Gadgets meant for Women Health

Bad health of mother can cause childhood health complications which can sometimes even impact when the kid become an adult. Women health is more important because they are the basic creators of next generation and their bad health can show results in complete next generation irrespective of the kid being a baby boy or girl. Women health is being given more priority from past some decades. Today a number of scientific studies are being conducted which are primary objected around women health. Today as the technology is increasing, a number of new gadgets are invented which are primarily made for women. Some of these gadgets might be new for some of you.

Gadgets meant for Women Health

Fitbit Versa
This fitness tracking device can also monitor progress of female fertility cycle along with all other tasks like measuring heartbeat, foot steps and calorie count. It can show you notification 2 days before your next predicted period start date, so you can prepare accordingly. It also analyzes your sleep pattern and impact of your fertility cycle on your health.
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Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer
If you want to make your pelvic muscles stronger, which is a need of more than 30% women around the world, the this gadget is meant for you. This device actually goes inside while being wireless connected to your smartphone. Then your smartphone helps you is exercising your pelvic muscles muscles and the Elvie measures the pressure put by you and thus measures your exercise impact. It keeps a record of your muscle training and show you the improvements. It is meant to be used with good hygiene.
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Elvie Pump
This next generation breast pump is new in market and useful for new working mothers. This breast pump can be worn under the clothes and does the pumping very quietly. The milk is filled in a reusable BPA-free container which can be stored in a storage of your choice, so that the milk can be fed to your young-one. The parts of Elvie pump are dishwasher safe and it gives freedom to women from breast feeding, especially when they can't due to a job.
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Innovo Shorts
These shorts can prevent you from urine leak problem (that occur due to sneezing, coughing, running and jumping) in 1 in 3 women due to weak pelvic muscles. These shorts need to work for five 30-minute sessions in a week to exercise and stimulate your pelvic muscles. The results of these shorts are proven good. These shorts contain conductive panels to stimulate your pelvic muscles.
Personal Vibrators Massagers
Yes these gadgets can also be considered as a health gadget as they keep your muscles toned and give you good pleasure to keep your mood good.
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Bellabeat Leaf
This fitness tracker looks like a necklace clip that can also be worn. It tracks your sleep, breathing, menstrual cycle and heart rate. It can be connected to your smartphone via an app and then help in keep all stats in one place that you can look at.
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L'Oréal My UV Patch
This UV patch created by world famous beauty product company L'Oréal, is as small that it can be worn on your nail or sides of your sunglasses and it monitors the UV radiation level to tell you that its time to wear a sunscreen to protect you from harmful rays.

These gadgets are basically meant for women and some more gadgets will be added on this page. Some smart-bra are in development which will help women in their exercising schedule. Keep visiting for more updates.

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