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Coronavirus : Kids Safe or Not ?

The Coronavirus has made people a bit careful about their kids. Everyone want their kids to be safe and sound from this epidemic. However most of the studies tell us about elderly people being the primary target of coronavirus, but not much is told about kids. Here we have gathered some information to help you about your kid's health.

Question : Are Kids less likely to become infected ?
Answer : No. Regardless of Age, 7 to 8 percent of contacts of COVID-19 cases are later tested positive. In case of adults the rate is 7.9% while for kids its 7.4%, which is not a major difference. People living with a coronavirus infected person are at more risk as their chances of catching the virus increases up to 15%.

Question: Do kids also develop severe symptoms after getting infected with coronavirus ?
Answer: No. In most of the cases kids don't develop severe symptoms. It might be a reason that lower percentage of kids are reported as confirmed cases of coronavirus. Mostly kids just show the normal flu symptoms and later get cured after normal medication. Note: It does not mean that you don't need to care about kids.

Question: Why do kids show less severe symptoms compared to adults ?
Answer : Most of us think that adults have better immune system and larger lungs compared to kids, then why is coronavirus not harming the kids. Here we have listed some reasons which we found behind less severe symptoms among kids.

  • Children have healthier lungs than adults: It is because kids don't smoke and they have fewer years of exposure to air-pollution. Smoking and air-pollution damages the lung's capacity with time.
  • Children don't show dangerous immune response: Over-response from an adult immune system result into over inflammation in lungs which makes the condition more severe. Dangerous immune responses to respiratory diseases among adults causes a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which has got a mortality rate of 40%. Usually kids don't get affected by ARDS and thus saved from severe symptoms. Thanks to their lesser response from immune system.
  • Children usually don't have lifestyle diseases: 75% of deaths have occurred in those cases where patients were already suffering from heart diseases or diabetes. Most of the kids don't have such pre-existing medical conditions, which makes them safe.

Question: If kids don't need to fear, then why are schools closed ?
Answer: Schools are closed to stop the spread of coronavirus. Kids don't show severe symptoms, but that does not mean that they can't spread the virus. Most of the kids don't take enough preventive measures to keep themselves safe and easily get infected. They unintentionally become part of a chain reaction and infect their parents, grandparents, teachers and caretakers. By closing the schools, governments are breaking the chain at a point and stopping the kids from being a carrier of the virus. To implement this safety measure, parents also need to keep their kids away from any gathering for a few weeks.

Question: My kid is showing flu symptoms, is it coronavirus infection ?
Answer: Most probably not, unless the kid or any close family member has recently traveled to a coronavirus affected country. But at this time you should take all preventive measures to keep yourself safe from it (even if it's just flu).

Question: Do pet dogs/cats also spread the coronavirus ?
Answer: Till now no research has shown that coronavirus can be spread through dogs/cats. So its safe for your kids, if you have got any pets.

Question: Do i need to buy face masks for my kids ?
Answer: Only if your kid is showing flu symptoms and you are going to a public place. Normal face masks can't protect you from catching an infection. Face-masks can only protect others by letting you not spread the virus through your breathing or sneeze. If you are planning to buy a mask to protect your kid or yourself, then it is useless. Most of the kids can't wear the mask properly as it let enough space for air to come through the sides of mask.

Question: Who need to take extra care of their kids ?
Answer: If your kid is asthmatic or diabetic then you may need to take extra care. Consult your doctor in this regard if there is an outbreak in your locality.

Question: Do i need to tell my kids about coronavirus ?
Answer: Yes, you should. Kids worry more if they are kept in dark. So tell them about this disease and why they are safe, as per their understanding level. Also tell them about the necessary precautions they should take. Kids can play an important role in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

SARS-CoV-2 is the name of virus responsible for causing COVID-19 disease, which originated in Wuhan (China) during December 2019. Till now it is estimated that it infects 2.2 people from every one infected person. If we compare it with flu, then flu spreads to just 1.3 people from every one infected person. We need to take the spreading rate down and it can be done by not letting you kids being a carrier. Apart from that take all precautionary measures that governments are telling you in health advisories.

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Don't touch your face.
  • Don't touch public properties which might be contaminated.
  • Go cashless by using digital cash.
  • Tip of the month : Gargling with warm salt-water can wash out any possible virus before it infects you. Practice it twice a day to keep yourself safe and also advise it to others.

Smartphones can cause ADHD in Teens

Smartphones are the latest addiction among teens which is not only obstructing their normal growth by taking them away from actual sports and physical activity but also making them medically sick. Most of the parents gift expensive smartphones to their kids as a reward or gift, and kids also demand it due to rising competition among their classmates. Kids are kids and they may demand anything they find attractive and addictive, but parents are adults and it is their responsibility to save their kids from any suspected diseases and don't let any thing become hurdle in their normal growth.

A latest research has concluded that those teenagers who own a smartphone and continuously use it are at risk of developing ADHD. 10% of teenagers using smartphones have reported lack of concentration while studying and problems with attention and focus.

ADHD in Teens

Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a  neurodevelopmental mental disorder. Teenagers suffering from this disorder often report following symptoms.

  • problems with patience
  • behavior not according to age
  • impulsivity or inattention
  • may result in poor school performance

30–50% of kids diagnosed with ADHD continue to have symptoms into adulthood.
Why Smartphone are more dangerous for Teenagers ?
TV, music and video games also made kids addict but smartphones have taken it to totally new level. It is because of the fact that they are handy and much faster. Today smartphones games are more realistic than any other video game. The motion and gravity sensors in smartphone give it a feel as a body part while playing the game. A smartphone can keep you engaged whole day through games, chatting, social media (facebook, instagram, twitter), shopping websites and videos (youtube). These activities on smartphones steal the time and keep teens stick to a bed or chair for longer duration. They even start to stay alone, so that nobody disturbs them while using their smartphones.

Kids are influenced by parents
If parents are using smartphones too much then chances of their teenage kids using smartphones are much more. So if you want to keep you kids away from smartphones the you should make some rules and follow them yourself to inspire them. Telling you kids about adverse effects of overusage and benefits of giving the same time to some physical activity or creative work can help a lot. But it can only help if you do it before the glass is broken.
Example Tip: Never use your smartphone on dinner table, as it will make kids think that it is OK to do so.

Financial Condition also matters
Family income also matters in this case. Those kids who belong to financially good background are more prone to ADHD, as they get smartphones much easily compared to those whose financial condition is not as good.

Apart from ADHD, sleep deprivation from too much device time is another symptom that can impact the health of a teenager.

Opioids given to Kids for minor pains are dangerous

Using over-the-counter medication and their over use is matter of concern for health of every person and doctors often tell about the dangers of such practice. But sometimes even doctors don't think twice before prescribing opioids to kids to treat minor pains. Most of the people are not aware of the fact that Opioids are a class of drugs which includes the illegal drug heroin. This fact is sufficient to tell about the what type of drugs are opioids are.

A research was done on Tennessee's Medicaid program by using the prescription data used for kids aged 2 to 17 years. According to that research 1.3 million kids received opioids as a prescription, which is 15% of total prescription for kids. Out of them around 500 landed in hospital due to usage of opioids. In three cases the kids can't be saved. Here this fact is to be noticed that opioids can not only cause illness but death as well.
In the above research it was noticed that 20% of the opioids prescription was for kids aged 2 to 5 years and 30% for children aged 6 to 11 years. Dental procedures like removal of wisdom teeth were the most common reasons for prescription. What surprised the researchers was that these prescription were for 7 days while such medicines are enough for 2 to 3 days. Over dosage of opioids can easily harm anybody, especially kids. Opioids are never considered as a good medicine for oral pain but still it was prescribed.

It might have occurred due to lack of information about the drug, but such thing is never expected from a medical practitioner. However opioids can be prescribed for mild to severe pain, but it is usually kept reserved for severe pains like pain after surgery or pain in terminal diseases like cancer. Opioids are good pain killers because they act very fast compared to other pain killers.

Which pain killers are opioids ?
Some of the common opioids pain killers are oxycodone (OxyContin®), hydrocodone (Vicodin®), codeine and morphine. Before using or prescribing these medicines make sure that these are the right drug to be used.

Side effects of Opioids

  • itchiness
  • sedation
  • nausea
  • respiratory depression : this side effect occurs due to over-dosage and may result in death.
  • constipation
  • euphoria

Opioids Addiction

This feeling of euphoria make people use it again and again. Apart from the side effects the continuous usage of opioids make you dependent on it. Tolerance to this drug also increases with continuous usage and more dosage is required. Continuous usage makes you an addict of opioids and it becomes harden to get rid of it, just like smoking and drinking addiction. 

In 2011, an estimated 4 million people in the United States were dependent on opiods.
In 2013, between 28 and 38 million above the age of 15 years used opioids illicitly
In 2015, addiction resulted in over-prescription of opioids.

If you are a parent and see some opioid in the prescription medicines, then you may ask you doctor to prescribe some alternative. Awareness among guardians can also save kids from possible side effects and also make doctors to not prescribe such medicines without necessity.


Touch Screen deteriorating Handwriting skill of Kids

Some reports published in early 2018 claimed that touch screen usage by kids is making them unable to write with hand. Lack of finger skills necessary to hold a pencil properly is found responsible for that. Pediatricians claim that over usage of touchscreen phones and tablets by kids and lack of playing with toys, blocks, clay and colors is responsible for this effect. Researchers believe that if we don't understand the severity of these reports then it might have some very bad results in future.

How Touch Screen deteriorating Handwriting skill of Kids ?

Now a days parents find an unused smartphone as a good toy for their kids or ever toddlers. These devices turn out to be addictive for kids and they don't find any thing else interesting. Instead of doing some physical activity, playing with toys or holding colors to draw something on paper, they find smartphone more useful. Now kids play music on phone, scroll through pics, click pics and play games (most addictive) and don't want anybody to stop them from doing that. All these touch screen skills require just a touch by fingertip. It does not provide enough opportunity to muscles in fingers to develop the skill of very fine movements which is required in writing.

According to Sally Payne, a head pediatric therapist, 10 years ago kids have better strength in their hands and fingers to hold and write with a pencil.

Whom to blame ?
Parents ! Yes it is the fault of parents who find their unused smartphones or ipads, a better toy for their kids, instead of making them play with actual toys, taking them for a walk or playing with them. Parents have less time for such necessary activities as they spend that precious time in their own phones. To don't get disturbed they give a far more addictive toy in hands of their kids which puts their all-around-development at risk.

Some of the modern kids don't know how to hold pencil. When the pencil is given to them for the first time in school, they hold it totally wrong and can't control it as they should. Teach your kid to hold pencil yourself at home and it it goes wrong then try to correct them. Your timely intervention can help your child.

Evolution going backwards
Once i heard that technology is making human evolution go backwards. The skills that once developed in our body during evolution are now deteriorating. It is because we are no longer using those skills. One such skill is handwriting, if we don't teach our young generation the art of writing then a number of other arts like painting and sculpturing will be extinct soon.

Some talents are becoming rare in modern kids like making sketches, painting and calligraphy which require very fine control over your fingers. We need to spend some time on proper development of kids and keep in mind the importance of actual world, instead of the virtual world that we see in our smartphones.


Health Activities for Students during Summer Vacations

Health of kids during school life is a major priority of parents. Summer Vacations are the best time for kids when they can learn something new for betterment of their health. If they learn some new health activity during this time then they can get benefit from it throughout the year by practicing it at regular intervals. Here we will discuss some of such activities that students of different age group can practice during summer vacations.

  • Yoga and Meditation : Childhood is the best time to learn yoga and meditation. It improves your health, memory and learning skills which makes you better in every task ranging from sports to academics. It also saves you from stress and various psychological diseases.
  • Swimming: Swimming is a full body exercise and it is better during summers as it keeps you cool.
  • Jogging: It is better to be practiced during early morning. It will make you wake up early and will be good exercise and good habit for a lifetime.
  • Sports: Help your kid/s in letting them play their favorite sport. You may get them enrolled in some sports training classes or just let them play with their friends.
  • Getting Social : Take kids to some relatives or some other social events where they can interact with family or friends. It builds a good habit and kids get to learn some social behavioral skills which saves them from being a book-worm. Getting social is also good for health as it makes you conscious about your looks and health.
  • Cooking : If your kids are mature enough then teaching them some cooking skills is a good thing. It will inspire them to eat home-cooked food instead of eating fast foods, which are generally harmful for health. Cooking is a skill that they can utilize for their whole life.
  • Gardening: Gardening is another activity where you can take help of kids, and it will increase their knowledge about biology. Know more about Health Benefits of Gardening.
  • Dance, Music or Singing : If your kid in inclined towards any of these activities then summer vacations are the best time to let them explore their hobby / interest. It will also help them in performing better during school functions. Health Benefits of Music.
  • New Skills : Teaching new skill like cycling or skating are better to be taught during holidays. 

Make plans in advance and also give some free time to kids to let themselves do something. Too much burden of activities can make kids run away from them. Entertainment is also necessary for kids, especially during vacations. It is not necessary to do all of the above activities during a single summer vacation. Choose a few activities after discussing with your kid/s depending on their interest.

Some activities should be limited as they have bad effect on health, but kids tend to go towards them due to their addictive nature.

  • Screen Activities: Either it is TV, Smartphone or Gaming Consoles, they get kids addicted to them and put harm to their health. Too much of screen viewing hurts vision and not let them indulge in physical activities which are must for kids.
  • Internet: It is becoming an addiction for kids. At a young age it is necessary to have some parental guidance about using it. Else some elder kids start accessing adult content through it.
  • Online Social Networks: They are one of the biggest addiction of young generation. Today kids are so much inclined towards it they have stopped doing any physical activity altogether which is harmful for health. Restrict their internet and don't let them access too much of it.

Do you think Chubby kid is Healthy ! Rethink !

95% parents of overweight kids think that their kid looks right. Only 5% parents consider that overweight as a health hazard. Parents often care for their kids too much then required, but it becomes a problem if you don't look at the weight. Parents can't notice the weight gain as the kid is always in front of them. Most of the time parents of obese kids think that their kid is just healthy and feel proud of their chubby cheeks and also feel that they are doing good parenting. Chubby cheeks are good but only up to a certain extent. If your baby is getting obese then it can not only affect other development activities but can also make him/her sick.

Parents perception of their kid

A number of researches are done on childhood obesity and what parents think about it. Outcome of most of the researches is that most of the parents don't consider their kid as overweight while he/she is. This perception of parents either comes from increasing number of overweight kids which are being considered normal or from their own ignorance. Whatever the matter is, the truth is that parents need to change their perception and consider overweight as overweight. Unless you acknowledge your kid as overweight, you can't do anything to get him/her back into shape.

Fat Babies make Fat Adults

In movies you might have seen fat kids turning into perfect adults but in real world fat babies turn into fat adults. Even if that ratio is not 100%, the chances are still higher. Eating habits are something hard to change, which is usually the major reason behind being overweight.
Under the age of 2 years and an adult there is no direct correlation of weight. but after the age of 2 it matters. Its better to keep an eye on your kid's weight.

Why do some babies become overweight or obese ?

Overfeeding: When it comes to babies, parents can't let him/her cry and mothers often offer them breastfeed / formula milk more than required. Sometimes babies need just some sort of entertainment or physical activity to get rid of their boredom, but parents think that it is due to hunger.
Overeating: Overfeeding can easily turn into a habit which can transform into overeating as the baby grow and starts eating himself/herself.
Ignorance of parents: If parents notice the kids being overweight at the right time then they can take steps to keep their weight in check. But of the parents don't take it seriously or just ignore it which becomes a major reason of overweight or obese kids.
Hormonal imbalance: Sometimes kids become obese due to some medical conditions like hormonal imbalance. But in such cases medical intervention can help the kid.
Inherited Obesity: Sometimes obesity is in the genes, where most of the family members are obese or overweight.

Steps you can take to reduce your kids weight

  • Don't overfeed the baby.
  • When your baby tuns to solid diet, decrease the number of milk feedings.
  • For kids above the age of two, its better to keep their diet in check and don't let them over eat.
  • Watching TV and eating at the same time can disrupt the eating pattern and kids often eat more. especially when there is some food that they like.
  • Inactivity and video games should not be encouraged among kids, which is a leading reason behind obesity in kids. Instead you should encourage your kids for outdoor games or some physical activity.
  • If overweight of your kid is due to some medical condition then consult your doctor for it.

There is no harm in having a baby with chubby cheeks as babies need more body fat compared to an adult but it becomes an issue only when weight grows more than height. Keeping a chart to compare your child's weight and height is a good habit.