Which blood group is best ? Type A, B, O or AB

We the humans have evolved in millions of year, but in the beginning there were not so many blood groups. Type-A was the most ancient blood type, which is found in hominids (pre-humans). Around 5 million years ago type-O blood group originated after some genetic mutation. Before we proceed further you should know a little about blood groups. 

Blood Groups among Humans

Based on antigen A and B, we have four different blood types: A, B, AB and O.

  • Type A : have only A-antigen on red-blood cells.
  • Type B : have only B-antigen on red-blood cells.
  • Type AB : have both A and B antigen on red-blood cells.
  • Type O : have neither A nor B antigen on red-blood cells.

In early 1900s, Dr. Karl Landsteiner discovered ABO blood types. If Type A person is given Type B blood then his body considers it as some foreign object and rejects it, which can be fatal. During those days Type-O blood group was considered as universal donor, as it has got no antigens, and in most of the cases it was accepted by every receiver. Similarly Type AB was considered as universal receiver. 

But still something was missing. Cross-matching is a technique where two blood samples are mixed to check if they are accepting each other. In such cross-matching sometimes samples of same blood group were not matching. In 1940 Karl Landsteiner and A.S. Weiner gave answer to this puzzle by discovering the Rh factor. Today we know it as positive and negative. If RhD protein is present on RBC then we call that blood group positive, else negative. It is called Rh (Rhesus) factor because it was originally found in rhesus macaque monkeys. So it made two subgroups in previously accepted 4 blood groups, thus taking the count to 8 types of blood groups. In present terms O-ive is the "universal donor" while AB+ive is "universal recipient" blood type.

Evolving blood groups among humans

Earliest blood group found in human ancestors (hominids) was type A. Around 5 million years ago Type O blood group evolved. It makes Type B and type AB as the most recent. Usually evolution takes place to improve us to make us adapt to present environment. Blood groups and their effect on our overall health is a major topic of research today. 

According to wikipedia, O+ is most common blood group with 38.67% population. 27.42% are A+, 22.02% are B+ and 5.88% are AB+.

Around 94% of world population is Rh-positive while just 6% is Rh-negative. If we talk about Rh-negative blood groups then 2.55% are O-, 1.99% are A-, 1.11% are B- and just 0.36% are AB-.

B blood group is mostly found in south Asia, while it was totally absent in native Americans and Australians. 

Which blood group is Best ?

Most of us think that blood is just a carrier of oxygen and nutrients in our body. But evolution of blood groups in human body means that there must be some hidden features. Some people believe that AB+ blood group is best, as people with this blood group are universal recipient, so during any medical emergency they may receive any other blood group. If you are one of those who like donation then you may think that having O- blood group is best. Apart from receiving and donating blood there are a number of features that are listed below.

  • Cells infected with malaria don't stick to Type O and B, while they stick to type A. It means people with O and B blood groups are on safer side from malaria.
  • People with O blood group are prone to infections of Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. AB blood group is less prone to such infections.
  • Type A blood group people are prone to gastric cancer or stomach cancer.
  • Type O blood group have lower level of certain blood clotting factor, so they are at higher level of death risk due to trauma.
  • People with O blood type are at less risk of heart diseases as their blood clots lesser than A or B blood group.
  • AB blood group people are at higher risk of stroke as their blood clots more.
  • Average life span of O blood group people is highest due to lesser heart diseases.
  • A, B, or AB blood group are more prone to Venous thromboembolism (VTE), in which blood clots in a deep vein in legs. O blood group people are mostly safe from this disease.
  • Memory problems, such as dementia often occur more among people with AB blood group.
  • People with A blood group have high level of cortisol, thus more stress.
  • Type 2 Diabetes is more common among A and B blood groups.
  • Women with O blood group are found to have lower number of healthy eggs, which plays an important role in getting pregnant. However this result need more research to find the actual reason.
  • Some studies have suggested that smallpox pandemics were fatal for O blood group and non-fatal for A blood group. 
  • During 1996, 87.5% of patients who died due to cholera pandemic in Scotland were of O blood group.

Some experts who believe in "Ancient Aliens" think that Rh- humans are hybrids of humans and aliens, as some of them have extra rib and extra vertebrae. However most of the medical societies don't believe this alien hybrid theory.

Did you get the answer to question about the best blood group ? Is it NO ! You are right, no one blood group can be considered best. Betterhealthfacts.com found that each blood group have its own pros and cons. But this diversity of blood groups provided us with a better chance of survival as a race. We as an individual might want to prove ourselves better than others on the basis of blood group, but in front of nature we "the humans" are just a race. Even if one type of blood group people surrender to a bacteria or virus, the other group continues to evolve. This is true evolution and our blood group is also evolving, we just can't see it in a single generation.

What do you think about this article. Please mention your blood group with you comments. Your one comment motivates betterhealthfacts.com to post more health oriented articles.

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