Women have Better and Stronger Immune System

This fact might hurt the man-ego of some men, but it is for the betterment of them that nature has provided a better immune system to women compared to men. Before we proceed further and discuss the actual reasons behind better immune system, we will tell you some facts to make you believe in this potential truth.

  • Cancer occur up to 5 times less in women, in-spite of having so many cases of breast cancer.
  • Average life-span of women is 81 years while it is 76 for men.
  • Bacterial and viral infections don't make women as much ill as they do men.

Why do women have better Immune System ?

  • In humans the gender is a genetic difference. Most of you must have knowledge about XX and XY chromosomes. Men have XY chromosomes while women have XX chromosome. This difference happens while the embryo was developing inside the womb. Some researchers believe that X chromosome is responsible for our immune system. Women have two copies of this X chromosome, which results in making a better immune system. But there is one more interesting twist here. While the embryo develops to be a female, one X-chromosome is turned-off in every cell of its body. But it inactivation of one X chromosome is not a perfect process and some genes in that X-chromosome continue to work and make a better immune system in women.
  • Recently researcher have found a tiny genetic material called microRNA. 10% of these microRNAs are found only on X chromosome, while none is found on Y chromosome. The main function of these microRNAs is to turn-off specific genes. These microRNAs improve immune system and help fight against cancer. Women's two copies of X chromosome provides them an upper edge to get a better immune system.
  • Some researches have found that higher testosterone levels leads to lower immunological reaction to vaccination. Men have 20 times more testosterone than women, which affects their immune system and makes it less efficient than women.
  • Some researchers who deal with the process of turning ON and OFF of some genes, found that this process differs a lot in different people. Genes related to our immune responses turn ON and OFF differently in men and women. It would not be false if we say that it happens in a better way in women, which makes them better in terms of immune system.

Note: This more effective immune system sometimes result in autoimmune diseases, such as lupus.

A better immune system is must for a women to protect the unborn generation in their womb from any disease. It even helps the newly born through the breast feeding to remain resistant to microorganisms in the surroundings. Lack of a better immune system may result in a disease prone kid, which will be harmful for whole man kind. A man should not feel ashamed of their less powerful immune system, but they should feel proud of their mothers who have given birth to them and also given them the resistance to fight agaist various diseases.

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