How Cancer can be Prevented ?

Cancer can be PreventedNo Pharma company or Government fund such researches which can tell you for sure about how cancer can be prevented. Like any other disease, cancer can also be prevented. We just need to collect and analyze the data collected from cancer patients. That data include the information about their food habits and lifestyle before they got this deadly disease.

Why no Pharma Company fund such researches ?
Simple ! No money can be made from such researches. Pharma Companies only fund those researches where they can utilize the results in making a medicine. But if they find a preventive measure for Cancer, then their medicine sales will go down. Who would fund a research if the results can hamper the profit that they are already making. After-all Pharma Companies also do earn their profits from a potential market.

But Why Governments don't fund such researches ?
There could be many reasons. Pharma companies have captured a major sector of market and they have got a good approach  into the political system of every country. Apart from that governments have got a lot of other tasks to do. They spend fund on other health care needs and always remain in shortage of funds. They need to take care of those who are already sick by spending money on healthcare infrastructure and inexpensive medicines for financially unstable citizens.

But still some researchers have worked for humanity (not money) to find a potential prevention to save us from cancer.

Most of us blame pollution, contaminated food, obesity and tobacco smoke for cancer. These factors certainly need to be taken care of by government. But these researchers found that even those people who don't smoke, who have correct height-weight ratio, who live away from pollution and who eat fresh food grown in kitchen garden can suffer from cancer. Even some sports guys, who take care of their body better than other suffered from cancer. It means that there are some other factors that are contributing to cause cancer.

These researchers analyzed the data collected from thousands of cancer patients around the world. That data contained food habits and lifestyle habits of cancer patients before the get affected with cancer. Some software were used to analyze the common attributes in these patients. The common attributes found in this research are worth more research. But certainly these attributes are harmful for general health and may be responsible for cancer. If we control these attributes in our life then it might save us from cancer and several other bad effects on health. These attributes are listed below.

Cancer can be prevented if we control the following:

Constipation: It is the first attribute found common in cancer patients. Excess estrogen in our body needs to be passed out, but its does not happen efficiently in constipated people. Estrogen dominance cause cancer, especially breast cancer.
Acidity: Acidic body allows cancer cells to populate. Acidic body is playground for tumors as well.
Lack of Sleep: Melatonin, anti cancer hormone, is produced when we sleep. Lack of sleep means lack of melatonin hormone which provides us with ability to fight cancer.
Severe Emotional Stress: Stress is a common thing now a days. But some stressful situations are severe and if they remain with you for years then it may cause cancer. Emotional stress affect you health, not just in cancer, but in a number of other diseases as well.

The factors listed above are due to the following lifestyle errors that we never try to fix.

Sedentary lifestyle: It makes you obese, acidic and constipated. Being active can save you from these side-effects.
Low Water Intake: It makes you acidic and constipated. It also reduces your immunity. Drinking enough water drains out a number of toxins from your body, else those toxins accumulate in your body to make you sick.
Fear: Fear of diseases can also make you sick. Fear of diseases can cause emotional stress and constipation. Even if your biological parents suffered from diseases like diabetes and hypertension then it simply means that you have got those genes (but not those diseases). Bad genes need bad environment and bad lifestyle to get activated.

What steps you may take to save yourself from cancer ? 

  • Adopt an active lifestyle which contain some physical activity, some fun time and enough sleep.
  • Cure Constipation using home remedies, as medicines only suppress the symptoms.
  • Try not to use Antacids to cure acidity, as these medicines lowers the power of your gut which is necessary for a better immune system. Reduced immunity can get you any disease, even cancer.
  • Sleep enough to get better immunity and better digestion.
  • Meditate and give time for your hobby to remain stress free.
  • You are what you think. So don't think about diseases. Negative thoughts affect your health and you ultimately get sick.
Most of the above are lifestyle changes. Some rare types of cancer may not be attributed to these factors. But most of the cancers can be prevented if we follow the advice given above.

Note: Author of this article is not a medical professional, so the advise given in this article should not be considered as a medico-legal advice. Instead you should take it as an advice to improve your lifestyle.

In the end i am sharing this video which made me write this article.

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