Calculate your lifespan - Know your Expiry Date for free

Knowing your lifespan or your exact expiry date is something impossible to know. But still people often try to find it. However the calculator provided on this page can give you a rough idea of your lifespan for free. This estimate is based on your basic information like height, weight, lifestyle and your geographic location. It might not be true for some people as lifespan of a person is affected by several other factors.
You may use this calculator to know how changing you lifestyle and maintaining a good health can improve your lifespan and extend your expiry date. :-)

Lifespan Calculator (Online Free Application)

Basic Information

Age: Years
Marital Status:
Height: or cms

Lifestyle Information

Diet / Nutrition:
Average Daily Sleep:

Result: Your Estimated Lifespan is : Years.
Don't feel low if your result to somehow less. You can improve your health and make things better by adopting a healthy lifestyle. It will definitely have an impact on increasing your lifespan.

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