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Online Vision Test : Check your Eyes using Smartphone / Laptop

Our eyes are one of the most important external organs in human body. A normal person can't even imagine a life without eyes. Yet most of us don't care much about them and never go for a vision test, unless they face some severe headache or focus related issue. We would suggest you to go for a vision test at least once in every 2 years if your are above 40. Prior to to the age of 40, once in every 4 years is sufficient if you are not facing any issue with your vision. In the mean while you can test your sight using the following test to check your vision at home.

How to use the online vision test

Step 1 : Keep your smartphone / laptop at a distance of 1 meter from your eyes.
Step 2 : Keep your left eye closed by placing the hand over it (don't press it) and try to read the alphabets. If you face any issue in reading the letter between green and red bar, then it means that you have got some focus related issue with your right eye.
Step 3 : Keep your right eye closed by placing the hand over it (don't press it) and try to read the alphabets. If you face any issue in reading the letter between green and red bar, then it means that you have got some focus related issue with your left eye.

Note : At any point if you want to check if you read it right, then bring the screen closer and then back to its previous position. Don't try to fool yourself while doing so, as here you are not appearing in any exam, but checking your own eyesight.

Online Vision Test

Result: If you are able to read all lines perfectly then you have got a perfect eye sight, which is better than 20/20 or 6/6. If you are unable to read last 3 lines then still your eye sight is good and can be made better by performing some yoga exercises for eyes. But if you are unable to read the letters between green and red bar then you must see an eye specialist and get your eyes tested by a professional. If you are unable to read the lines above green bar then there is a major issue with your eyes and you might need special care.

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Quiz to Check if you are Depressed - DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Every person faces depression more than once in his/her life. Sometimes it is hard to find if you are depressed or not. Visiting a psychiatrist  is the best option if you find some symptoms of depression in your life. Here we have made a simple quiz, which will help you in detecting if you are depressed on not. So before you plan to visit a psychiatrist just perform this simple DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Quiz. It will just take a few minutes to get your depression score.

Depression Test- DIY (Do-it-yourself)

This test will take just 3 minutes of your precious time.

If your score is above 35 then you must visit a psychiatrist and get yourself checked.

Calculate the Damage done by your Smoking

Only a smoker who is ready to face the truth will dare to use this calculator. This calculator will find all the stats of damage done by your smoking habit. Usually smokers think that they are damaging only their own body (some don't even think so), but the truth is much more than that. The figures used in this "Smoking Damage Calculator" are collected from some well researched articles published on some other website which are available in the reference section, so can actually believe that the figures presented here are correct.

Calculate the Damage done by your Smoking

Basic Information

Age: Years
At what age did you start smoking: Years
How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day (approx) :

Before having a puff again, just think once, if your kid needs to pay the price of your smoking in the tobacco fields then would you smoke again. The choice is yours !


How much does smoking kill you ? Calculate Yourself !

Smoking kills our lungs, kills our arteries, kills our heart and at last it kills the time we have to celebrate life. Even after knowing these simple things, some people don't dare to quit it. They have their own reasons, but here we have got a simple calculator for them. This simple calculator will ask you about your age, smoking habits and simple health. In return it will tell how much time you have got to celebrate life and how much more time you may get by quitting smoking. I hope it will help or inspire some people to quit smoking. Even if it makes a single person to quit smoking, then it is worth making it.

Calculate Lifespan of Smokers

Basic Information

Age: Years
Height: or cms

Lifestyle Information

Diet / Nutrition:
Average Daily Sleep:

Result: Your Estimated Lifespan is : Years.

Are you a Workaholic (A Medical Calculator)

Sometimes it is harder to decide if you are a workaholic or not. Being workaholic is a serious condition and it can affect your health and relationships adversely. So instead of taking it lightly it is advised to get it checked. Here we have provided a calculator that can check if you are workaholic or not. So what are you waiting for. Give it a try and also ask you friends to get themselves checked.

Workaholic Calculator

There are some parameter given below. Rate them on following scale.
1: Never true
2: Sometimes true
3: Often true
4: Always true

I am always racing against deadlines.
There is always something urgent at work.
I multitask, such as eating lunch and answering emails/phones.
I often take more work than what i can accomplish in time.
I feel guilty when i am not working.
I am always one of the last workers walking out of office after work hours.
It is harder for me to relax and not think about work even on a vacation.
I don't give time to my hobbies, friends and loved ones

Long Working hours can get you several severe diseases. Know more about effect of long working hours on your health.

BMI Calculator Online Free Application (App for Android and Win)

BMI Calculator

Select Gender
Basic Info

     or cms

Your BMI:

Select Target BMI:  
Target BMI is the value that you want to achieve within next few months

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a standard way to measure obesity. You can calculate your BMI by using your weight and height and feeding it in the BMI Caculator given below. You can consider it as a free app for Windows and Android platform, as users on any device can access this page and calculate their BMI free of cost.

Free BMI Calculator

The BMI Calculator provided here is free of cost and you don't need to install it in your device. Its readily available online on this page. You access it anytime 365 x 24 x 7 . All health conscious people should bookmark this page for future usage and open it again to calculate BMI of a friend or family member.

BMI Chart for Men Women Children 

Benefits of this Free Online BMI Calculator:

  • You don't need to install any unnecessary app on your device. You just need to bookmark this page.
  • You don't need to pay for it.
  • You can measure BMI of anybody at anytime.
  • You can check the visual image of yourself.
  • It also tells you how much weight you need to reduce to get into a healthy shape.

PM10 and PM2.5 levels in your city ! OK or Not ?

You are on this page because you are concerned about Air Pollution. Air pollution is measured through various criteria, but most popular criteria is PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter present in air. Some recent studies have found that higher amount of PM10 and PM2.5 is directly related to cancer cases reported. So if you are a bit concerned about this air pollutant and want to know their level in your city then you may check it from here. Our database has got some past years data and the air pollution in most of the cities have must grown up by that time. If you are unable to find your city in this database, then checking the data of some nearby city will give you an idea about your city. Air is connected without any borders and high pollution in one city affects all nearby cities.

Check PM10 and PM2.5 Level in your City

What is recommended level of PM10 and PM2.5 for good health ?
According to WHO (World Health Organisation) annual PM2.5 level should be under 10 μg/m3 , while annual PM10 level should be under 20 μg/m3 .
According to EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) annual PM2.5 level should be under 12 μg/m3 , while annual PM10 level should be under 50 μg/m3 .

What is PM10 and PM2.5 ?
PM10 is 10 micrometers or less in diameter, while PM2.5 is 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter. Their quantity is epressed in μg/m3 (microgram / cubic meter), which indicates their density in per cubic meter of air.

How does PM10 and PM2.5 harm us ?
Some recent studies have found that higher amount of PM10 and PM2.5 is directly related to cancer cases reported. PM2.5 can do more harm as it microscopic and can enter into our body easily through breathing.