Amazing Facts about Dreams

Our Dreams have always fascinated us. Some people think that dreams are some kind of indication about future while some think they are just fulfillment of suppressed desires. We have collected some facts about it from results of some researches and some popular beliefs. Some of these facts might be known to some of you, but we will try to bring out the most amazing facts about dreams in this article.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Here comes my personal favorite part of this article. Dreams have always fascinated me. These facts are not just about watching future through dreams or fulfilling your unfulfilled desires, but much more than that.

  • Blind people can also dream. Those who lost their sight after a few years of birth can view visual dreams (as if they have eyes). Those who are blind since birth also watch dreams, but they are not visual. Such people watch dreams with other senses such as touching and feeling.
  • Some people can control their dreams. They can continue their dream even after knowing that its a dream. They make their mind believe that they are sleeping and the dream continues. This phenomena is called Lucid Dreaming.
  • If you have seen reoccurring dreams then it means that their is some unfulfilled task in your life. Once you analyse and finish that task, the reoccurring dream stops.
  • Dreams have helped in some of the great inventions. One of them is Theory of Relativity by Einstein.
  • Some researches tell that earlier people used to dream Black-and-White. Only 4% were able to dream in color. But with the increased production of Colour Television the colour-dream watchers have increased to 12% of the population.
  • We dream 4 to 7 dreams every night, but don't remember any of them in most of the cases. Usually we remember only that dream that we have seen just before awakening. More that 60% of all dreams are erased from our memory within five minutes after waking-up.
  • You can dream with your eyes open while you are awake. Its not day dreaming. It is Active Dreaming, where one indulges into something and his imagination turns it into a dream.
  • Most of the dream contain negative emotions, such as anger, fear and sadness.
  • Till the age of four we can't include ourselves in our dreams. The self awareness arises in our dreaming brain after four years of age.
  • 70% characters in dreams of both men and women are MEN.
  • Women can have more erotic dreams than men. Mostly men just have erection due to such dreams while the women can easily feel lubrication and orgasm as well.
  • Humans dream for Six years in an average life span.
  • Lack of Dreams can cause psychological disorders such as hallucination. So try to sleep with intention of dreaming.

Some people believe that future can be seen through dreams. But my personal experience is different from that. We forget most of our dreams but when same thing is repeated in reality then we feel that we have seen that thing. Its your wish if you believe this fact or not. But most of the people i have spoken to, agree with this fact. 

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