Smartphones can cause ADHD in Teens

Smartphones are the latest addiction among teens which is not only obstructing their normal growth by taking them away from actual sports and physical activity but also making them medically sick. Most of the parents gift expensive smartphones to their kids as a reward or gift, and kids also demand it due to rising competition among their classmates. Kids are kids and they may demand anything they find attractive and addictive, but parents are adults and it is their responsibility to save their kids from any suspected diseases and don't let any thing become hurdle in their normal growth.

A latest research has concluded that those teenagers who own a smartphone and continuously use it are at risk of developing ADHD. 10% of teenagers using smartphones have reported lack of concentration while studying and problems with attention and focus.

ADHD in Teens

Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a  neurodevelopmental mental disorder. Teenagers suffering from this disorder often report following symptoms.

  • problems with patience
  • behavior not according to age
  • impulsivity or inattention
  • may result in poor school performance

30–50% of kids diagnosed with ADHD continue to have symptoms into adulthood.
Why Smartphone are more dangerous for Teenagers ?
TV, music and video games also made kids addict but smartphones have taken it to totally new level. It is because of the fact that they are handy and much faster. Today smartphones games are more realistic than any other video game. The motion and gravity sensors in smartphone give it a feel as a body part while playing the game. A smartphone can keep you engaged whole day through games, chatting, social media (facebook, instagram, twitter), shopping websites and videos (youtube). These activities on smartphones steal the time and keep teens stick to a bed or chair for longer duration. They even start to stay alone, so that nobody disturbs them while using their smartphones.

Kids are influenced by parents
If parents are using smartphones too much then chances of their teenage kids using smartphones are much more. So if you want to keep you kids away from smartphones the you should make some rules and follow them yourself to inspire them. Telling you kids about adverse effects of overusage and benefits of giving the same time to some physical activity or creative work can help a lot. But it can only help if you do it before the glass is broken.
Example Tip: Never use your smartphone on dinner table, as it will make kids think that it is OK to do so.

Financial Condition also matters
Family income also matters in this case. Those kids who belong to financially good background are more prone to ADHD, as they get smartphones much easily compared to those whose financial condition is not as good.

Apart from ADHD, sleep deprivation from too much device time is another symptom that can impact the health of a teenager.

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