Coronavirus Risk Calculator - Estimate Infection and Survival Chances

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Yes, now you can calculate your chances of getting infected with coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and if it can adversely harm you. This COVID-19 risk calculator is only made to make you aware about good health and lifestyle. However we tried to use the latest data available on WHO and other health websites to gather the risk factors, but we can't guarantee that its accurate.
You may play with this calculator by changing the input, which will help you in understanding how good health and lifestyle can make you safer from coronavirus.

Coronavirus Risk Calculator

Basic Information

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Lifestyle Information

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Are you strictly following Social Distancing ?
Are you washing your hands regularly ?
Don't feel low if your result to somehow less. You can improve your health and make things better by adopting a healthy lifestyle. It will definitely have an impact on your chances of survival.

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