Serious Health Problems due to our Clothes

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Health is often considered secondary by some people just for the sake of good looks. Clothes can badly affect your health, if not chosen properly. Health consequences due to improper clothing and wearing habits is not just confined to 21st century, its going on from centuries. If you have seen movies depicting 18th and 19 centuries, then you must have seen ladies wearing corsets which were often laced so tightly that it sometimes caused them to pass out and also bruised internal organs. Here we have got a list of health ailments that occur due to various clothing habits.
  • High Heels: High heels had deteriorated health of a lot a women. It has affected toes, calf, knee and back of ladies. Bunions, a condition when big toe points inwards, is caused due to high heels. Calf muscles get shortened and tightened permanently if high heels are worn regularly for more than six months. In this condition our knees and back compensate for loss and result in knee or back problems in future. Badly-fitting trainers also increase the risk of arthritis
  • Body shapers: Usually body shapers are made for smoothing but some people use it to squeeze themselves down a full size. It obstructs the lungs from fully inflating which reduces oxygen intake and results in feeling lightheaded. Body shapers that are too tight on abdominal region can bruise internal organs as well.
  • Tight shirts: 7 out of 10 men wear tight shirts which also act like body shapers and affect the blood flow which may lead to overload to your heart.
  • Heavy handbags: Carrying heavy handbags on shoulder for longer duration can cause back problems.
  • Tight Belts: Among both men and women, tight belts obstruct the movement of food and gas, cause acid-reflux, heartburn and bowel discomfort. In extreme cases it can cause esophageal cancer or throat cancer.
  • Tight Jeans: They obstruct the blood flow and muscle movement in legs. It can cause internal muscle injuries due to lack of space to expand. In an extreme case it caused heart-attack in a 30 year old healthy adult. Read More
  • Tight Ties: Wearing ties too tight obstructs the blood flow above the neck region and in some cases increase the blood-pressure in eyes, which damages the optic nerve and may cause blindness, known as Glaucoma. Tight ties also obstruct the muscle movement in neck and causes tension in back muscles as well.
  • Tight underwear: Tight underwears can cause acid reflux, heartburn, and you might need the toilet more than usual.
  • Zip Injuries: Men are often hurt badly due to zip in their pants. More than 17500 accidental zip injuries reached emergency departments in US between 2002 to 2010.
Most of us already know that these clothing habits harm us, but still we do, because we don't know exactly what harm they can do. We hope that this article will enlighten you about this issue. Best tip about clothing related health issues is to make sure that your cloths are not too tight. Give your body a little space to move inside cloths and listen to your body when it says you something. Sometimes ignoring the primary symptoms may cost you a lot.


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