Drinking water while standing is Harmful ! Explained

It is a common argument that kids often face when their parents ask them to drink water only while sitting. Even some grown ups don't leave the bad habit and gulp the water from bottle in the standing posture. Normally we blame lack of time or much thirst for that, but this bad habit can sometimes cost a lot for your health. Prior to some research i also used to think that what's wrong in it. After all it is water going into my body which is keeping me cool and relieving my thirst. The fact behind this simple but less understood daily habit is worth reading.

Water is an important constituent of our body. Around 70% of our body is water. The water we drink, comes out as urine, sweat and vapors, which also removes some toxins from our body. So in a way water purifies our body. There is a certain path that water should follow in our body, else it may result in health complications. Quenching our thirst is usually the primary motive when we drink water. While fulfilling that motive, we often for how we are fulfilling it.

Why drinking water while standing is harmful ?

Temperature : When you drink water while standing, you either directly gulp it from bottle or drink it very fast from a glass. In both of this circumstances, you don't let water stay in your mouth for sometime, which makes the too cold water go into your stomach. If you let the water stay in your mouth for few seconds, then it will normalize its temperature so that our body can yield best benefits from it. Drinking too cold water too quickly can put harm to your stomach and food pipe and also make you prone to cold.
Speed: As stated earlier, the speed at which water goes into our body matters a lot. If you sip it too fast, then you can't yield the best benefits of water. Just like eating too fast disturbs your digestion, drinking too fast also disturbs some body functions. You must know that drinking water is not just H2O, it contain several minerals necessary for our body.
Can't breathe properly: Major reason responsible for health complications is inability to breathe properly why gulping water in standing posture.
Ayurveda: Dhanvantari says in Ayurveda that sitting posture is best for drinking water. Drinking water is of equal importance as eating a meal. Drinking water while standing can lead to health complications like arthritis.

Harms of drinking water while standing
It can cause arthritis, heart problems and lung problems. Joint pain can easily occur due to this bad habit.

Never Drink it Fast
Water should always be gulped slowly after letting it wait for few seconds in mouth. Drinking it fast even while sitting will lead to similar health problems that you get by drinking water in standing posture. Drinking it fast also won't satisfy your thirst. So take a break and drink it slowly.

Kids, better listen to your parents. They might not be aware of the above facts, but what they say is right.

Note: Facts mentioned in this article are supported by any scientific researches. Ayurveda strictly recommends to drink water in sitting posture and drink it slowly.

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