie.
  • N95 Masks: These are mostly recommended to save yourself from particulate matter and they do an effective job, while being less expensive. But these masks can't filter the harmful gases.
  • Vogmask: These masks are getting popularity in China and India due to its better looks, size and shape.Manufacturers claim it to be better than N95 but it costs a lot more than that.
  • Dettol Air Mask: It claims to protect you from haze, dust and pollen but being less expensive than Vogmask.
  • Cambridge Masks: These are similar to Vogmask in price range and have three layers of protection, one to block dust, second to block PM2.5 and third to fight bacteria. 

Do Masks save you from PM2.5 and PM10 ?

When we tried to find an answer to this question, we found some disturbing results. Studies done by Peltier Aerosol Lab confirmed that inexpensive cloth masks filters a minimum 15% particulate matter. It can be easily assumed that the filtered content must be PM10 (which is larger in size), while PM2.5 must have passed through.
N95, N99 and N100 Masks claims to filter 95%, 99% and 100% Particulate Matter respectively. But these better variants are expensive and some brands are utilizing the opportunity. But some experts believe that the claims of these expensive masks might not be true, as in real life the size of mask, the way you wear it and the technique used to make it air tight from sides makes them less effective.
Another truth is that none of the above masks is effective at filtering a mixture of air and diesel exhaust, which is most common pollution on busy roads of metro cities.

Check PM2.5 and PM10 level in your city

Shall i wear a mask to protect myself ?

Yes, you should wear if the air pollution in your city is above the recommended levels. However most of the masks don't provide a complete protection, but still they are better than nothing. The choice of mask and the proper way to wear it matters most in this battle to save yourself. Some people don't wear a mask as it negatively affects their earning, for example some taxi drivers don't wear a mask as it gives a negative impression to customers that the drive is sick. Our advice to such people is that nothing is as precious as your health and life, so wear and mask and educate people to do the same.

Note: Take steps to reduce the air pollution yourself. Plant trees and use public transport instead of your own four-wheeler. Carpooling is another better option if  public transport don't suits you. Small steps by a large number of people can create a big impact on our environment.

Do Air Purifiers really work ! or just Placebo !

Horace Mann said "A house without books is like a room without windows". But this man would not have imagined a future where people will use Air Conditioners and Air Purifiers in a room with no windows. Once people use to open windows to let fresh air in, but now we are closing them to let the air pollution stay away. Air Purifiers are the latest gadgets attracting people of metro cities to make their home-air clean. PM10 and PM2.5 have created a mass phobia and people have started to think that an air purifier will save them from diseases and will make them live longer. But the actual truth will be revealed as you read further.

Air has got No Boundaries

Usually people consider Air Purifiers just like water purifier, but it is not same. Just imagine a fish living in a large ocean using a water purifier to keep its habitat free from water pollution. It is nearly impossible. Similarly we are living in a ocean of air, and we are trying to keep our habitats free from air pollution by using air purifiers. No matter how good is your air purifier, you will need to open the gates and windows at least few times a day to let the air in. An air tight chamber with air purifier and few humans can soon turn into a death chamber with a lot of "carbon-dioxide rich pure air". Reality is that air has got no boundaries. You may breath pure air for a few hours in a day using air purifier but it can't save you from ill effects of air pollution.

No Scientific Studies on Health Effect of Air Purifiers
There are no scientific studies done on air purifier's effect on human health. A report published by Quartz in year 2015 said the same thing. However data suggest that air purifiers remove the air pollutants in a room, but what effect does it make in long term on human health is yet to be concluded. Some people may benefit their health due to placebo effect of air purifiers. Placebos create a feel good effect in our brain and makes a person healthier, due to the thinking that he is taking an actual medicine (while he/she is not taking any actual medicine).

Ionic Air Purifiers emit ozone
Some Ionic Air Purifiers emit ozone as a byproduct and their manufacturers claim that it is beneficial for health. But some health experts believe that ozone is harmful and cause lung-irritation, throat irritation and severe chest discomfort. Philips, one of the largest manufacturers of air purifiers, don't make ionic air purifiers for this very reason.

Is it better to use a mask instead of Air Purifier
Yes, even if you are using Air Purifier, you should use a mask to save yourself from outdoor air pollution. If you are living in a metro city then you may Check PM10 and PM2.5 level in your City. If it above the recommended level then you must use a good quality mask. If you are making your mind for a quality air purifier, the you should do a deep study to know the purification techniques used in it and their effect on your health due to long term exposure.

What are the other ways to purify the air ?
The best way to purify the air is planting more trees, which are natural air purifiers and decreasing the air pollution, that all of us doing in one or other way. But both of these things seems fictional in metropolitan cities. But if you can't do that, then be prepared to face the ill effect of air pollution.

Most of the most polluted countries in world have no rules and guidelines for air-purifiers, which gives manufactures a free hand to use any technology in their product. It is the most horrifying truth of air purifiers. But still if you want to purchase one then make sure that your manufacturer follows the norms and guidelines of some other developed country. 

Does fast Songs make you drive faster ?

Some of you might have noticed that listening to fast / rock songs while driving a car makes you drive it fast. A number of music websites provide fast music tracks playlist to drive fast. It means that surely music has some impact on our brain and driving skills. But how does fast music make changes in your brain to make you drive faster than normal ? You will get an answer to this question further in this article. This article will inspire you to listen to slow music, so that you don't take risks on road.

Research on Music and Driving habits

A research test to know the impact of music was done at Ben-Gurion University, where 28 students (with average 7 years driving experience) were tested on a driving simulator. They were tested with different types of music with quiet high volume to increase the impact of music on their brain. The results concluded that as the tempo of music was increased from 40 bpm to 140 bpm the occurrence of  breaking the traffic rules and signals increased almost three times. Compared to that those who listened no music during driving had the least number of traffic rule breaking incidents.
The heart rate analysis in the same research found some other interesting facts. Those who don't listen to any music were found to have more fluctuations in heart rate during driving, while those who were listening to music had least fluctuations in their heart rate. It means that music distracts the drivers from outer environment, and the outer circumstances had least impact on their heart. Such distraction results in breaking the traffic signals and accidents.

It is better to choose slower pieces of music and keep the volume low while you are driving. It will make the driving better and it will not only save you but others as well. If you make it a habit for your daily life and also advise others to do so then we will have safer roads for the whole society.

Stomach Gas Pain Reasons Symptoms and Solutions

Everybody faces the stomach gas problem a number of times in their lives. Sometimes it passes out through mouth and sometimes as farts. But in some cases this stomach gas become more troublesome and causes a lot of uneasiness and pain in stomach. The reasons and symptoms of stomach gas differ according to diet, lifestyle and physic of a person. The pain due to gas can affect a wide range of organs ranging from your intestine, abdomen and chest. Headache is also common is some cases. In some extreme cases of such gas, people misunderstand it as heart problem, appendicitis or kidney/gall bladder stones.

What we normally think as stomach gas is really intestinal gas. Even a normal person expels this gas at least 10 times a day. Most of these instances remain unnoticed due to lack of potential smell. But here we are talking about abnormal condition where this intestinal/stomach gas generates in excess and causes the real problem.

What are the symptoms of Gas ?

  • Stretching of Abdominal Region.
  • Blotting sensation and knotted feeling in abdomen.
  • Voluntary or Involuntary passing of gas.
  • Cramps or Pain in abdominal region.

When you should see a doctor ?

Usually the pain due to gas is  relieved either through some home remedies or changing postures to pass the gas. But sometimes the pain or uncomfortable feelings make the condition worst. If you feel the following symptoms then you should see a doctor.
  • Bloody Stools
  • Frequent Vomiting
  • Change in Stool color and frequency
  • Chest Pain
  • Weight Loss

The above mentioned symptoms sometimes indicate some other problem, instead of simple gas, which needs immediate medical attention. 

What causes gas pain in Stomach ?

As we have told you earlier that their are various reasons behind gas pain, depending on your eating habits, lifestyle, other medical conditions and medications. Here we have listed some common things that causes gas pain in stomach or abdominal region.
  • Gas usually arises from undigested food/carbohydrate that reaches our colon (large intestine). It can occur from the well known healthy foods which are rich in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Sometimes dairy products can also cause gas. So over-consumption of healthy food can be painful sometimes, if it remains undigested in small intestine.
  • Constipation can cause gas pain even after eating normal diet. It happens because constipated large intestine don't let the gas pass through, which is necessary for a normal person. This blocked gas rises upwards and cause pain in abdominal/stomach region.
  • Usually we swallow small amount of air while chewing or drinking something. But if we swallow excess amount of air then it can be painful sometimes. Usually it happens when we are nervous, or when we are chewing gum, eating very fast, drinking through straw, or sucking candies.
  • Lactose Intolerance can also cause gas pain, especially when you are not aware of it and eat or drink some dairy product.
  • Artificial additives in food products, such as sweeteners can also be harmful for some healthy people. However such sweeteners are claimed to be healthy as they are sugar-free but sometimes they produce much more gas in our digestive system and cause gas pain.
  • Other health conditions (such as Diabetes,  Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease) can be sometimes the reason behind gas pain.

What are the solutions of stomach gas ?

  • You should avoid eating excess food, which is most common reason behind gas pain.
  • You should avoid eating such food products, which you feel that produce more gas in your digestive system. For example a lactose intolerant person should be aware of his condition and avoid dairy products. Even if he/she need to then proper amount of lactase (enzyme) supplement should be consumed with it.
  • Some lifestyle remedies can also save you from gas pain. These are chew your food properly, don't eat fast, don't eat too much, and don't smoke.
  • If you have some other medical condition responsible for gas, then get it treated properly.
  • Sometime over-the-counter medications can also help in getting relief from gas. But if you are having serious symptoms then you should must visit a doctor / medical practitioner. 

Do Deodorants cause Breast Cancer

A very interesting fact about most of the breast cancer cases is that most of the cancerous tumors are found in left upper / outer breast region (in both men and women). Most of the right handed people (which are majority), spray deodorants and antiperspirants on that region primarily and then other parts of body. It is enough to explain the seriousness of this issue.

People often due deodorants to get rid of body odor. Newer deodorants guarantee that they will keep your body odor null for a complete day. They do it by using certain chemicals that either make you sweat less or by killing the good bacteria on your skin which makes your sweat smell more. Such products are usually released in market after doing some short term researches which show that these products are safe for normal usage. Researches are going on to know the actual effect of these deodorants / chemical after long term usage. Some recent researches have shown some interesting results which can make the whole world think twice before using any deodorant in market.

 Before we go further, you must know about the type of products which are used to get rid of body odor.
  • Perfumes were just to put on clothes to override your body odor.
  • Deodorants mask the smell with a fragrance
  • Probiotic deodorant promote certain bacterial colonies which can make you smell better.
  • Antiperspirants reduce the amount of sweat.

When we searched about this issue on internet we found a website named which contain some authoritative information about it. According to Antiperspirants contain some aluminium based compounds which temporarily plugs the sweat duct and hence the sweat flow from the skin is reduced. Some experts believe that these aluminium compounds when applied for longer duration, may cause estrogen-like hormonal imbalance in body. As current researches suggest that estrogen can promote breast cancer cell growth, so some researchers believe that aluminium compounds in antiperspirants may promote breast cancer.

But does that mean that men are on safer side ?  Read further.

Parabens are a kind a preservatives used it deodorants and antiperspirants, which can also mimic the activity like estrogen and may cause cancer. However parabens are currently not used it most of the deodorants and antiperspirants in US, but still it is being used in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products.

Some studies were done by examining breast cancer patients and examining their history of usage of antiperspirants and underarm deodorants and underarm shaving habit. However most of these studies don't conclude a solid result, but still more researches are going on.
Manufacturers of such products always advertise on the basis of some major researches which found them safe for use, but still consumers use their own brain sometimes.

A fact published in made a number of consumers feel something serious about usage of deodorants and antiperspirants. Britain is one of the leading consumers of such products and number of breast cancer cases in UK has doubled from 1970. Every year 13000 women in UK die due to breast cancer, which is something serious. The cases of breast cancer has not only affected women but also men, where the cases have also doubled in past 30 years.

 It doesn't matter if researches have found something or not, but if people get fearful of something then its consumption starts decreasing gradually. Some safety guidelines like frequency of usage and amount of usage should be printed on these products to save the consumers from any possible side effects. Hormonal imbalance is one of the primary reasons behind cancerous tumors in breast, so think twice before using any such product which may or may not harm you.

Does your religion / culture affect your health ?

Some people think that religion / culture makes us more dependent on god, rather on depending on ourselves, which makes us taking lesser care of our own body and being unhealthy. But some people think in other way and believe that your religion gives you internal peace and makes your mind free from any psychological disease which is a major health benefit. Here we will try to find that which of these theories is more correct and either your religion is just for your social well being or does it also have any impact (positive or negative) on your health.

There are two types of views about God in different religion:

  • The God is there to love you, forgive you and guide you.
  • The God is there to punish you for your bad acts.

Both of these views want the people to do good things, but the way they do it can affect your health. If you always remain in fear of God, then your health will be affected in negative way. While if you decide your acts to get the love and forgiveness of god, then it will affect your health in a positive way. Both of these views affect your mental health, one in positive and one in negative way. But your mental health can very easily impact your physical health as well. A mentally unfit person can't take care of his own body properly.


Some religions make their followers indulge in meditation practices to feel the nature and god itself. The deeper you go into such practices, the more peace you will find. Some meditation practices make you follow some postures, which are itself equivalent to some physical workouts. Such practices even if followed as a part of religion or just as a workout, can give you both mental and physical fitness. Some meditations are known for their good effect in treating some diseases.

Music, Songs and Dance

Music, Songs and Dance are part of some religions and followed with a lot of faith. Music in itself is a healer. Health Benefits of Music are already mentioned by us. Scripts of the religious songs are either to praise the God or to teach some good lessons to the followers, which are itself a better thing for mind. Music and songs have the ability to treat mental illnesses. In some religions some stories are said with music, songs and dance, which increase our concentration and learning skills. Dancing in itself is a good physical workout.

How much you believe in Religion matters !
Some people rely on their religion just for their social life, else they have nothing to do with it. For such people there is no impact of religion on their health. Some people have strong faith on God, but can't spare more than hour per week for their religion and god. The health of such people might get affected by both their religion and their other physical acts. But some people are there who have very strong feelings about their religion and can't eat or live without worshiping their God for even a single day. Such people either have very good health in all aspects or they completely neglect their overall health.

Feeling of being connected with something bigger can sometimes make people do some unbelievable tasks, which shown their mental health. Bu that is possible only if that person know that he has to do that thing and god will help him in his task. So if your religion/culture provides you that positive energy and the ability to believe in yourself, then nothing is better than that.

Believing in your culture or religion does not mean that you can completely forget all other physical activities and God will take care of your body. If there are no physical workout as a part of your religion to make you physically fit, then you must do them separately as an exercise to keep your body in proper shape. Most of the religions can give mental peace but not all of them can make you physically fit. No religion prohibits you from doing a workout. An unfit body can't be of any use for God. So exercise regularly and have faith in your religion and culture to get both mental and physical fitness.

Tears - A Unique Mystery about Humans

Humans are the only species who shed tears as a result of emotions. Other species also shed tears, but only due to pain or irritation. Women are generally considered more emotional, so tears are often regarded as a weapon for them. Charles Darwin once told that emotional tears are purposeless. Still 150 years after Darwin, the human tears are a mystery for scientists. Tears are often considered as water by some people and often regarded as a sign of weakness, but this myth will be broken in this article.

What are tears made of ?

Tears are not just water, as often considered by some people. If it is just water then it may evaporate easily due to body heat or environmental heat, which would make it harder for eyes to remain wet. It is a mixture water, fat and protein. Basically it contains water, mucin, lipids, lysozyme, lactoferrin, lipocalin, lacritin, immunoglobulins, glucose, urea, sodium, and potassium. The proportion may differ for different people depending on time and emotion. Normally tears are secreted in small amount to clean the eye and keep the cornea wet. They shed away on cheeks only when they are secreted in excess amount and nasal passage can't handle that flow.

Why Tears are necessary for our body ?

  • Tears keep eyeball wet, which is necessary to see properly.
  • Tears pass through to our nostrils through a nasal passage to keep the nose wet and trap the dust and microorganisms in the breathe.
  • Tears contain lysozyme, which can kill 90 to 95 percent of all bacteria.
  • Crying makes our body to release feel-good endorphins, which are also released when we do some physical workout or when we laugh.

Tears are of three types
  • Basal Tears: They are always there in the eyes to nourish them and keep the eyeball wet.
  • Reflex Tears: They protect our eye from irritants such as dust in wind, onion and smoke.
  • Emotional Tears: These tears come out as a result of some emotion such as joy or sorrow.

All three types of tears have different chemical composition.

Tears and the emotional connection

Some psychologists believe that tears are there because man is a social animal. It tells the people near us that we are temporarily going through some problem that is beyond our ability to cope. Emotional tears are different from those tears that comes out due to onion chopping. Emotional tears are more viscous due to more protein content and they stick to the skin and remain on the cheeks for a longer duration, so that someone close can notice them easily. Same neural areas of brain are activated, when we cry or when we see someone crying. Your tears can neutralize the anger of the person in front of you. Being able to cry and the ability to recognize it and respond to it, is an important characteristic that humans got in the process of evolution. Tears can sometimes save a person from further argument and punishment, which makes it a protective mechanism for our body.

History of Research on Tears

  • Around 1500 BC people use to think that tears originate from heart.
  • During Hippocrates' time (460 BC-370 BC) it was thought that mind triggers the tears.
  • In early 17th century it was believed that emotions heat the heart, water vapors are formed there to cool it down, then those vapors rise upwards and condense near eyes and come out as tears.
  • Lacrimal Glands were discovered in 1662 by a Danish scientist named Niels Stensen. These glands also referred as tear glands were found responsible for generation of tears. Stensen also told that tears are there to keep the eyes moist.
  • Vingerhoets, a clinical psychologist, published a theory in 1960. According to that theory humans evolved from aquatic apes and tears helped us live in salt water. This theory was totally rejected by scientific community.
  • Biochemist William Frey popularized a theory in 1985 that crying is a mechanism to remove toxic substances from the blood which build up due to stress.

Today some of the above theories seems to be foolish, but during those times that was a scientific belief. Today we know a lot more than that only because of those theories. But still tears are a mystery.

Some Facts about Tears

  • A newly born baby can't produce tears even if they cry till the age of six weeks.
  • Quantity of tears decrease as we age.
  • Biochemically tears are similar to saliva.
  • According to some researches women cry more than man. Approximately five times more.
  • The crying session is also lengthier for women. Average crying session of women lasts for six minutes, while it is two to four minutes for men.
  • Happy tears and sad tears are chemically same.

Does your Sleeping position affect your Dreams

Whatever we see with closed eyes can be categorized into imagination, day dreaming, dreaming and nightmare. Usually we see a number of dreams or nightmares within a single night, but don't really remember most of them when we awake. Sometimes we give explanations for our dreams as something that we want in real life to happen. But we never try to know if we can modify our dreams by our sleeping position. Your sleeping position can affect your dreams. Here you will be enlightened by this knowledge as you read this article further.

However it is not a healthy practice to try to alter your dreams by changing your sleeping position intentionally, as it may disturb your normal sleep and you might awake without proper rest. But increasing your knowledge about affect of sleeping position on your dreams might save you from watching a nightmare.

When we sleep in different positions, or body exerts pressure on different body parts. That sense of pressure makes us dream in the same context, doing the similar activity which exerts pressure on that organ while we are awake. However it may not happen always, but researches show that it affects our dream.
  • Erotic dreams are common when we sleep on our stomach. But if you intentionally sleep on your stomach then it may result in lower back pain.
  • Sleeping with face down might result in nightmares of being tied, locked up or unable to move.
  • If you sleep on your right side then you are more likely to see positive dreams and lesser nightmares compared to those who sleep by turning left. The probability of remembering your dream is high if you slept on the right side.
  • Sleeping on your back can result in nightmares and most often you won't remember them. It is because your dreaming intensity might not be too high due to factors like snoring.
  • Sometimes our own personality can also affect our dreams. Two different people with same sleeping position may see different types of dreams depending on their personality.
  • Putting your hands on your chest while sleeping exerts pressure on your chest and may result in a nightmare where you can't breath properly or feel suffocation. 
The results of researches on sleeping positions and dreams can't be taken as an authority as these results are based on self-reported dreams and sleeping position. These things are not fully monitored in a laboratory and nobody can remember all the dreams he/she have seen the previous night. More research is needed in this field.

Best Sleeping Position

We spend more than one-forth of our life while sleeping, but very few care about the sleeping position. What we usually care is the quantity of sleep and the quality of mattress. Sleeping posture/position becomes a priority only when we go through some sleeping discomfort or back pain. A correct combination of good quality mattress/pillow, sleeping time and sleeping position can make us get most amount of relation in the night time. But a wrong sleeping position can make the whole combination useless and give nights of discomfort and days of back pain. So read the following tips about sleeping position carefully and have comfortable nights.

There usually 3 types of sleeping position
  • Sleeping on your back
  • Sleeping on sides
  • Sleeping on Stomach

All three of them have certain pros and cons. Sleeping on your back is usually considered best, while sleeping on stomach is considered worst. But sometimes this best position can't suit you, especially if you snore too much in that position or if you are too obese.

A healthy person automatically change positions several times in a night. We don't need to train him/her for that. Our body sleeps in the night but a part of brain continuously remains awake and takes care of comfort of body. If it feels discomfort, it will automatically change your position without awaking you. Most of you have noticed that you don't awake in the same position in which you sleep. Sleeping in the same position throughout the night can cause pain in back or neck sometimes.

Fetal Position: While researching for best sleeping position, we found that fetal position is mostly discussed. In this position we need to sleep on the left side with our knees bent. Some researchers advised it because a baby sleeps in this position inside mothers womb. However this position might not be comfortable for you if your are suffering from arthritis in your joints or back. If you curl up too high in this position then it can also put pressure on your diaphragm and restrict breathing. Some people use pillow between their knees to make themselves comfortable in this position.

But if you are going through some physical ailment and doctor have prescribed you to sleep in some particular position, then you must follow it. Different sleeping positions are recommended for different medical conditions. Some sleeping positions often recommended by doctors in different physical ailments are listed below. But don't follow them without getting an advice from your doctor.

Best Sleeping Position for lower Back Pain: Lay flat on your back with a pillow underneath your knees. You may also use a folded towel under the curve of your back for added comfort. Sleeping on your sides with pillow between your knees can also help sometimes.
Best Sleeping Position for Neck and Shoulder pain: Here pillow matters more than the sleeping posture. Don't use a pillow that is too high or too stiff. Also make it sure that the pillow gives more support to neck, rather than head.

Note: If you are having sciatica pain or pain in shoulders due to some accident then you must consult a specialist. Doing experiment on yourselves can worsen your condition.

Is it Safe to Sleep with a Blanket over your Head / Face !

Sleeping with Blanket over your head is often a habit of some kids. Some do it to get rid of fear of darkness in the night, while some do it to get more warmth. Adults have their own reason to do that, such as using smartphone under the blanket to don't let anybody else know that. Most common thought that comes in the mind of an educated man is if we consume all oxygen inside the blanket then we might die. Here we are going to find if it is really possible to run out of oxygen by covering your head with a blanket.

Is it Safe to Sleep with a Blanket over your Head / Face ?
Yes it is safe only if you are a healthy adult and the blanket is not too thick.

Can i run out of Oxygen by covering my head ?
Usually blankets are not air-tight, so can't run out of oxygen. But if it is a thick fiber blanket then it may reduce the air flow. CO2 concentration near your face might also increase.

Must Read if you cover you head while sleeping !

  • Infants should never sleep with their head covered as this behavior is connected to sudden infant death syndrome. Reference
  • An unhealthy person or a person with some respiratory diseases should never sleep with face covered by a blanket.
  • Even a healthy person should not use a thick fiber blanket to cover his/her head. More CO2 concentration can cause brain damage. However such blankets are not air tight but they can reduce air flow through them to a great extent.
  • You should not just fear about lesser oxygen inside the blanket, but also the cleanliness of the blanket used to cover the face. 
  • A new blanket should never be used to cover head as it may have some manufacturing dust with some micro-organisms which can easily enter your body through nose, ear or mouth. It should have been washed at least twice before you cover your head with it.
  • A very old blanket may also be harmful as it may also have dust deposited inside its fibers.
  • Inhaling dust through a blanket on regular basis can damage your lungs gradually.
  • Asthmatic people are never advised to cover their face while sleeping as it reduces the fresh air supply. 
  • A thin blanket might not be harmful as enough air can flow through it and usually they are washed at home regularly.
  • Sleeping with a blanket over your head reduces your hearing and smelling sense, which may help you in sleeping better, but it can also make you vulnerable to any danger in your surroundings.

What if i can't sleep with my face open ?
If you can't sleep due to some light falling on your eyes (as some people have tendency to sleep in complete darkness), then you may use an eye mask to cover your eyes only. It may also help you if you feel some fear.

When you sleep with your head inside the blanket then oxygen level might decrease. A healthy adult can easily figure it out due to rise in pulse rate and uncomfortable breathing. He/she will automatically remove the blanket from his/her face without getting awake. 

A good ventilated room is often suggested by doctors to live a healthy life. Same applies to your blanket while sleeping. It is not a healthy habit to sleep with your head covered.

What should be the TDS value of your RO Water purifier

Most of us stop worrying about purity of water after installing a RO water purifier, which is an essential part of modern kitchens. The truth is that we never care about the TDS value of the output water. In 1980 WHO published a research paper which said that low TDS water is harmful for human body. Today we are drinking water packed in plastic bottles with very less amount of minerals in it. In our last articles we discussed how this low TDS water is acting as a slow poison for our body. Here we will tell you about the appropriate TDS value of drinking water to live a healthy life.

TDS value of Natural Water
TDS value of water differs from one geographical region to other depending upon the minerals in the soil and their solubility. Therefore TDS value of water differs from 30 mg/litre to 6000 mg/litre.

TDS value and the taste of water

Water of different locations with same TDS may have different minerals in different proportion. Taste of water changes with their TDS value and the minerals present in it. According to a WHO report the taste of water and their TDS value is directly related to each other. Following table show that relation
Taste of Water
TDS level (mg/litre)
ExcellentLess than 300
Good300 to 600
Fair600 to 900
Poor900 to 1200
UnacceptableGreater than 1200
If you talk about the taste of water with very low TDS then its taste will also be unacceptable due to its flat and insipid taste. You may find the above information in a WHO document on the following page.

"If it tastes good then it is healthy"
Some of you might not agree with the above statement but some will. If you have got a healthy body then your tongue can better decide what your body needs. The nutrients that your body needs will be found tasty by your tongue. However it might not be true if your are suffering from some medical condition such as diabetes, where psychological factors make you like those things from which you should abstain yourself. For a healthy human being tongue is the best  testing kit for nutrients. If you are finding the water tasty enough to drink then most probably it will be of correct TDS value.

If the TDS value of your water is between 200 to 500 the most probably it will be good to drink. The WHO report of 1980 recommended that the minimum TDS in drinking water should be 100 mg/L. It also recommended that the TDS should be about 200-400 mg/L for chloride-sulphate waters and 250-500 mg/L for bicarbonate waters. You may take the following WHO page as a reference to this information. 

We don't encourage people to stop drinking purified water, but to make them drink water of correct TDS value that can provide them sufficient amount of minerals.

Low TDS water is a Slow Poison

When we talk about poison, we take it as a organic or inorganic compound that can kill us within a certain time. Here we are comparing low TDS water with slow poison. Some of you might not be aware of that, but it is a reality. Several researches have confirmed the health hazards of low TDS water. These hazards are listed in detail in this article and it will open your eyes about the severity of this issue. In our previous article we revealed the fact about how leaching capability of water increases by reducing its TDS, which is usually done by most RO water purifiers.

How does low TDS water become more reactive?
TDS means total dissolved solids, which includes minerals and other organic ingredients (such as some bacteria and other micro organisms) dissolved in water. These solids dissolved in water make it stable and unable to leach anything else from the containers. When TDS is lowered using RO water purifiers the reactive capability to leach chemicals increases. It makes that water absorb solids from the nearby environment such as its containers or the air coming in its contact. Low TDS water become a slow poison if its nearby elements contain any such chemical which is harmful for health.

How does leaching capability of water affects our health?

  • Plastic: We all know that plastic is harmful for health, but we don't take it seriously. BPA is a harmful chemical compound present in plastic. It might harm us less when normal water is stored in it, but when you store low TDS water in it then due to higher leaching ability more BPA can be absorbed by that water. If you have a RO purifier then please notice the container. Is it made up of plastic or something else. Most of the RO purifiers use plastic containers. BPA can cause infertility in men and hormonal imbalance in body. It is severely harmful for fetus and infants.
  • Heavy Metals: If the Low TDS Water is coming in contact with metal, such as a pipeline or a metal container, or the nearby air, then it can absorb some heavy metals from it which can affect our health later. If calcium and magnesium are present in water then they protect the water from absorbing heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Low TDS water have lesser amount of calcium and magnesium and makes that water prone to absorbing heavy metals.
  • Leching of minerals from body: Yes, Low TDS Water can leach minerals from our own body. Instead of providing some minerals to our body, this water can leach minerals from our body and drain them out through urine which can make our body mineral deficient. Sodium and potassium are the main minerals leached in this process, which are necessary for proper functioning of our nervous system.

 Now you know why low TDS water is slow poison for our body. If you want to save yourself from this effect then

  • Stop using the plastic containers for your RO water storage.
  • Don't store the RO water for too long as by the time time you drink it, it would have done sufficient leaching.
  • Most important is to keep the TDS level of your RO high enough to provide you sufficient nutrients.

If you want to know how much TDS level should be appropriate to drink then read our next article.

RO water of low TDS is harmful for Health

A few days ago i was watching a video claiming that RO water, which is now common in most households, is decreasing the immunity. Immunity power is that power that makes us capable to resist from different types of virus and bacteria and keep our body healthy. That video claimed that the purity of RO water makes our body loose its resistance power and we become prone to more diseases. In this article we will try to figure out if there is some truth in such claims or not.

When we researched on internet and the official website of WHO (World Health Organisation), we came to know that the claims about low TDS and its effect in decreasing immunity were correct. If you want to know how then read further.

How do water of low TDS impact negatively ?

  • It is a tendency of water to extract the minerals from nearby substances to increase its TDS and become less reactive. When a RO decreases the TDS value of water, it become highly reactive. If that water is stored in plastic container of a bottle then it can become severely harmful. Even if it is not stored and just used for drinking purpose, then it will try to add minerals into it from the mineral reserves in our body and drain them out through urine. 
  • TDS is Total Dissolved Solids. TDS measures the amount of solids, both organic and inorganic, dissolved in the water. It also contains soe essential minerals for human body. When a RO purifier reduces the TDS value of water, several essential minerals are also lost along with the micro-organisms that are harmful for us. Water with low mineral content is harmful for our body. 
  • According to a research published on WHO website when some rats are given water of TDS less than 75mg/L then it increased the water intake, diuresis, extracellular fluid volume and serum concentration of sodium and chloride ions and their increased elimination from body. Overall it is a very negative effect on rats. The reduced amount of minerals in water can't be compensated by balanced diet which is adequate in caloric value, nutrients and salt.
  • A similar experiment was done on human volunteers as they were given water of TDS value less than 100mg/L. They reported the same results as rats and increased the elimination of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium ions from the body. It confirmed that water of low TDS is severely harmful for human body.
  • Some symptoms that are often seen in people consuming low TDS water for short duration are tiredness, weakness and headache. If it is done for prolonged duration then more severe symptoms are muscular cramps and impaired heart rate. Low TDS water leaches the essential minerals from body and function of some of the vital organs of human body is affected.
  • Those who are familiar with Water Poisoning, know that if very high amount of water is consumed in a short time then it can be poisonous sometimes. Chances of water poisoning is quite high with RO water due to it low TDS value.
  • Minerals such as sodium and potassium are very important for nervous system to work properly and their deficiency can result in problems in brain functioning.
  • Deficiency of these minerals not only make us sick but also unable to fight diseases due to weaker immune system.
  • Lack of minerals can also create hormonal imbalance in body.
  • You may visit this link of WHO if you want to confirm the facts written above.
In our next articles we will tell you how much TDS is considered good for health and how low mineral water can act as poison for you. 

Smoked Food - Just Delicious or a Carcinogen !

You must have seen people going crazy for different types of smoked food such as smoked cheese, smoked meat, barbecued food or grilled food. But do you ever try to know if its healthy or just tasty. Making a grilled or barbecued food may be matter of few hours but really smoked food takes days to make, so that the smoke enters to most interior part of food (not just the outer layer). But is this hard work really worth doing ? If you are dying for the taste then YES. But what if we ask in terms of health. Here we are trying to get an answer to that.

Most of the delicious things are not healthy
It is a natural fact that most of the delicious things contain too much of something to make it taste so. Either its too much of sugar, too much of spices, too much of fat or too much of grilling. No matter what you are eating, too much of cooking degrades its nutritional value. Similarly too much of smoke in food may provide taste to your tongue, but it is not healthy especially if you are going for it daily. Occasionally having smoked food might not harm anybody.

Both Smoked and Grilled food contain Carcinogens
Carcinogens are that content in our food and environment that are found responsible for causing cancer. Smoked and Grilled food are prepared using different methods of cooking, so both of them contain different types and level of carcinogens. Grilled food is put directly above the flames which created heterocyclic amines (HCA). HCA is a carcinogen and created when animal fat is directly by flames. HCA is not formed in smoked food as the temperature is quite low there. But smoked food is surrounded by wood smoke for most of the time, which contain other class of carcinogen called polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). PAH is formed when wood is burned. The level of these carcinogens in these food also depend on their making process. The level also depends on either its made commercially or at home.

Does liquid smoke also contain these Carcinogens ?
However liquid smoke is made by adding filtered smoke in water, but still some amount of PAH gets into it. The level of PAH differs from manufacturers to manufacturers. The liquid smoke flavor is used widely to make smoked food is lesser time. The food made by using liquid smoke is not put into smoke for days but the PAH level may still be the same as it is directly poured onto it in the form of liquid which can be easily absorbed by the food.

How bad are HCA and PAH?
However it is know that HCA and PAH are bad for human health, American Cancer Society is still unsure about the role of HCA and PAH in causing cancer in humans. National Cancer Institute (NCI) has revealed in some of its studies that PAH can cause pancreatic, colorectal and prostate cancers in animals. Our suggestion to the user is that occasionally having smoked food may not have any serious health concerns and your body may handle it, but don't go for it too much. Too much of anything is harmful, especially when you are ingesting some carcinogens with your food.

Smoked food can cause Breast Cancer
A study published in May 2007 in the journal "Epidemiology" found that smoked food increases the chances of breast cancer by 47% in postmenopausal women if they eat smoked or grilled meat at least once in a week.

Apart from the presence of carcinogens in smoked and grilled food, such food also contain higher amount of sodium and fat which is itself responsible lifestyle disease like hypertension and diabetes. 

Do you clean your Ear wax using cotton swab ? Be Careful !

A number of people use cotton swabs to clean their ears or to get rid of itching in ears. They take it as a clean and easily available instrument that can enter their ear hole and solve the purpose. But the truth is that it is not helpful at all. We will tell you about cotton swabs and cleaning of ears in detail in this article. An interesting fact about cotton buds is that they are responsible for nearly 50% ear infections. In such case most people will ask about an alternative to clean their ears. You will get an answer to this question at the end of this article.

How do cotton swabs harm harm your ear ?
People usually use cotton swabs to clean their ear with the intention to drag out the wax out of the ear. But in reality the purpose is not solved. Instead of bringing the wax out of ear, most of the wax is dragged inside the ear. Only some part of wax that stick to cotton swab comes out while most of the remaining wax is pushed inside.

Is it necessary to clean you ear wax after certain time ?
Most of the people fall prey to this misconception the periodic cleaning of ear wax is necessary. But the truth is that it is not necessary at all. Only in some rare cases the wax blocks the ear hole and decreases the hearing capacity. In such cases it is better the visit a specialist to get your ear cleaned. Today there are instruments using which a doctor can monitor you ear canal from inside and suck out the wax using some sort of micro vacuum cleaner.

How should you clean your earwax at home ?
Usually it is not recommended to clean your ear yourself, but if you are really in need to do so the you should use some ear drops. Olive oil or almond oil can also solve the purpose if ear drop is not handy. 4-5 drops of lukewarm oil can be put inside ear using a dropper and lay in that position for 5 minutes. Repeating this process for 2-3 times in a day will make the wax swell and come out of the ear. Some people find oil as a better alternative than ear drops as some ear drops cause irritation is people with sensitive skin.

Why do our ear develop wax ?
It is a preventive mechanism of our body. By developing wax in the ear canal, our internal ear is prevented from external dirt and micro organisms that can cause infection. Usually excess wax automatically comes out of ear while taking a bath. When some water enters our ear and comes out after some time, some excess wax also comes out with it.

We hope that this information will help you in getting rid of the excess ear wax and not getting the infection through cotton swab.

What happens when you don't express your Anger

If you don't express your anger then your mind tries to show it through some other ways such as rough tone while talking, criticizing others, not eating properly. These are just a few symptoms which not only affect your health for long term but also affects your social life.

Why is it necessary to express your anger ?
Anger is an energy. Its expression can be done in both positive and negative ways. But its expression is must. If you don't express it then it will start boiling you from inside and one day will come when you will explode like a volcano on some very simple issue. So it is better to express it.

What happens when you don't express your anger ?
Every person have a capacity to hold his/her anger. But it is better to not check your limit. If you start holding your anger then your holding capacity will decrease gradually. Anger is an emotion and every emotion is meant to be expressed. Suppression of an emotion can create some form of psychological disorder. Some common changes made in the behavior by not expressing your anger or uncomfortable feelings are listed below.

  • You start feeling that your partner don't know you anymore.
  • It will become harder for you to be happy.
  • You feel trapped inside your own body.
  • You will feel stressed but don't know the reason.
  • Others start finding your behavior emotionless or like robots.
  • You feel afraid of expressing your emotions.
  • You will feel that hiding your emotions is becoming a habit.
  • Your trust on others will start decreasing.
  • It can make you suffer from depression for years.
Apart from the above changes in your behavior, there are some physical changes in your body as well. Holding your anger can cause following changes in your body.
  • Some stress hormones level remain always high in your body.
  • It can make rise in body temperature and elevated blood pressure.
  • Risk of heart diseases increase.
  • Some antibodies decrease in the body due to constant anger.
  • Lack of these antibodies make you prone to some common diseases.
  • You will start eating either more or less than required by your body. Both of them are harmful.
  • All of the above medical conditions can easily decrease your lifespan.

How should you express your anger ?
Expression of anger can be done in both negative and positive ways. Most people think that anger can be expressed only in negative ways such as yelling at others, scolding, talking in harsh tone or being physical sometimes. But what most people don't know is that expression of anger can be done in positive ways which is called constructive anger expression. You may get more information about constructive anger from our last article Constructive Anger  - The anger that is actually healthy.

Expressing your emotions in a healthy way is necessary to save yourself from diseases. Instead of getting constipated with anger and other emotions, it is better to release the pressure and feel light from inside.

Constructive Anger - The anger that is actually Healthy

Usually we consider anger as a negative energy that can only harm a person. Very less people are aware of the fact than anger can be utilized in a healthy way. Constructive Anger Expression is way to express your anger in a constructive way. It seems a little tricky to utilize the anger, but it can be done with a little practice. Normally anger is found connected to heart diseases, but constructive anger is not associated to heart diseases. Most important fact is that constructive anger can save you from depression.

Constructive Anger Expression

When it comes to anger management then most people think that only way to not losing your temper is hiding your anger. But hiding your anger can only worsen the condition as one day will come when your body will deny to hide it and your anger will explode like a volcano. It is better to express your anger to others in appropriate way. Shouting and yelling at others can worsen the condition, but expressing your anger in a normal tone and telling the person in front of you what you didn't like. It can not only save your health but also makes a better image of yours.

Benefits of Constructive Anger Expression

  • It can save you from heart diseases
  • It can save you from depression
  • Constructive anger expression can change your overall personality in a positive way.
  • It can save your relationships
  • It makes you understand the person more with whom you were angry.
  • It reduces the chances of conflict in future.
  • After expressing your anger with a constructive approach, you will feel that something positive happened.
  • It makes you the master of your body. If you study your anger with a bit of intrinsic approach, you will find that you were the main the reason behind your anger, not the event that just happened or the person in front of you. It seems a bit philosophical but it is the truth. Our anger is something created by our own mind. Once you start controlling your anger with constructive approach, you become the master of your own body. 

How to implement Constructive Anger Expression

Once you know the benefits of Constructive Anger, you will start understanding the situations in a different way. No person in the world would like to do things wrong. If something wrong is done by other person, the most probably it is not intentional.

  • Things get wrong by mistake. If you start understanding the other person's point of view then your anger is automatically diminished. So the best way to implement Constructive Anger Expression is putting yourself in other person's shoes.
  • Mind your tone. It is something you have to work upon. Even if you are angry, but you use a normal tone to talk, then you can hear the wrongdoer's point of view. Yelling at others not only makes others voice inaudible but also makes the situation worst.
  • Don't show disrespect to others. Sometimes in your angry behavior you may show some gestures or use some words which are disrespectful. If you control such gestures and mind your language at the time of anger then you can implement the constructive anger expression more easily.
  • Think before your talk. Most often it happens in an angry behavior that you talk so much without thinking. In the heat of moment you sometimes say such things which were not your original thinking. It can sometimes make the situation irreparable. So take your time and don't utter a word without thinking.
  • Let the other person talk too. It is important to hear the other party. It should be a two way talking if you really want to calm down the situation. Biggest wars can be avoided with discussion on table.

Anger is not bad, it is the way we express it. Constructive approach towards your anger can change a lot of things. It is not only for a good health but something more.

How to Control your Anger

The worst thing about anger is that if you don't control it, then it will control you. Anger can easily destroy not only your relationships and social life but also your own health. Being healthy is the primary motive of this website and this article will tell you about some simple steps that you can take to control your anger and don't let it make you unhealthy. There are some very simple and easy methods that you can apply on yourselves and you will instantly feel that your anger is gone and you are not loosing your temper like before.

Methods to control your Anger

  • Deep Breathing: It is the most common and easiest way to calm yourself down. Deep breathing can easily lower your anger and blood pressure. Within a few deep breaths you will feel that your anger is gone and a calm person can easily handle a situation.
  • Change Environment: If it is possible for you to leave the scene and go for a walk, then it can calm you down. Continuously facing the cause of anger can delay the time taken to calm down, so take a walk and make a conscious attempt to calm yourself down.
  • Get Busy: Leaving the scene and engaging yourself in some other work will take your mind to some other activity and may help you forget your anger.
  • Express your anger in appropriate way: This is the thing that most of us don't do. Instead of the expressing your anger in the form of yelling, talk about the situation and help the person in front of you understand what he/she has done wrong as per your point of view. Yelling can only trigger the anger in opposite person, while talking can solve the matter and makes a better image of yours.
  • Identify Triggers: A problem can only be solved if you know the reason behind that problem. Only a certain set of situations make a person lose his/her temper. You should identify those triggers and make a conscious attempt to change your response to such situations. Deep breathing can help you in changing your response to such situations.
  • Don't hide your anger: If you hide your anger then it will be stored somewhere inside and you may blast one day. This act is more harmful instead of expressing your light anger in appropriate way. Light anger can be easily utilized rather than trying to control yourself when you are losing your temper.
  • Constructive Anger: Anger is an energy. You can either use that energy to destruct yourself or construct yourself. If you control that energy then you are the master but if you let that energy control you then you become a slave. A constructive way to utilize your anger can be some physical activity which can make your body a little better. You can do sprint running, power lifting or any other physical activity which suits your body type and accessible to you.

Getting angry is actually punishing yourself for the mistake of others. If you keep this thing in your mind then your anger will always be in control.

How Anger affects your Body, Brain and Life

Anger is an energy that is often released in a negative way. It not only disturbs the environment around us but also affect our own body, brain and life. Usually we think that it is the expression of anger that creates the negative impact, i.e. shouting loudly, getting physical or breaking some thing. But the truth is that all of these impacts are just instant impacts that are visible to eyes. There is something more inside our body that is disturbed by anger. has collected some facts about anger and its impact on body and your life.

Anger is a natural expression of emotions activated due to some activity that is unpleasant to a person. In other words anger is ignited due to some stressful situation. Adrenaline and some other stress hormones are released in our body during such condition. It increases the heart beat and contracts the blood vessel, which increases the blood pressure. This condition is usually temporary and blood pressure drops to normal within a few minutes.

Is anger always harmful for body ?
No, if it is occasional and not a habit of yours then it is a natural trait. It is harmful only if you are habitual of getting angry on every topic, or if you are suffering from some cardiovascular disease. If you are a cardiovascular patient then anger can increase your chances of heart attack by five times. If you suppress your anger too much then it can also harm your body.

How anger affects your body, brain and life?

If you get angry too much then most of the times your blood pressure will be on higher side, you hear rate will be more and your blood vessels will be contracted. Apart from that the hormones responsible for such condition of body will always be on higher side. Combination of all these physical conditions creates a number of side effects on body. Some of them are listed here.
Some visible effects on body are

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Increased breathing
  • Increase in body temprature
  • Increased respiration

Some effects which are not visible on outer body but harms a person from inside are listed below.

  • Under the influence of stress hormones, blood supply to gut is lowered and that blood is supplied to muscles awaiting for energy supply to express that anger. If you remain angry most of the day then your digestive system will be disturbed due to lack of blood supply.
  • Stress hormones can cause inflammation in your airways and continuous episodes of anger can not only lower your lung capacity but also makes you prone to respiratory problems.
  • Immune system weakens due to Anger. A research done in Harvard University found that level of antibody immunoglobulin A dips for 6 hours just by recalling some anger episodes of yours. If just recalling can do such harm then you can imagine the actual effect of anger on your immune system.
  • Even if you used to be healthy, the long term anger episodes will increase workload on your heart and put you at risk of some heart disease.
  • Chances of stroke are increased. Some tiny arteries in our brain can't handle the always high blood pressure and get ruptured and blood clots in the brain which can either cause stroke or paralysis.
  • Anxiety can occur due to anger. This is a condition known for excessive and uncontrollable worry, which can disturb the life of a person.
  • Anger can shorten your life span. All of the above negative effects on your body can easily shorten your life. 

In spite of getting angry too much try to learn to control it and express it in a healthy way.