Do Mathematics Improve your Brain Capability !

You must have heard that mathematical puzzles improve your brain. A number of people even try it in their daily lives. But does it actually help ? Do mathematical puzzles really improve your brain or it is just a myth. Some people believe that you can't do maths beyond your brain capability. Here we will try to find that what is the truth behind this phenomena.

Math is root of many other subjects and it is used widely in every scientific study. Physics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences need basic knowledge of mathematics. Being good in maths can get you good grades in other subjects as well, but the opposite is also true. Solving maths puzzles and equations stimulates our brain. But up to what extent it improves brain is being researched.

Interest in the Key

Good thing about maths is that if you are interested in it, then it can be your friend and entertain you for hours. Those who like to solve mathematical puzzles know what i am talking about. Even a sudoku puzzle can make hours flyby.

  • Some researches have found that maths can improve your logical skills
  • But it improves it especially during the school days. Kids can reap the best benefit out of it.
  • Adults can also get those benefits only if they have interest in it. Solving maths puzzles just to improve your brain, without any interest in it, wont help you.

How much you enjoy maths matters the most. Taking it as can burden can cause adverse effect and cause stress.

A few years ago people used to think that video games are better exercise for brain as it stimulates the brain eye cordination. But now researchers have found that even simple mathematical problems can stimulate both left and right hemispheres of the frontal lobe, which is far better than any video game.  left hemisphere of our brain is used for methodical stuff like maths, while right hemisphere is used for creative thinking. Solving maths problems stimulates both portions, thus exercising a wide part of brain. It means that maths can improve your creative ability, which is a necessary quality of an advanced brain.

Some experts believe that indulging in mathematical activities at an elder age keeps you away from ageing related degradation of brain.  It also improves you ability to manage money and other household work. So if you want to keep your brain young at an elder age, then keep solving mathematical puzzles (but with interest).

Mental exercises are somehow different from physical exercise. We can't stimulate neurons in our brain with physical stimulation, instead we need something logical to work upon to stimulate them. Just like stimulation of muscle cells improves physical strength, similarly stimulation of neurons improve the way our brain works.

Algebra, Statistics, Probability Calculations and Geometry are some of the famous branches of mathematics. If you try to find, then you can easily find something of your interest. Mathematical puzzles are available in all these branches. If you try to solve them, then most probably you will find something to get interested.

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