Gdiabetes : Is it Diabetes or something else ?

The term "gdiabetes" is searched by a number of people around the web. We tried to found if this term really have something to do with diabetes. We found some interesting information about gdiabetes on internet which is worth giving a look.

Gestational Diabetes is often termed as Gdiabetes. This type of diabetes is common in women going through 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Some researches have found that insulin resistance occurs in pregnant women to bring more glucose to the developing brain of fetus. Usually GDiabetes (gestational diabetes) goes away after the child birth. But if this condition continues after childbirth then it can cause type 2 diabetes. Excessive hunger, excessive thirst, or fatigue and frequent urination are some of the symptoms to be monitored during pregnancy, which can indicate gdiabetes. If Gdiabetes occurs more often in pregnancy then it can cause depression and increases the chances of Caesarean section.

GDiabetes is also used for "Girls Diabetes". It is a twitter account in Arabic language dedicated to girls suffering from diabetes.

Gdiabetes is also name of a software based in GTK+ (Gimp toolkit) which is designed for diabetic people using Linux. This web based software help them keep track of the information about doctor and their test results. You may know more about it from .

If you are a pregnant lady and doctor says that you have got gdiabetes then don't be fearful as it is not diabetes and most probably it will go away after child birth. But you need to take care of your diet and exercise.

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