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Women have Better and Stronger Immune System

This fact might hurt the man-ego of some men, but it is for the betterment of them that nature has provided a better immune system to women compared to men. Before we proceed further and discuss the actual reasons behind better immune system, we will tell you some facts to make you believe in this potential truth.

  • Cancer occur up to 5 times less in women, in-spite of having so many cases of breast cancer.
  • Average life-span of women is 81 years while it is 76 for men.
  • Bacterial and viral infections don't make women as much ill as they do men.

Why do women have better Immune System ?

  • In humans the gender is a genetic difference. Most of you must have knowledge about XX and XY chromosomes. Men have XY chromosomes while women have XX chromosome. This difference happens while the embryo was developing inside the womb. Some researchers believe that X chromosome is responsible for our immune system. Women have two copies of this X chromosome, which results in making a better immune system. But there is one more interesting twist here. While the embryo develops to be a female, one X-chromosome is turned-off in every cell of its body. But it inactivation of one X chromosome is not a perfect process and some genes in that X-chromosome continue to work and make a better immune system in women.
  • Recently researcher have found a tiny genetic material called microRNA. 10% of these microRNAs are found only on X chromosome, while none is found on Y chromosome. The main function of these microRNAs is to turn-off specific genes. These microRNAs improve immune system and help fight against cancer. Women's two copies of X chromosome provides them an upper edge to get a better immune system.
  • Some researches have found that higher testosterone levels leads to lower immunological reaction to vaccination. Men have 20 times more testosterone than women, which affects their immune system and makes it less efficient than women.
  • Some researchers who deal with the process of turning ON and OFF of some genes, found that this process differs a lot in different people. Genes related to our immune responses turn ON and OFF differently in men and women. It would not be false if we say that it happens in a better way in women, which makes them better in terms of immune system.

Note: This more effective immune system sometimes result in autoimmune diseases, such as lupus.

A better immune system is must for a women to protect the unborn generation in their womb from any disease. It even helps the newly born through the breast feeding to remain resistant to microorganisms in the surroundings. Lack of a better immune system may result in a disease prone kid, which will be harmful for whole man kind. A man should not feel ashamed of their less powerful immune system, but they should feel proud of their mothers who have given birth to them and also given them the resistance to fight agaist various diseases.

Weird differences between body of Men and Women

Usually people think that there is just one difference between the body of men and women, and that is the reproductive organs. But the truth us that reproductive organs are just the starting. Body of men and women are a lot different and respond differently to a number of different conditions.

Men have larger heart and slower heart beat
Due to overall larger size, men have a larger heart which beats slowly. An average female heart beats 78 times in a minute, compared to just 70 of a man.

Women are lesser prone to heart diseases
However women have smaller heart, but it also makes them less prone to heart diseases. Women are also less prone to hypertension. Even the average normal blood pressure among women is lower than men.

An organ solely for sexual pleasure
Yes, only women have a sexual organs whose only purpose is sexual pleasure, and that organ is clitoris. In case of men the main sexual organ is also meant for purpose of of urination.

Clitoris grows with age while Penis doesn't
Yes, its true that clitoris size of a woman in 30s is 4 times more than at puberty. It helps them in enjoying sexual activity more at an older age. While in case of men, penis stops growing between 13 to 18 years of age.

Women have smaller brain
Women have smaller brain compared to men, just because of the smaller overall size. But when it comes to functioning it is equivalent in most of the tasks. However in some tasks women perform better (such as learning new languages), while in some tasks men perform better (such as spatial skill, where one needs to understand, reason and remember).

Men can tolerate more cold weather
However women have more body fat compared to men, but still men can tolerate more cold. In woman's body more fat is deposited around the reproductive organs to keep them warm, but their feet and hands remain colder. But it is not so in men. Men's body can remain equally warm, which makes them more tolerant to cold weather.

Fat deposition pattern difference
As we start to gain fat, the fat deposition pattern is usually different for both genders. Men start fat deposition from belly region while women's body start fat deposition on thighs and buttocks.

Men can handle lack of sleep in better way
Lack of sleep can be a reason behind diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Women are more prone to them compared to men as lack of sleep have more adverse effect on women's body.

Women can taste and smell better
Women have comparatively more taste buds which results in better identification of flavors. Same thing happens with smelling sense as well.

Difference in Sight
Women can see more colors. This fact is widely publicized, but we have got something for men as well. Men's sight can work better than women while in motion. Men can more easily identify the moving objects. It might be a reason behind better driving skill of men. Women have better night vision, but men can judge the distance with a better accuracy.

Men are physically stronger
An average man is 30% more stronger than an average women. It is due to more muscles which develop due to higher level of testosterone hormone in men.

Women have better immune system
Adrenal glands in women produce more cortin than men which allows them to develop more resistance from diseases. Breast cancer, female reproductive disorders and benign tumors are the only major diseases that happen more among women. Apart from these diseases women normally have more resistance to fight against diseases.

Men's body can deal with Alcohol in a better way
Women can easily get renal injury due to drinking alcohol, while men can tolerate it more. Same thing is applicable on drugs usage as well. Women are more prone to renal injury due to drugs.

Men can pee straight
However men are usually considered messy, but they can pee in a straighter flow, while women will always have satellite droplets while urinating. Men got this feature due to larger urethra and navicular fossa. Navicular fossa is an enlargement of urethra at the tip, which gives it a spiral flow and makes it come out in a projectile motion.

Women cry more than men
There are four reasons behind it. Women don't feel shy in admitting it, but men do, as they feel it shameful to tell that they cried. Second reason is the shallow tear duct in women which allows the tears to spill easily. Third reason is the prolactin hormone, which is present in higher amount in women's body and it is also present in tears. Fourth reason is the higher amount of testosterone hormone in men's body, which gives men better ability to not cry.

Men have thicker skin
Men have thicker skin, but it also makes them more prone to dryness, more oiliness, more acne and worst is more chances of skin cancer. However thick skin also protects men from any minor injury but it also increases the chances of visible scars.

Size of vital organs differ
Men have larger heart and lungs, while women have larger liver, kidney, stomach and thyroid gland.

Fertility Differs
Mostly men remain fertile till 70s and then their fertility starts decreasing, while fertility of women start decreasing after 35.

Men have larger ring finger while women have index finger.
If you compare the size of index finger and ring finger, you will find that most of the men have larger ring finger while women have larger index finger.

Skeleton structure is different
Women have shorter legs, wider hips, smaller chins, broader facial bones and a longer trunk.

Women live longer
Good news for women. On an average women in US live five years more than men.

However there are lot more differences between the body of men and women, but these were few which are somehow less known.

Diseases that affect Men Only

The different body structure of men and women results in different diseases. There are some gender specific features in our body which are found in skin, bones, heart and brain. Organs of men and women not only differ in terms of reproduction, but in a lot of other ways. Our organs respond differently to the same situation, depending on our gender. Same diseases are sometimes expressed in different ways among men and women. Here we are going to discuss some men-only diseases about which men should must read.

Diseases that affect Men Only

  • Alport Syndrome: It is a genetic disorder that cause kidney disease and deafness and often results in early death. It is due to "collagen gene COL4A5" which is present on X-chromosome. Men have just one X chromosome, and if the collagen gene on that X chromosome is abnormal then they will definitely suffer from Alport syndrome. But in case of women, they have two X chromosomes, and even if one copy of collagen gene is abnormal, then the other normal copy of the same gene on the other X chromosome helps them in living a normal life.
  • Male pattern baldness: It is a common disease among men and it results in baldness. It happens due to DHT, something related to testosterone hormone, which is generally known as male hormone.
  • Prostate Cancer: Prostate gland is a male-specific gland, thus prostate cancer is also a male-specific disease. Prostate cancer is responsible for second most number of cancer related deaths among American men.
  • Varicoceles: You must have heard about varicose veins, which occur in legs. A similar condition when occurs in the scrotum of men is called Varicoceles. It is a large gathering or enlargement of veins in that region. According to a research it happens in 15% of men, but most often don't cause any problem and most men don't need any treatment. But sometimes it causes pain and infertility by decreasing the seamen quality. It can be treated through surgery.
  • Testicular Cancer: The success rate of treating this type of cancer in around 95%, but it often results in removal of testicle. One in every 263 guys in US get affected by testicular cancer.
  • Peyronie's disease: This disease causes the penis to bend or curve, which results in shortening of penis, erectile dysfunction and inability to penetrate. Calcification or plaque buildup and genetic deposition is primary reason behind this disease in men.
  • Klinefelter syndrome: It is a genetic disease which affects physical and cognitive development of male child only. Those who suffer from this syndrome have smaller testes and thus produce lesser amount of testosterone, which is necessary for male sexual development.

The above list is not a complete list. There are several other disease that affect men only, but there are also some that affect women only. So don't take any one gender being superior. Men and women are incomplete without each other but their bodies are somehow different and so are diseases.

Effect of Gender on your Blood Pressure (Men vs Women)

Men have comparatively higher blood pressure compared to women. However this trend continues only till menopause in women. After menopause both men and women share the similar chances of developing high blood pressure and diseases related to it. But for a major part of life women have lower chances of developing hypertension. Researches were done to know more about this gender difference in blood pressure.

The body of men and women are very different in terms of metabolism and hormones. In some researches it was found that blood pressure of women remain 6-7% less during both physical activity and mental stress. There are several reasons behind this higher BP in men. Some of the known reasons are described below.
  • Stroke Volume: It is the amount of blood pumped by left ventricle of our heart. Women have lower stroke volume (SV) compared to men, which is a major reason behind comparative lower blood pressure in women.
  • Peripheral Resistance: It is resistance produced by arteries against the blood flow. This resistance must be overcome by force of blood to keep it flowing. When we are at some mental stress, the peripheral resistance increases automatically. Women have comparative lower peripheral resistance even during high stress level, which let their blood pressure remain low compared to men.
  • Intra-abdominal fat: It is the fat content in the abdominal region. Men ten to have more intra abdominal fat compared to women. This type of fat can be present in men irrespective of the obesity, as it is the fat content between the internal organs of abdomen. This type of fat content is directly related to BP level. Thus it is one of the reasons for higher blood pressure in men.
  • Dyslipidemia: It is the abnormal amount of triglycerides, cholesterol and/or fat phospholipids in the blood stream. Dyslipidemia is more common in men compared to women, which may also lead to higher blood pressure.
  • Smoking and Drinking Habits: In most of the societies men are more inclined towards habit of smoking and drinking, which directly affect the blood pressure.
Apart from the above mentioned reasons, some researchers believe that difference between male and female hormones is also responsible for difference in blood pressure levels. The overall conclusion is that women can keep their blood pressure low without much effort. You may also conclude from it that women don't loose control of their mind as easily as men do and it might be one of the reasons behind comparatively cooler nature of women.

Why do men like Polygamy more than women ?

Polygamy is a lifestyle when one person can have more than one sexual partners. Some societies and religion allow man to marry more than one woman. However several countries have prohibited this practice in legal terms, but still some are allowing it only for certain religions. Even if it is illegal in most of the countries, still a number of men have more than one sexual partner. Here we are not going to discuss the legal or illegal nature of polygamy. Polygamy can be in any form either one night stand, prostitution, second wife without and rights or just an affair. In most of the cases it is found that men are always more interested in polygamy compared to women. Here we going to pull out the reasons behind this behavior of men.

Why men are more polygamous than women ?

  • Religions allow it only for men: All those religions that allow polygamy, allow it only for men. Religions have a major impact on thinking of men and women. Our religions have given more freedom to men compared to women, which made women dependent on men and thus believed it that they should do as per command of male members of family.
  • Men is more muscular: The physical power has its own benefits. It is the very first reason behind the male domination in society. Being more muscular means, ability to control woman according to their wish.
  • Humans evolved from animals: As you have seen in various wildlife TV Channels that male animals always try to spread their genes by impregnating various females on the basis of their strength. Male animals are very less likely to make a bond to only one female. So that polygamous behavior is in the genes of men from their ancestors. Man is more or less a social animal. Even if it is not allowed in terms of law or society, men do it in other ways.
  • More Control: More or less men are usually the more outgoing and earning member of family. It gives them the opportunity to be polygamous. When you have got freedom and money to spend then most likely you will utilize it for your pleasure.
  • Men are less religious: In most of the societies men are less religious and have less fear of god. Even if their religion says that polygamy is a sin, they still try indulge in it in any way possible. The more powerful a person is, the less fear of God will be there.
  • Women were not allowed to be polygamous: Even a polygamous man don't want her wife to be polygamous. This personality trait of man, kept polygamy to men. However sex workers were an exception as they were not bound to a single man.

Polygamy is not something to like, it is something to lean. Mean lean towards it due to more muscular power, more financial independence, favoring religious laws and the animal nature within. So if you are a woman and found your man cheating on you then you can blame is genes.

The views shared in this article are not about behavioral characteristic of every man or woman. Some man and woman totally disbelieve in polygamy from the depth of their hearts and such people are making the whole society believe more in love rather than polygamy.
66% of British population believes that polygamy is morally wrong. 56% American population thinks in the same way.

Decide the sex of your upcoming pregnancy yourself ?

Sex determination of fetus is crime in various countries and should not be encouraged. It can help in creating an imbalance in sex ratio that naturally occurs. But what we are going to tell here comes far behind the range of sex determination. Some old knowledgeable persons of  old civilizations provided some ways to get child of the desired sex. Not even that some of them also provided the knowledge to get the desired qualities in them. We don't have any research findings to support their findings but still they are worth reading. Some people may believe them while some may not.

  • Some people claim that Ayurveda has remedy to get child of preferred gender. If the pair indulge in the act after the 4th day of menstrual cycle and before 16th day of menstrual cycle then chances of fertilization are more. The day of successful intercourse decides the sex of fetus. Impregnation on even days of menstrual cycle results in boy while on odd days results in girl. The quality and characteristics of the boy or girl becomes better if they are conceived on final days of cycle (i.e 15th or 16th day).
  • One old Sanskrit text Sarvodaya says that if women is inhaling and exhaling through right nostril at the time of intercourse then it results in female child, while the opposite results in male child.
  • According to Aristotle, if the egg cell and the sperm are from the right ovary of woman and right testicle of man then male child will be produced. If the respective things are from left the female child will be produced. While writing this article i am thinking, "what if egg and sperm are from opposite directions ?". Aristotle knows.

It is good to have faith in your religion and sculptures but if believing something can create and imbalance in nature then it is a stupidity to do so. Nature has not provided us with the ability to decide the gender of fetus due to some reason. Being god can sometimes create bigger problems. If you indulge yourself in judging the gender then most probably you will ruin your love life. Health of the upcoming baby should be the first priority of parents not the gender.

Note: We don't support the knowledge provided above because it can create imbalance in sex ratio. One more reason is there to not support it, it is the impractical nature of the implementation of these techniques. Some methods are really hard to implement for both men and women, especially when they are in mood to make babies. It is really hard to decide through which nostril you are going to breathe at that particular time. Hardest thing in the above described method is to know from which direction the egg cell or sperm is coming.
We have not researched if the information provided above is really a part some ancient texts or it is just a hoax spreading on internet. So it is better not to take these information seriously. Our motive is to let you know what type of information is available out there to misguide those who really want a baby of desired gender.

Why Men are usually taller than Women !

In different geographical areas around the globe the height of humans differ a lot, but still men are 4-9% taller than women everywhere. Sometimes some exceptions occur but on an average men are always taller. Different studies tell about different reasons for this difference in height.  A single factor can't be held responsible for this difference in height. Some factors are related to our evolution, while some are related to our cultures. Here are a few of them.

Biological Reasons

  • Natural Selection: We all know that humans evolved from apes and gorillas and it took millions of years in this process. All of the previous species of humans lived in forests and males often fight for females (just like we see on animal channels). Most of the times taller males win and only winners were able to continue their genes. In this way natural selection helped men to be taller.
  • Women stop growing a few years earlier: If you look at the growth chart of both men and women, then you will find that women stop growing a few years earlier. It gives men an upper edge and they become taller.
  • Testosterone hormone: This hormone is responsible for muscular growth. Women's body have just 5% of testosterone compared to men. This is a major reason behind lesser muscles which can easily lead to lesser height. More height requires more muscle mass to support the larger frame. Why women don't develop muscles like men ?

Cultural Reasons

  • Better food for males: In most of the cultures boys and girls are not treated equally. Boys are given more preference in terms of better food. This practice when continued for generations will automatically result in taller and muscular males.
  • Outdoor Exposure: In most of the cultures men are the main earning member of the family and often get more outdoor exposure. This resulted in more physical activity and thus muscular development and better height. This factor is also connected to previous factor of better food for males.
  • Women select taller guy: Just like the biological factor of natural selection, men don't fight for women anymore. But still taller men win. It is because still in modern world women prefer their men to be taller. So taller genes of men continue to rule.
  • Men select shorter women: In most scenarios men opt for a shorter women instead of the taller one. So the shorter genes of women continue in the gene pool.

Who's body is better: Men or Women !

All of these biological and cultural reasons were a part of our life from past thousands to millions of years. In some species the difference of height of males and females is much larger than humans. So human females are still better than a lot of other species. Shorter height of women does not mean women are lesser than men in any way in the modern world.

Why do Women have Higher Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat is an important factor in both men and women to live a healthy life. But as we check the standard amount of fat that should be there is body of a man and woman, we find that its 27% for women while just 15% for men. Women need more body fat percentage than men to live a healthy life. Some people believe that women have lesser muscle mass compared to men, so the body makes balance through fat. did some research on internet and found that there are much more reasons that we totally ignore. You will be surprised to know why women need extra fat in body compared to men.

Why do Women have Higher Body Fat Percentage

  • Out of the 27% standard body fat for women, 12% is essential fat which much be there to survive. That essential fat percentage in men is just 3%.
  • Higher Fat percentage does not always mean that a man will have less fat than a woman. Fat mass of an overweight man will be always above a slim woman.
  • Woman's body is considered better if it have good curves and fat solves this purpose. Fat also provides softness to the skin.
  • Female hormones can easily convert fat into food.
  • At some point in life women always need to nourish a fetus and then feed a baby. The fat reserve in female body is heavily used at such time.
  • Breast region in females is heavier than man as fat is an important part of breasts.
  • Women need fewer calories per pound of body weight due to lesser muscle mass percentage and higher body fat percentage.
  • Lack of fat in the body of a women can cause hormonal imbalance and temporary absence of ovulation and therefore no periods at that time. Its a natural process to avoid pregnancy as the body is not ready to nourish the fetus.
  • Obesity that comes due to pregnancy is sometimes harder to lose as women take more care of their kid and don't get enough time to look after themselves.
  • Birth control pills also increase the fat and water amount in the body of a woman. Therefore a women on birth control pills should decrease her caloric intake (diet) by 10% to avoid getting excess fat.
  • Women are more prone to depression which can easily result in getting obese.
  • Women go through menopause at a certain age in life. Sometimes it can cause depression, which is a leading cause of obesity.
We hope that you know why women need a higher body fat percentage. Women is the key to survival, so respect them and love them. If they gain weight at a certain age then take measures to keep the weight in control without affecting their health. 

Who's body is better : Men or Women ?

Both men and women are created by nature to complete each other. There will be no existence of them without each other. But still sometimes we compare their bodies and try to figure it out that which one is better among them. Men often try to overpower women by their muscularity, but what they don't know is that there are a lot of things where they lack. Lets take a look at positive points of both bodies.

Why men's body is better ?

  • Usually men have more height and weight which makes them more appropriate for heavy work.
  • Men are better driver than women, its because their eyes and brain are more motion sensitive and create better 3D visuals than women. Men often make fun of women due to their driving skills which is a bad thing.
  • Men can throw better than women, its something natural. A recent research found that the technique of throwing differs in both sexes. Women twist their shoulders and hips at the same time while throwing a ball. While men first twist their hips and then shoulder, which gives a better push to the ball.
  • Men are better in Maths. Its a truth but only one sided. The reality is that boys perform better than girls but also worst than girls. Usually girls remain an average student in maths, while boys are both topper and failures. So if you go for average marks of boys and girls then its equal. 
  • Men sleep better. Usually most of the men forget any worries during their sleep while a women don't. Women's sleep is often disturbed by their worries.
  • Men can drink more than women. Women have less body water compared to men which increases alcohol concentration in their bodies, while men have better enzymes to digest alcohol. So women can easily feel drunk in lesser amount of alcohol. And men can take few extra pegs to reach the same level. Some of you might think that its a negative thing for men.
  • Men have got more testosterone hormone in their body, which can easily help them in getting more powerful muscles then women. Men have 20 times more testosterone than women.

Why a women's body is better ?

  • Average IQ level of women is more than men, at least since the records of IQ level have begun. Half of the war is already won by this point.
  • Women can see more colors than men. Where men see just a single red color, the women can see various shades of red.
  • In the men's part we told that men sleep better but women can't due to worries. Its actually a positive thing about women. They care more about heir husband and kids (even while sleeping). A new mum is the best example of this thing who disturbs her sleep several times just to feed the baby and change diapers while most of the men just sleep.
  • Women doctors are better than men. A recent research found that women doctors often go for the right tests and prescribe correct medicines. Its because they stick more to the guidelines compared to the men doctors.
  • A women can carry a child inside her belly for nine months. No matter how much muscles a men have, no men on planet have the power or courage to tie the same weight (as pregnant women) on his belly and keep it tied day and night for nine months. Even if some mad guy is able to tie the weight, men's body have no organ to develop a baby inside her body. This feature in females makes them something, no men can be. Nature has given her womb, where a new life can generate. Women gives new life while men just make weapons to destroy life on earth. If i am being oversensitive in writing this point, then pardon me.
  • Men may have more muscular power but a women can bear more pain. The pain of delivering a baby is something that no men can bear.
  • A research published in International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics found that women are better boss than men. Companies led by women perform better and ladies have good decision taking ability when it comes to business.
  • Women are better at multitasking. According to psychologists men become slow and unorganized when asked to do multiple tasks at once. 
After reading this article most of you must be thinking that Women Win. Yes you are right. An intelligent men is that who know it that women don't like to loose. If you are a married men then always remember this thing that when it comes to women then either win or be happy :-) . 
Fun is a different thing, but truth is that women plays role of a daughter, sister and mother, and all of these roles are much better than roles of a son, brother and father. Respect every women and you will get love and compassion and some good food as well :-) .
Comparing the bodies of men and women in this article was done to just increase your knowledge, not to tell who is superior. We are all incomplete without our partner.

Why women don't develop muscles like men ?

Usually bodybuilding is considered as an activity for men, not women. But some women are acting against the dominance of men in this field. During recent decades a number of female bodybuilders have gained popularity and motivated a number of women to go to gym. Exercising is a good habit for both men and women, but when it comes to muscle development the female counterparts lack in something. Even if women workout equivalent to men, the muscle development will be lesser and exertion will be more. The reason behind this thing is natural, its the male hormone Testosterone.

Role of Testosterone in Muscle Development

Testosterone is known as a male hormone and its responsible for muscle development. When we do a workout, some wear and tear happens in our muscles. At this time is generated to repair those muscles and make them even stronger for next use. So as you repeat the same exercise again and again in the following days on the same muscles, those muscles start developing. Its a simple adaptation of muscles for the workload. Bodybuilders utilize this feature of body to shape some particular muscles and design exercises to develop them.

Why women can't develop muscles like men ?

The answer to this question is the level of testosterone hormone in women, which is much lesser than men.

Do women have testosterone ?

Yes, women have testosterone. But the quantity is just 5% of a men. This quantity is sufficient enough to repair the muscles but not enough to develop them like men. But still a women who workout on regular basis can have better muscles than those men who don't exercise.

Is it a good decision for a women to be bodybuilder ?

We can't say either its a good decision or a bad decision. Its a personal choice. But women need to work harder than men to develop the muscles. They don't only need good workout but some food supplements and hormones as well. All female bodybuilders who have become a role model for several women have achieved that body after a lot of hard work and dedication.

There is no need for men to be happy after reading this article. There are a lot of things that a men can't do, but a women can. To know more about those things read our next article "Who's body is Better: Men or Women ?" .

Why Depression is more common in Women

Why Depression is more common in Women

Several researches have shown that Depression occur twice more in women than men. Here we will try to figure out the reasons behind that. Our out of every four women fall prey to major depression once in a lifetime. Minor Depression occurs to almost every body in a lifetime.

Reasons of Depression in Women:

  • Disturbance in hormone level is a major cause of depression.As compared to men Hormone levels fluctuate a lot more in Women. Menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause are some of the periods when women face disturbance in hormone levels. Even during periods they face this thing every month. Similarly child birth is also a time of hormonal imbalance.
  • Girls entering puberty are twice prone to depression compared to boys. Sometimes starting of periods also cause depression in girls.
  • Women think more at the time of difficulty which develops depression. While men react differently with difficulties in life. Men show stoicism, anger, or substance misuse.
  • Relationship problems tend to develop depression in Women more often then men. Either its divorce or just a fight on some matter, women can develop depression easily.
  • In modern society Women go to work, but also takes care household work more than men. Everybody including their husband, children and relatives have expectations from them to do household work. It creates tension in their mind and make them more prone to depression. More work also make them less conscious about diet which make the condition worst.
  • Due to less physical power, sometime they have to get indulged in lovemaking without interest. It lowers their interest in love life and can also lead to depression.
  • Women and Girls are more prone to sexual or physical abuse, which develops a condition of lower self esteem or helplessness which can easily cause depression. 
  • In all societies women feel a lower self-worth. Both at work and home they face this thing which can develop depression.
  • Men don't like to be treated for Depression as it makes them feel inferior. So lesser cases of men are reported to doctors. But women are more open to express their feelings and their depression cases are reported more.