Medical Devices that can be connected to Smartphones

In the modern world every thing is being done through apps on smartphone and we need everything accessible on our phone. So we have bough some advanced gadgets that can be connected to your iOS or Android smartphones and help you in dealing with your medical needs. Some of these devices might not be useful for you but some might be depending on your personal needs. Accessing medical facilities and tests on your smartphone can save you a lot of time and money, so don't think too much before making your mind to purchase a gadget that you need.

Medical devices for your Smartphone

AliveCor EKG Monitor
When this device is connected to your smartphone via a dedicated app then you can access your medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) on your smartphone. Using this device you can access you ECG within 30 seconds.
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Kinsa Smart Thermometer
This digital thermometer can be connected to the headphone port of your smartphone and show you the temperature on your phone screen within 10 seconds. Its app can store previous reading of 8 family members. It is a good gadgets if you have got kids in your home.
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This gadget is a multi-function device that can act as a contact-less thermometer a stethoscope. Now you can check if the weird gurgling noise is pneumonia or something else even during the midnight without disturbing your kid. This gadget is a combination of two devices which can be connected to your smartphone.

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Nima Sensor
This portable allergen sensor can test if your food is gluten free or not within 2 minutes. If you or your kid is allergic then it is a good purchase to test food in a party or restaurant before ingesting it. The data of Nima sensor can be accessed through your smartphone.
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Ear Otoscope
This mini device can be attached to the camera of your smartphone to take a look inside one's ear to find if any infection is there. It is good to examine a kids ear before taking him to a doctor for any ear related issue. This device supports wifi and can show the ear inside images on your smartphone.
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Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
This BP monitor is a wireless device that can connect to your phone via an app and unlimited readings can be stored which can be used to share with a doctor. This device is an upper arm blood pressure monitor which are considered more accurate.
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BACtrack Breathalyzer
This breathalyzer can analyze your breathe to check if it is safe for you to drive after a possible consumption of alcohol. It uses the same technology which is trusted by hospitals, clinics, and even law enforcement agencies.
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W hope that you like the list of gadgets provided above. We will keep updating this list in future, so keep visiting to know more such medical gadgets which can be connected to your smartphone.

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