Bhut jolokia, Ghost Pepper can kill a man out of its Spiciness

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Bhut jolokia, also known as Ghost Pepper is worlds hottest pepper. If you ingest it then you might get killed within hours due to its fiery spiciness. Recently one such incident happened in in America. A 47-year-old American ate a burger smothered in a puree made of Bhut jolokia and ended up in a hospital, where doctors discovered a 2.5 cm hole in his esophagus. He was kept there for 23 days and later discharged with a feeding tube.

Spiciness or Pungency of a food item is measured on Scoville scale. This scale was named after an American scientist Wilbur Scoville who invented it. The Ghost Pepper has scored more than 1 million Scoville heat units on Scoville Scale. Its multiple times more than normal chilly. Even those who are fond of spicy meals should avoid eating Bhut Jolokia, as its really a Ghost Pepper. The comparison of Bhut Jolokia with other food items on Scoville Scale is shown in the image below. It will help you in understanding the spiciness of this pepper.

If you compare its spiciness with Red Chile or Jalepeno Pepper then Bhut Jolokia is thousands times more spicy. Only Pure Capsaician and US Grade Pepper Spray are more spicy than that, but these products are does not grow on plants. So Bhut Jolokia becomes the more spicy food item in the world.
The incident that we mentioned above about a 47 year old Amrican who ate a burger smothered in Ghost Pepper Puree was participating in an eating contest in a local restaurant. At the end of the contest he ate that fiery burger and finished it before ending up in emergency ward of a hospital. He was lucky that he survived after eating that burger. He gulped 6 glasses of water to recover from the spiciness, but everything was in vain. Doctors put tube in his stomach to collect the remains of that burger, that helped in recovering from the symptoms. Even after 23 days the patient was unable to eat anything and still depends on a feeding tube. This news was published in various leading newspapers.
 Now most of the Americans have taken a lesson from that incident to say NO such an eating contest.

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