Flat Shoes may be damaging your Feet

If you are facing foot pain, heel pain or back pain from past few months or years, then it might be due to your footwear. Usually people ignore the fact and blame their sitting posture or physical work for foot pain or back pain. Arch support and cushioning is the basic necessity of a good footwear. Flat shoes or slippers lack these features and result in health consequences. Some of the flat footwear look cheerful and also cost less, which attract people to use them. Here our ignorance about footwear costs us.

Before you know about damaging effect of flat footwear, you must know some facts about feet to make you aware of their importance.

  • Our feet has got more that 25% of bones in our body, 52 to be precise.
  • During the whole day our feet bear the weight equivalent to the weight of a truck loaded with cement.
  • The arch of the foot distributes the weight to the complete foot and give us proper push to walk and run as well.
  • Muscles and tissues in our feet act as a shock absorber and help us in walking on any type of surface.
  • It is a brilliant example of natural engineering as these bones are put into perfect alignment to bear our weight and make us walk, run, jump and climb.
  • You may feel that climbing upstairs and coming downstairs is an easy task, but most of the animals can't do that perfectly. We the humans are only being that can do it perfectly with two legs without worrying about balance.

How does flat shoes damage your feet ?

  • Flat shoes, sandals and flip flips usually don't provide appropriate support to sole of feet, especially the arch.
  • Lack of shock absorption is another basic reason behind the damage to feet.
  • Flat shoes are not bad, if they have cushioned base and shaped to support the arches of your feet.
  • Plantar fasciitis, an inflammation and tear in the tissues at the base of feet, is a common health issue related to bad or flat footwear.
  • If your flats are tight at toes, then they don't let your foot distribute your weight equally and make your foot bones out of alignment, which results in interior foot injury and nerve inflammation. 

30% people have flat feet due to genetic reasons, but the condition can get worse by wearing bad footwear.
Sudden increase in weight may also contribute to feet and back problems. 

Health of our legs and our overall health are heavily interconnected. Know More about this interconnection. High heels are also equally damaging for your feet. An appropriate height of heel is recommended for comfortable and healthy footwear.
No arch support, no fastening strap or laces and no shock-absorbing material are the basic reason developing feet and back problems. 
Your shoes play an important role in your life, but we ignore their importance and don't even provide proper footwear to bear our own weight. Ignorance is the basic reason behind a number of health conditions. Be aware and never wear flat shoes.

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