Weird differences between body of Men and Women

Usually people think that there is just one difference between the body of men and women, and that is the reproductive organs. But the truth us that reproductive organs are just the starting. Body of men and women are a lot different and respond differently to a number of different conditions.

Men have larger heart and slower heart beat
Due to overall larger size, men have a larger heart which beats slowly. An average female heart beats 78 times in a minute, compared to just 70 of a man.

Women are lesser prone to heart diseases
However women have smaller heart, but it also makes them less prone to heart diseases. Women are also less prone to hypertension. Even the average normal blood pressure among women is lower than men.

An organ solely for sexual pleasure
Yes, only women have a sexual organs whose only purpose is sexual pleasure, and that organ is clitoris. In case of men the main sexual organ is also meant for purpose of of urination.

Clitoris grows with age while Penis doesn't
Yes, its true that clitoris size of a woman in 30s is 4 times more than at puberty. It helps them in enjoying sexual activity more at an older age. While in case of men, penis stops growing between 13 to 18 years of age.

Women have smaller brain
Women have smaller brain compared to men, just because of the smaller overall size. But when it comes to functioning it is equivalent in most of the tasks. However in some tasks women perform better (such as learning new languages), while in some tasks men perform better (such as spatial skill, where one needs to understand, reason and remember).

Men can tolerate more cold weather
However women have more body fat compared to men, but still men can tolerate more cold. In woman's body more fat is deposited around the reproductive organs to keep them warm, but their feet and hands remain colder. But it is not so in men. Men's body can remain equally warm, which makes them more tolerant to cold weather.

Fat deposition pattern difference
As we start to gain fat, the fat deposition pattern is usually different for both genders. Men start fat deposition from belly region while women's body start fat deposition on thighs and buttocks.

Men can handle lack of sleep in better way
Lack of sleep can be a reason behind diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Women are more prone to them compared to men as lack of sleep have more adverse effect on women's body.

Women can taste and smell better
Women have comparatively more taste buds which results in better identification of flavors. Same thing happens with smelling sense as well.

Difference in Sight
Women can see more colors. This fact is widely publicized, but we have got something for men as well. Men's sight can work better than women while in motion. Men can more easily identify the moving objects. It might be a reason behind better driving skill of men. Women have better night vision, but men can judge the distance with a better accuracy.

Men are physically stronger
An average man is 30% more stronger than an average women. It is due to more muscles which develop due to higher level of testosterone hormone in men.

Women have better immune system
Adrenal glands in women produce more cortin than men which allows them to develop more resistance from diseases. Breast cancer, female reproductive disorders and benign tumors are the only major diseases that happen more among women. Apart from these diseases women normally have more resistance to fight against diseases.

Men's body can deal with Alcohol in a better way
Women can easily get renal injury due to drinking alcohol, while men can tolerate it more. Same thing is applicable on drugs usage as well. Women are more prone to renal injury due to drugs.

Men can pee straight
However men are usually considered messy, but they can pee in a straighter flow, while women will always have satellite droplets while urinating. Men got this feature due to larger urethra and navicular fossa. Navicular fossa is an enlargement of urethra at the tip, which gives it a spiral flow and makes it come out in a projectile motion.

Women cry more than men
There are four reasons behind it. Women don't feel shy in admitting it, but men do, as they feel it shameful to tell that they cried. Second reason is the shallow tear duct in women which allows the tears to spill easily. Third reason is the prolactin hormone, which is present in higher amount in women's body and it is also present in tears. Fourth reason is the higher amount of testosterone hormone in men's body, which gives men better ability to not cry.

Men have thicker skin
Men have thicker skin, but it also makes them more prone to dryness, more oiliness, more acne and worst is more chances of skin cancer. However thick skin also protects men from any minor injury but it also increases the chances of visible scars.

Size of vital organs differ
Men have larger heart and lungs, while women have larger liver, kidney, stomach and thyroid gland.

Fertility Differs
Mostly men remain fertile till 70s and then their fertility starts decreasing, while fertility of women start decreasing after 35.

Men have larger ring finger while women have index finger.
If you compare the size of index finger and ring finger, you will find that most of the men have larger ring finger while women have larger index finger.

Skeleton structure is different
Women have shorter legs, wider hips, smaller chins, broader facial bones and a longer trunk.

Women live longer
Good news for women. On an average women in US live five years more than men.

However there are lot more differences between the body of men and women, but these were few which are somehow less known.

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