Sciatica Exercises and Pain Treatment (Yoga & Alternative Therapies)

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Sciatica is a disease in which the pain arises from hips and leads itself to either both legs or just one leg. Usually it happens due to herniated disc, in which the soft tissue of the disc is lead outside forming a tumor type structure, which makes pressure on a nerve and it makes a sensation of pain extending towards one or both leg.

Sciatica Treatment

Primary treatments of sciatica are just to get relief from pain temporarily. In extreme conditions even surgical measures are used to treat sciatica. Here we are focusing on treatments that are non surgical and can be done at home. Some yoga and alternative therapies are also used to treat sciatica, and some patients find them more effective than any other treatment. The benefit of these treatments is that they are free from any side-effect. Apart from that you can stop the treatment if you find it uncomfortable and switch to any other therapy. Here of the list of therapies that might be useful for you.

Hot/Cold Water Therapy: Using to hot/cold water in a rubber bottle to warm/cool the affected area is sometimes useful. Hot water therapy is preferred by more people.
Massage: Some people massage therapy a useful one. But thew right technique is the key in this treatment. If you are getting the massage using the right technique then you will be benefited more.
Exercise: Exercises suggested by physiotherapist or you physician is sometime the best treatment of sciatica pain. The exercise may vary person to person depending on the symptoms and exact cause of pain. So don't just go for any exercise, instead ask your doctor to suggest one.
Acupuncture: This is one of the alternative therapies used to treat Sciatica. Hair thin needles are inserted into the affected area, which are usually not felt. This therapy works by directing some kind on energy flow in the body.
Yoga and Stretching: Yoga is a good therapy to get relief from sciatica pain. Some stretching exercises in Yoga are beneficial in getting relief from the pain. Some of these stretching exercises are raising your legs, squatting, and bringing your knees towards chest. Doing these stretching exercises on regular basis can be better.
Avoid one posture for longer duration: Sitting, Walking or Standing for longer duration can trigger the pain. So avoid being into one of those movements or postures for longer duration.
Spinal Adjustment: Some type of spinal adjustments by specialist medical professionals can also help in getting relief from herinated or ruptured discs.

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