Coronavirus is actually Saving lives

Factories are closed and Traffic has halted. It is surely an economic burden for most of the countries and almost everybody is concerned about the death toll due to this dangerous virus. But in the mean time few people around the globe have found something good about this global pandemic. The good factor of coronavirus is that the pollution of every type is reduced to a great extent.

  • Air pollution is greatly reduced due to low traffic on roads, no carbon emission from large manufacturing plants. Fossil fuel consumption has greatly reduced during past two months.
  • Lesser water pollution: Now people are not travelling to beaches and lakes and thus not polluting them with plastic bottles, empty wrappers, carry bags and leftover food. Lesser number of motor-boats are now visible in water bodies across the major tourist destinations. The lesser water pollution is not just beneficial for humans but also for the aquatic life.
  • Pollution claiming lesser lives: Air pollution claims 9 million lives every year, but the reduced air pollution from past few weeks is making air cleaner in most of the metro cities of affected countries. It must be saving lives of thousands of people.
  • Accident deaths are also reduced:  Road accident deaths are usually not reported everyday as we are getting the daily stats of coronavirus deaths. Nearly 3287 deaths happen every day around the world. Most of these deaths occur in major cities, where the traffic is greatly reduced now, thus it must be saving at least hundreds of lives every day.
  • Lesser number of other diseases: As people are becoming more conscious about personal hygiene and adopting healthy lifestyle the chances of getting affected from other diseases are also reduced. Practice like using sanitizers, wearing face masks, avoiding unnecessary social interactions and washing hands regularly must be saving them from several other diseases.
  • Lesser animals getting killed: Now people are abstaining from eating non-veg due to false fear that coronavirus may spread through it, but this fear is saving lives of uncountable animals. If  those animals have got some brain then they must be thanking coronavirus for saving their lives.
Stanford University's Marshall Burke wrote an article, where he clearly mentioned that actual impact of coronavirus on china is saving 20 times more lives that what coronavirus has directly killed. If we look at the satellite images published by NASA showing the NO2 level in China, then we can easily understand these figures.
According to estimated numbers, lesser air pollution during past 2 months has saved lives of 4000 kids under 5 and 73,000 adults over 70 in China alone. If we estimate a worldwide number of saved lives then it must be in millions.

People giving-up smoking : Recently some articles were published in leading newspapers that smokers are at more risk from coronavirus, which has started showing effect and people are quitting cold turkey. Sometimes fear act as the best inspiration. Smoking suppresses our immune system and may trigger more inflammation in lungs if you get affected by coronavirus. According to researchers more men are adversely affected by coronavirus due to the fact that men smoke more than women. Certainly people will quit smoking due to coronavirus which will further improve the health of a number of people and may further save people from diseases like lung cancer. Cigarette smoking is responsible for 480,000 deaths every year in Unites States alone. Quitting smoking can save thousands of lives.

People adopting healthy habits: Yes, now more people are practicing healthy habits like yoga, aerobics and dancing to keep themselves fit for any adverse situation. They are giving time to creative and healthy habits to spend the time in isolation. Thus they are not just killing boredom but also getting healthy to beat any disease.

Now people are understanding the power of a healthy body. Today we know that most of the people dying due to this pandemic were already suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. This fact is making people more aware to adopt healthy lifestyle. The healthy impact of coronavirus outbreak would be visible in upcoming decades.

It is not just a normal person who need to get a lesson from coronavirus, but our governments should also learn something and invest more on health sector and do something about the industries which are taking thousands of lives everyday that are not reported on news channels.

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