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Better Health is a wish of everybody and a person who wishes to be healthy or remain healthy constantly searches for health facts that can make him/her in a better health. Better Health is not just a wish of those who are suffering from disease but also of those who are perfectly healthy and want to remain so for the rest of their life. In this article we will bring you some facts which are really beneficial for you and may help anybody in one or other way. So please spread these facts by one or other means to make this world a healthy world.

Amazing Better Health Facts

  • According to a survey Lack of Exercising is causing as many deaths as Smoking. Go don't sit idle and make exercise a habit.
  • Farting reduces High Blood Pressure. A healthy person do it at least six times a day. The way they do it may matter for others.
  • Sitting for more than 3 Hours on daily basis decreases your life expectancy by 2 years.
  • Sleeping less than 7 hours reduces your life expectancy.
  • Exercise can't make us thin unless we take care of our diet.
  • If sugar is not consumed in controlled amount then it can be as dangerous as Smoking and drinking Alcohol.
  • 30% of cancer can be prevented by avoiding tobacco and alcohol.
  • Breast Cancer chances can be reduced by 25%, just by doing mild exercise like walking.
  • Health of a kid is also influenced by the father's diet before conception.
  • Depression can increase the aging process. So a depressed person will look more aged than normal.
  • A person of Complaining Nature lives more, just because he/she releases the tension by speaking it. Releasing tension improves immunity.
  • In US only 40% mental health patients go to doctor. Rest 60% either don't know that they are suffering from illness or just don't go to doctor to keep their image clean.
  • 40% of early deaths can be reduced just by exercising for half hour on daily basis.
  • Eating too much meat can increase the biological aging process.
  • Those who continue working even after 65 years of age live longer than their age mates.
  • According to a research if you have a hobby of reading books, then you may live 2 year more than normal life span.
  • Exercising empty stomach in the morning burns 20% more fat.
  • Violent Dreams are an early symptom of brain disorders.
  • We burn more calories while sleeping than watching television for same duration.
  • Average life of right handed people is 9 years more than left handed.
  • Those who laugh remain more healthier than who don't. Kids laugh around 300 times/day while adults do it just 15 to 30 times.
  • According to a research $60,000 can't make you as much happier as 1 hour sleep can.
  • Always wash your hands after using an ATM Cash Machine. In a survey ATMs are found as dirty as public toilets.
  • There are 1000 types of bacteria residing on our body. Our mouth alone contain bacteria more than human population on earth. Good news is that only 1% of all bacteria is harmful for humans.

You may rest for a few days, but don't sit idle thinking that you can remain healthy without doing anything. Even iron gets rust if left unused and unattended. So push your body to its limits and remain healthy.

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